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Choice of modern China in the context of modernization path

Author: ChenYongFang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-02 14:13:30 Read:
Keywords:   the modernity; postmodern   modern scientific outlook on development;
Abstract: postmodern after western modern disillusionment, the rise of a rational, is to transcend modernity.After the modern on the modernization of China will have a positive significance: because it redefines human subjectivity; the reason is more open; pay more attention to the harmonious development of society.Scientific outlook on development is the path selection of modern China under the context of post-modernism basis.
The rise of today's world is an ideological, cultural revolution, has a profound effect on all areas of society.Similarly, for a country like China has thousands of years of rich cultural tradition of the late-development exogenous modern eastern country, will also have a major impact.From the post-modern context, select the "people-oriented" path is the route one must take the realization of socialist modernization.
, rationality, and paradox of modernity
Modernity refers to the western industrial society generated in the process of modernization, with the traditional agricultural society to experience nature and nature relative to a rational social mechanism and cultural spirit, which express penetrate into the essence of all aspects of modern society.It is the transformation from the traditional agricultural civilization to the modern industrial civilization, properties and crystallization of modernization.From the chronicle's sense, modern means of modern times, and the history of past relative; from the value point of view, the modern looking for a break from the past, tries hard from now and in the future instead of the past model to find their own rationality; from the philosophical perspective, is the core of modernity rational.
Rationality is the enlightenment to the will of God, as household alternative source of value, evaluation standard of existing things, people decide all the rationality of the court.Bacon stressed that a rational person, in the "new tool", he advocated by an emerging experimental methods of modern natural science new, to replace the old Aristotle logic.He believes that the new experimental method will enable people to achieve true knowledge about nature, which emphasizes knowledge is power; Descartes in the "talk", adopt the standard procedure, any of the things cannot be determined as not to be rejected.He believes that all past science, including philosophy, the lack of a solid foundation, only through the method of doubt, science as a whole or in every part, can be built on a solid foundation.He to the rational self-consciousness as a philosophical system interpretation of the starting point, "I think therefore I am" became a symbol of the proposition of rationalist philosophy; Kant is on the "rational" criticized and comprehensive argument, his "three critique" the possibility of the condition of science and morality, these conditions fundamentally speaking is rational, whether recognized or moral ultimate basis is rational, all around and rational operation.This is a "Copernicus revolution theory of knowledge".Kant, Fichte, Schelling, especially Hagel to rational development as "the world's rationality", "absolute spirit", to become the entity and the nature of things.Rationality as the modern society's dominant cultural pattern and the cultural spirit, is the unification of instrumental and value rationality, is the universal rationality and bounded rationality, evolutionary rationalism and Constructivist Rationality is unified, modern connotation expansion not revealed rational.
However, in the modern social development process, because the symbiosis of modernity and the philosophy of subjectivity, and they constitute a huge force greatly contributed to the extension of the instrumental rationality, the rationality as the basic characteristics of modernity, the liberation of the force is the control of man.French thinker Rousseau once pointed out, the progress of science and technology is not equal to the progress of human society, the most famous scientist of the twentieth Century Sutton also reminds people: "rely on science, even if our science than it is now developed one hundred times, we could not live a better life."
2O century is the rapid development of science and technology and show unprecedented charm, the tool rationality are fully developed era.According to statistics, at the beginning of the twentieth Century, science and technology promotion effect to economy growth is 15% ~ 20%, currently in developed countries has increased from 60% to 80%.In nineteenth Century, 50 years of human knowledge increases 1 times; nineteen fifties, 1O increased 1 times; in 70, 5 years will increase l times; 80 time was shortened to 3 years; 90 times faster.At the same time, the update of knowledge also accelerated, in eighteenth Century for 80 ~ 90 years; at the end of nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century for 30 years; for nearly half a century of 5 ~ 10 years.And knowledge into productivity faster and faster, the beginning of twentieth Century, 20 ~ 30 years, laser and semiconductor sixty or seventy years from discovery to use only a few months.Human beings can boast of the 100 years since the birth of the human progress is millions of years the sum of the number of times.However, the 100 years of new technologies on the nature is how many times in the past? With the new technology and new method to kill the speed and cruel similar is how many times in the past? Technology eliminated consumer and industrial waste brought about is how many times in the past?
The rational spirit of modern publicity, rational power it shows, has supported the rationalization process of modern society, supporting the practice of technology and human is becoming more and more widely and deeply.However, it is more expressed as a tool, the lack of value rationality and humanistic care, which separates the unity of instrumental and value, led to the paradox of modernity.To solve the internal contradictions of modernity way embodies the "postmodern turn".
two, Postmodernism: negation of modernity and beyond
Starting from the nineteen sixties, with the high development of the science and technology revolution and capitalism, western society has entered a "post-industrial society", people called the information society, consumer society, in the cultural forms is known as the "post-modern society".Modern society, education in science, culture and other fields through a series of fundamental changes, showed a fracture in the history of mankind or a new stage of development.According to Lottie's view, performance of post-modern trend of thought in the field of philosophy is to start from Heidegger, Dewey, later Wittgenstein; in the view of Habermas, after stepping into modern, should with Nietzsche as the turning point, but the postmodernism aroused extensive attention and become the focus of philosophy of struggle, is published in Liotta's 1979 "the postmodern condition: a report on knowledge" after.
The so-called postmodern, is the vision of modernity based on ideal failure manifests a spirit of reason, its aim is to deconstruct the modern rational rules on people, give a person with full and free development space.It thinks that modernity is a kind of "grand narrative", the narrative does not bring happiness and freedom to the people, but its become a hegemony, therefore, we must deconstruct modern division.Specifically, the hegemony is caused by rational, rational "breeding" tools of the people, "feed" scientific, "indulgence" of the capitalist system, regulation of people taming.In other words, although the modernity is to pursue the freedom of the people as their goal, is the humanism, but the results are caused by the rational human bondage, but caused the scientific hegemony.Modernity itself is a contradiction, in modern logic to solve this contradiction is not possible.Therefore, the modern post is the inevitable product of the development of the times, can say, post-modernism means of modernity itself a kind of negation and Transcendence of contradictions.
The author thinks, after modern on the modernization of China will have a positive meaning, mainly in the following points:
The 1 modern reinterpretation of man's subjectivity.The modern idea of the subject is X, and on the object, subject to conquer the object relative to the natural, human is the subject, "I" phase XL, - to others is the subject, awareness of science is to conquer the nature, is to make others "surrender" I.Rationalism the subject and object of the two methods, not only created the "Anthropocentrism", and formed between the person and person's relations indifference; the result of modernity not only makes the natural in arbitrary ravaged state of man, and the ethical relationship between man and man is also affected by the impact of post-modern disdain; the subject and object of the two under the "only" subject, harmony between man and nature not only advocate, and put forward the "intersubjectivity", pay attention to the interaction between man and man.That is to say, postmodern thought, not of human subjectivity is a kind of hegemony, but a kind of practice interactive relationship, people should be in the practice of middle school will get a "sustainable development".
The 2 modern make rational more open.Rationalism opened by modernity is to break the superstition and folly, understanding of nature (also includes natural person and outside), the charm of science lies in people with rational continue to break the mystery of nature, to human nature obscuration, reason has a great attraction.This is the starting point of the Modernity: do away with all fetishes and superstitions and foolish.But, once they are confused by this scientific aura, it into a new obscurantism.
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