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Analysis of China's talent backflow driver

Author: WangYuZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-02 22:11:46 Read:
[Abstract] talent in science and technology play an important role in scientific research and education in China, and the research field of economic development, the talented person backflow, first of all to study on the influence factors of the talented person backflow, and it is closely related to the domestic economy, science and technology, education, policy etc..In this paper, a quantitative analysis of the relationship between China's economy, science and technology, education, policy and other four factors and the talented person backflow, combining qualitative analysis results are discussed, and corresponding suggestions are put forward.
[keyword] talent backflow driver analysis of

In the era of knowledge economy, the competition of the comprehensive national strength with industry of new and high technology and knowledge innovation as the core of the increasingly fierce, countries are stepping up the establishment and adjustment of the national science and technology and economic development strategy, increase the introduction of high-level talents.But our country in the competition for talents compared with the developed countries relative disadvantage, resulting in the loss of a large number of talents of our country.
The flow of talent and society, technology, culture, education and policy factors such as universal relation.The internal cause is the economy, society, science and technology, culture, education and policy is the external conditions.Economic, social, science and technology and other factors in the process of continuous development, make people living space in the form of flow.
This study uses Chinese talents backflow during 1978-2007 (returning the number), economic (GDP), technology (research funding), education (college students) and other related data (refer to the years of "China Statistical Yearbook"), an empirical analysis using spss16.0.

1 the influence of economic factors on the talented person backflow.
The correlation coefficient R=0.965, coefficient of determination, R2=0.931, adjusted coefficient of determination AR2=0.928, standard error S=3450.510, regression estimation of F=312.353, concomitant probability value p< 0.001, which shows that the fit of the model is good, very significant correlation between economic factors and the talented person backflow.
The coefficients of GDP | t | =17.671 | t |, > t , concomitant probability values of p=0.000, p< 0.05, which shows that there were significant differences in GDP regression coefficient and zero, there is a significant linear relationship between GDP and the backflow of talents, the regression equation was:

Y=-2783.987 0.179*X1 (1)
Study on international talent show that: the level of per capita income countries reached 4000 US dollars, talents will be a large number of return, return even more than the number of flight number.This phenomenon indicates that the level of economic development will influence the international brain flow direction.South Korea 60 years per capita monthly salary of just $50, in order to attract talents returning, they carry out regression personnel salary of $250-400, but this number is far less than foreign income is not obvious, the talented person backflow.But in the late 80's, the per capita GDP of more than $4000, people are willing to work for lower wages in some company in korea.This shows that the rapid economic development, it is fundamental to attract talented person backflow.

2 the influence of technological factors on the talented person backflow.
The correlation coefficient R=0.970, coefficient of determination, R2=0.941, adjusted coefficient of determination AR2=0.937, standard error S=3476.314, regression estimation of F=222.391, concomitant probability value p< 0.001, which shows that the fit of the model is good, the correlation between technological factors and the talented person backflow is very obvious.
Coefficient of | t | =14.913 | t | research funding, > t , concomitant probability values of p=0.000, p< 0.05, the research funding has significant difference between regression coefficients and zero, there is a significant linear relationship between research funding and personnel flow, the regression equation was:

Y=-1776.338 6.225* X2 (2)
Increase research expenditures have increased drive returned, it is a very important factor to attract our country science and technology talented person backflow, scientific factors include not only the soft environment, attach importance to science and technology talents, and including the investment of state funds in scientific research.From the aspect of soft environment, the arrival of the knowledge economy, China has gradually formed a good environment to respect knowledge, respect talent; on the other hand, investment in research funding has increased year by year, the overseas talents backflow plays an important role in.

the effect of 3 factors on the talented person backflow Education
Compared to physical capital investment, human capital investment serious insufficient, talent cultivation especially high-level personnel training dynamics.Data shows that: the United States investment in human capital and physical capital investment accounted for 5.4% and 17% of total GDP, ratio between the two to 3.15 times; South Korea's investment in human capital and physical capital investment accounted for 3.7% and 30% of total GDP, ratio between the two to 8.1 times; Chinese investment in human capital and physical capital investment accounted for 2.5% and 30% of total GDP, ratio between the two to 12 times.Due to a serious shortage of human capital investment, personnel training dynamics is weak, have two direct consequences: first, the shortage of talent, can not meet the objective demand of economic and social development of the quality is low.Use light training, in the macro level and micro enterprise level generally exists.Only continue to increase investment in human capital, to achieve a virtuous circle of social development.The history of the world's three successful economic catch-up (for the first time the United States after Britain, Japan second times after the United States, South Korea after third times in Western Europe) development experience and Singapore have proven this point.
4 the influence of policy factors on the talented person backflow.
The advantage and disadvantage of the formation of the political system difference, can indirectly immigration policy and developed countries from China to show.Since the reform and opening up, China's policy of studying abroad experience from a single win to win to the adjustment process of win-win, from emphasizing "the return of human" to "talent sharing" process, the effective coordination of interests between countries, talent and study in the country of the three, provides a good policy support for China's science and technology talent.The beginning of reform and opening up, China's study abroad mainly take the form of government on public school, sending students attitude is "today sent you to learn skills, returning to contribute tomorrow".Before the nineteen ninties of China's foreign policy to emphasize the regression.With the diversification in form, China's foreign policy adjustment.Starting from the traditional "return to work" to "in a proper way to serve the country" stage, reflecting China's foreign policy flexibility, a change in the past one-sided emphasis on national interests while ignoring the legitimate interests of students in the traditional, make students policy focus from the original single win to win.Students studying abroad policy is more pragmatic, to a certain extent shared the so-called "".The developed countries of immigration policy in addition to the refugees out of humanitarian, policy and the core of all other immigrant is pragmatism.For our country, immigration policy is the negative effect on China's talent backflow.

5 policy suggestions
Our country should establish a strong talent aggregating mechanism, attract.
First, establish the talented person backflow long-term plan, the international brain flow take sparse rather than blocking principle.Whether or backflow of talents drain, will be a long-term process, not because several forcibly blocking measures and eliminate, also difficult due to several preferential policies and improvement, set up talent regression of the long-term plan is to solve the problem.
Second, establish and perfect the preferential policies to attract talent back to service, the talented person backflow and emphasis on the implementation of policy refinement.Our country should implement a series of comprehensive, system, perfect policy, to attract overseas talent to return to service.
Third, to gradually improve the living conditions, returned overseas personnel relative wages and investment in science and technology.To attract live treatment from improving returnees to start, should deepen the reform of personnel distribution system dynamics, truly first-class talents, first-class, first-class contribution to get treatment.
Fourth, adjust the industrial structure, to build a broader platform for business, improve the outstanding overseas returnees high technology industrial base.China to provide more business platform to improve the technical personnel, technical personnel returned enthusiasm.
Fifth, through the introduction to academic exchanges.Can hold international academic conference, inviting overseas technological talents to participate in scientific research and academic achievements, absorbing foreign advanced.
In addition to the above several aspects, we should also strengthen patriotism education, move the brain drain heart with the national emotion, pay attention to the local
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