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Discussion on the construction of teaching staff in Higher Agricultural Colleges

Author: ChengXieShe ShiChunMei LiuZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-02 17:28:05 Read:
[Abstract] teachers team construction in agriculture and forestry universities in recent years has made remarkable achievements, but to ensure that the building of the contingent of teachers to adapt to higher education of agriculture and forestry development, we must also continue to strengthen the construction of teaching staff in higher agricultural colleges, must also continue to enhance the talent introduction, teacher training, teacher's ethics construction as well as the system construction.
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Teacher is the first resource of education, teachers are the main body of universities and colleges, is the important guarantee to improve teaching quality and academic level.For agricultural and forestry colleges and universities, teachers team construction is the school school of this legislation, is a comprehensive reflection of the school core competitiveness, is the key to implement the strategy of talent strong school, to cultivate, high-quality, high level talent has a decisive role.

Current situation of the whole level of 1 agricultural and forestry colleges and universities teachers
In recent years, with the further deepening of the teaching reform of higher education, higher education evaluation further quantitative requirements, agricultural and forestry colleges and universities take a series of effective measures to vigorously promote the construction of teachers team.Especially since 1999, the agriculture and forestry universities strengthen the teachers team construction, and gradually establish and perfect the management system of teachers, the timely development of the teachers' training plan, construction using a variety of ways and a variety of forms to advance teachers, has achieved remarkable results.Teachers the number of steady growth, the continuous optimization of the structure; subject leader and backbone teachers have a great development, formed some discipline echelon; improve the overall quality of teachers, improve teachers ability of teaching and scientific research.At the same time, along with the personnel system reform gradually thorough, the school talent, culture, mechanism of survival of the fittest gradually formed [1].
According to statistics, in 2006 China's full-time teachers of Department of agriculture and forestry of a total of 29194 people, including 4176 professors, 9267 associate senior, intermediate 9271 people, primary 4798 people, no title 1682.

There are 2 agricultural and forestry colleges and universities teachers team construction problems of
Although the overall level of teaching staff in Higher Agricultural Colleges in recent years significantly improved, but more comprehensive university with a high level of domestic point of view, the building of the contingent of teachers in higher agricultural colleges still exist some problems, such as the input of construction funds inadequate teachers; teachers of the quantity is still insufficient, especially in agricultural and forestry universities in the Midwest, the teacher shortage is more serious, the structural shortage of contradictions still exist, the education-related structure on the inbreeding coefficient of the phenomenon still exists, the discipline construction and development of teachers is not balanced; excellent team quantity is not enough, a high level of academic masters and academic leaders are relatively small, low has a PhD and overseas background teacher ratio, can make original, high level scientific research funding and access to the national basic research program of the young and middle-aged academic backbone and academic leaders is not much, reserve candidate small stock; the overall quality of teachers especially innovation capacity remains to be further improved; the institutional environment of talent development and team construction is still not perfect, the reform of the internal management system and operation mechanism should be further deepened, the training system for high-level people still need further perfect; some teachers of higherEducation is lack of sense of responsibility and occupation moral, moral construction task [2].
Overall, agriculture and forestry universities and colleges teachers team construction has to be strengthened, still can not fully meet the needs of the development of higher education of agriculture and forestry.

Strengthen the construction of teaching staff and the countermeasures and measures of
3 agricultural colleges and Universities
Agricultural and forestry colleges and universities should take the "Teacher Law", "Education Law" and other national policies and regulations as the basis, to seriously implement the Ministry of education, "on the strengthening of teachers'team construction opinions" in new period, in order to improve the overall quality of teachers and strength as the goal, to firmly establish the teacher-oriented thought.Actively build not to move or retreat to the establishment of teachers as the subject of a strong atmosphere, intensify the introduction of talents, expand the scale of teachers, optimizing the structure of teachers, strengthen the system construction, strengthen the mechanism of competition and incentive mechanism, vigorously promote the use of people and the reform of the distribution system, the reasonable allocation and human resource development, strengthening the training mechanism and elimination mechanism, establish and improve the personnel selection, introduction, cultivation and use of effective running mechanism, to raise the teaching scientific research level, and strive to build a number of feet, excellent structure, high quality, good reputation, individual group advantages of strong teachers team.3.1 scientific introduction of high-level personnel, quality and quantity to strengthen teachers team
Implementation plan for the introduction of high-level talents, formulate preferential policy to attract high level talent.Implementing the strategy of talent strong school, according to the development of disciplines, according to the needs of discipline, for at home and abroad, the introduction of talents selection, employment, increase efforts to professor positions set and candidate.To further increase the introduction of work, improve the service system abroad, take effective measures to attract excellent talents to study abroad service.Perfect, perfect agricultural and forestry colleges and universities teachers introduce relevant policies, stable and earnestly do a good job of excellent and outstanding teachers.
Flexible talent introduction, implementation of part-time teachers, and.The proportion of part-time professor of developed countries, Germany, America and Japan, by hiring from the community of science and technology, enterprises of up to 30% ~ 60%.Agricultural and forestry colleges and universities should establish a new view of employment, strengthen intellectual importation, search "not for all, but to use", the combination of part-time flexible mode of talent introduction, active hiring senior government employees, domestic and foreign research institutions, University Professor, member of the Multi-National Corporation senior managers as a part-time professor at the University of.Optimize the structure of teachers.The construction of a stable research directions, academic attainments deep, can unite a group of people on the teaching and research academic leader team and reasonable structure, solidarity and cooperation of the discipline echelon.[3,4]
3.2 increased training efforts, optimize the structure of teachers
Make teachers' colleges and universities of agriculture and forestry training plan, and strengthen the cultivation of academic leaders and middle-aged backbone teacher.
Through training, mentoring and other forms of young teachers, young teachers to improve teaching skills, encourage them to improve learning, become the subject of teaching and scientific research backbone as soon as possible; the school every year according to teacher training and discipline required to select a certain number of teachers at home and abroad to improve the innovation of training colleges; young teachers development funding; to carry out the teaching innovation of academic exchange activities, such as teaching supervision group and student evaluation of teaching, teachers teaching competition, mutual teaching, teachers at home and abroad to participate in academic exchanges, and through the design of teaching activities, mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers eager to grow, to improve their ability of creative teaching.Actively create conditions for the teachers' professional qualities, to constantly optimize the quality structure of teachers, optimization of the subject, title, age and echelon structure.
3.3 to strengthen the moral construction, improve teachers' professional ethics in
In the teacher's ethics construction, on the whole should establish a "moral education Xing Xing Xing, education is the concept of the national interest.".In the specific implementation, the overall planning construction of teachers' morality, the moral education into the teaching staff construction plan, to train teachers.The new posts of teachers should be held in a certain period of time the ethics training, ethics and moral norms in the new period as the starting point for moral education, at the same time the young teacher system, equipped with "mentoring" teachers, the ethics education in Teachers' professional training.Secondly, to establish and perfect the moral system, let the teacher clearly should as far as moral obligations and requirements.If can establish school work ethics construction regulations, rules, teachers of moral civilization, teacher education, moral criterion for moral construction of convention.Third, establish a supervision mechanism.Organized by the leadership, teachers, retired teachers, students participate in moral supervision and inspection team, encourage the evaluation of teachers professional ethics; to establish ethics watchdog web site, through social media and other channels, play a role of demonstration and alert on Teachers' morality, continue to encourage teachers to self-pressurized, strict self-discipline, improve teachers' morality.Fourth, the establishment of compensation mechanism.On the ethics of excellent teachers should be commended and rewarded, enhance the sense of honor, and hire, title, Title Evaluation and promotion, hook evaluation, assessment.At the same time, in violation of the requirements of the people and things to be positive criticism education [5].
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