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Study on the integration of the core staff of M & A in hi-tech enterprises

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Keywords: M & a high-tech enterprise key employee integration of knowledge transfer and
Abstract: the size and number of high-tech enterprises in China M & A has been showing a rising trend, the focus of high-tech enterprises M & A integration is the integration of human resources.According to the characteristics of high-tech enterprises, using the theory of knowledge transfer in M & A integration to the core staff in high-tech enterprises mergers and acquisitions in the significance, and attempts from the occupation view to analyze the strategies of core employees in high-tech enterprises.
In promoting China's industrial upgrading, structural adjustment and economic integration and other factors, the size and quantity of high-tech enterprises M & A has been showing a rising trend, such as Lenovo's acquisition of IBM, China Mobile merger Huarun peoples and digital communication, Huawei M & a harbour and merger.More and more high-tech enterprises seek to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, to seek the sustainable development of enterprises.However, not all of the merger can be successful, among them, a very important reason is, in M & a lack of effective integration of human resources.Key employee integration problem this paper will focus on high-tech enterprises in mergers and acquisitions.
1 the present situation and problems of the domestic and foreign present
Review of foreign study on
Philip Milvers and Mitchell Max from the perspective of organization and human angles describe merger management methods, points out the main challenges managers face in M & A is about human motivation, emotion, team building, organizational psychology, ideology, culture and other aspects of the company.At the same time, he also pointed out that the strategic merger success mainly depends on the synergistic effect, which means the business activities organically, and make outstanding talents to maintain enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit.Sam Volard introduces the influence caused by the impact of the company to employees and their reaction to the people and different, enterprises should pay attention to after the merger brought problems, proper disposal of the needs of employees, help them adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, to the role positioning.Charles Gancel based on the integration of culture of how to carry out the integration of personnel, emphasizing the important role of communication and coordination.CannellaandHambriek (1993) that leave senior management of mergers and acquisitions business is fatal to the performance after M & A.
The research of
In the post merger integration research, Zheng Haihang (1999) pointed out that quickly leave the personnel of the enterprise M & A, are often those with technology, management skills and experience of personnel, should take effective measures in the transition and integration, stability and retention of these for the development of enterprises is the key personnel.Wei Jiang (2002) on how to keep the relative stability of the human resource after M & A, inclusive and retain the key personnel, briefly discussed the reconstruction, employee psychological contract.Yang Jie (2004) will be after the acquisition point of resource integration of human on the impact on employees' psychological impact and behavior, how to alleviate the psychological pressure of employees of the enterprise after acquisition, to achieve effective communication and new views are put forward, should follow a smooth transition, protect personnel, reduce cost principle in the integration of human resources in the process of.
In summary, the scholars think that the integration of human resources is the key of enterprise merger.However, most studies have not clarified the importance of human resource integration is vary according to the industry, enterprise development needs of people, money, material, but different industry enterprises depend on these three elements are different, so the different sectors of the motivation of M & A are not the same.The author thinks, relative to the capital / labor intensive industry enterprises, human resources integration is more critical in high-tech enterprises M & A, which is decided by the characteristics of this kind of enterprise.Study on the integration of human resources issues this article will focus on high-tech enterprises.In addition, the scholars did not specify who should retain, some research is only focus on retention of senior management personnel in enterprise M & A.The author believes that in the high-tech enterprises mergers and acquisitions, not everyone needs to retain, but not only top management is worth keeping, what should be retained which employees, this paper will use the knowledge transfer in the M & a theory to analyze.Finally, most of the scholars in the study of how to carry on integration of personnel issues, are emphasizing the importance of communication and coordination, or focus on employee psychological contract reconstruction and so on, or the starting point on how to alleviate the problem of employees' psychological pressure on after the merger of enterprises, this paper will attempt to from a new angle to analyze (occupation view).
The integration of the core staff of 2 high-tech enterprises mergers and acquisitions in the significance of
2.1 high-tech enterprise merger and acquisition of knowledge resources acquisition of
Enterprise merger motivation mainly includes the realization of economies of scale, gain market share, to seek synergies, to seek diversified enterprises, to _ spent to solve the problems existing in the enterprise commissioned agent.The main purpose of high-tech enterprises M & A is usually in order to get the technical expertise of staff, and efficient team of R & D and production or other types of, or is a new kind of technology in the rapid development of the industry in the (Kozin and Young, 1994; wycccki, 1997).Lenovo's acquisition of IBM's personal computer business department, Lenovo is the most wanted with experience of IBM's personal computer business department employees, especially sales first-line employees.So think of the IBM on employee provisions written into the contract, the value of IBM professionals.Lenovo is aware of the purpose of the acquisition is exist in the enterprise employee's knowledge resources have been mergers and acquisitions, the acquisition of key.
From the knowledge based view of the firm (knowledge - basedviewofthefi Shan) point of view, knowledge is the key resource of enterprise.This unique knowledge.And the unique mode of knowledge integration and organization in the enterprise can produce a create or support enterprise competitive advantage ability (Grant, 1996; Leonard Barton, 1995; Nonaka, 1994; Winter, 1987).Highly tacit and social complexity of knowledge is a valuable resource, it is difficult to imitate by other companies.However, on the other hand, tacit knowledge and social complexity, but also make it difficult for enterprises management, especially under the background of the M & A (Cof, 1997).
Tacit knowledge exists in internal knowledge-based employees mainly technical know-how, behavior norms, corporate culture and other form of deeply rooted in the employee's brain, and play and reflected in the production process of the.Tacit knowledge can not be independent of the knowledge of the owner and communicate, in many cases, tacit knowledge only through long experience and "learning by doing" in order to be successful.Tacit knowledge management is a huge challenge, because if you get a lot of valuable knowledge assets as a competitor, then the enterprise will not be able to establish and maintain the advantage.
Enterprise knowledge assets does not only exist in the individual, the relationship between the key knowledge often exists between individuals, or in a business organization, not in any particular person (Huber, 1991).Enterprise knowledge may exist in the organization of formal and informal networks, even across organizational boundaries (Badaracco, 1991; Coff, 1997; NelsonWin-ter, 1982; Winter1987).Leonard - Barton (19921995) mentioned that the ability of knowledge exists in by employees based on skills, management system and process, values and standards organization value, complex system composed of and organization of the material capital or material system in.In the complex social knowledge, no one can have in creating the product or service all the skills and knowledge.The complex social knowledge is one of the source of enterprise competitive advantage, because it depends on the height can not imitate people, between the principles and techniques of the unique relationship.On the other hand, the social complexity and make knowledge become difficult to manage, because the key relationship can easily be destroyed, for example, when an individual or team at the core to leave the company.
2.2 high-tech enterprises mergers and acquisitions in the core employee retention and knowledge transfer between
High-tech enterprises through mergers and acquisitions to acquire tacit a business and social complexity knowledge.However, because of the tacit knowledge of individual exists and it has the liquidity, therefore, it is very fragile (vonKrogh1998).Once you have the tacit knowledge of employees in the merger or leave the enterprise mergers and acquisitions, then lost knowledge will lead to organizational capacity of mutation or depletion
(Nelson& Winter, 1982).On the other hand, the relationship between knowledge resources often exist between certain staff and they, the social complexity also caused difficulties to the management of knowledge resources.If a key individual left, so the M & a business skills and abilities may be damaged, this is not only because of their own individual knowledge loss, but also because they may be the key to a key technical team or group of connected, and the loss of key individuals, one or more may cause more of a series of effects of employee turnover.
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