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The reform of employment system

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[Abstract] the introduction of full employment system reform, is the inevitable trend of college development, is a very difficult operation innovation.This paper analyzes the necessity of implementing the appointment system and reform, puts forward the ways of personnel appointment system reform.
[keyword] university personnel system reform of the employment system of

In recent years, in the party committees, governments at all levels, colleges and universities should take effective measures, has made great achievements.But the construction team in Colleges and universities still exist many difficulties and problems, the urgent need to be studied and solved by advance reform of the personnel system.

1 the implementation of full employment is the need to develop
The original personnel system is the basis for its emergence and existence and necessity, but with the development of colleges and universities, does not adapt to the situation and defects are also increasingly exposed, reform has become an inevitable.
The 1.1 is to straighten out the inventory of university human resource personnel mechanism, need
Long-term since, all the staff units, management personnel, teachers, teaching assistants and support staff use the national cadres or worker title, lack of scientific classification, inconvenience on the growth of nature of work, quality requirements and rules of different personnel management, staff can not, can not, can not pay high low more and more, it makes the overstaffed, benefit is more and more low, "official standard" consciousness is more and more get concentrated, staff of attachment to school is also more and more strong.The implementation of full employment, help to abandon the traditional identity management and administrative appointment management mode, according to the school mission set up the post, according to the post qualification to hire staff, in the mechanism of fair competition, the survival of the fittest, capable, Yongzhe, make personnel flow, let the universities become a pool of water.
The 1.2 is the maintenance of the school and faculty of two-way choice of labor rights need
In the original employing system, colleges and universities attached to government, staff from belonging to the school, the employing autonomy and staff career choice autonomy is limited.Under the system of appointment in Universities in, can according to their own development needs, set up independent internal institutions and jobs, hiring all kinds of talents, the school turnkey overall situation fundamentally change the government departments.At the same time, the staff can according to their own expertise and work capacity, choose jobs, competition for posts.Not only to give full play to the employing autonomy, but also provides the guarantee for the teaching and administrative staff to seek development.
1.3 is conducive to the improvement of teaching staff's overall level of
through competition and incentive mechanism
Long-term since, the distribution system of universities and colleges with strong egalitarian, staff's income less performance-oriented, grade wage system implementation but basically according to the difference is very small, which does not do the same, with more or less the same, equalitarianism, this distribution system is not conducive to the real reflect the knowledge, the value of technology, dampened staff, especially the enthusiasm of professional and technical personnel.In under the system of appointment, Post University according to the nature and task, determine the post salary, welfare corresponding, according to the post salary, 15.Through the strict performance appraisal, an objective assessment of the performance of staff job duties, determine staff remuneration.The wages of staff to implement file wage and salary, pay more attention to the work performance and contribution, salary policy tilted to the excellent performance and key positions, encourage innovation and development of staff, to achieve the "first-class talents, first-class performance, first-class reward" goal, the faculty team continue to Tugunaxin, full of vitality, staff because feel strong pressure hitherto unknown and enterprising, make the school has always been in active status, to attract talents, retain talents, the staff's work enthusiasm and the creativity fully mobilized.

2 implementation of full employment obstacles
The total employment, will encounter many problems, mainly reflected in:
(1) due to the lack of knowledge, teaching staff is not high emotion.On the employment system, many staff that is promoting policies, especially the mediocrity, even more reluctant to change some characteristics and habits of the past, such as the distribution system in the mess, personnel "can not, can not out into" etc..But because of the financial guarantee, in the original system under the personnel as the captive "sheep", there is no sense of crisis, there is no sense of urgency, unwilling to change the existing pattern of organization.
(2) the school lack full autonomy, human resource allocation unsocialized.The survival of the fittest employing mechanism and flexible allocation mechanism, colleges and universities must have full autonomy.In the original system, the implementation of national central planning and direct government management system in Colleges and universities.Due to high concentration of power in the government, the government departments set the organizers, managers and operators in a body, the functions of the government to extend to the corners, the government arranged and directly control the operation, no clear responsibility, right, Lee boundary between University and government, leading to the high degree of administrative management system, as government departments affiliated school.In the aspect of human resources, the government depends on the preparation of management and planning the deployment configuration, faculty and university is a subordinate relationship, the flow of talent is not smooth: need to replenish the personnel not to enter, "surplus" personnel go out.
(3) gap existing power structure.There are two yuan of administration power and academic power in power structure in universities, the core of the former is superior control and coordination of lower activity, which is the core of academic autonomy and academic freedom.For those related to the immediate interests of staff of the policy change, must pay attention to the subject status of teacher, wide participation and identity should be teachers, but at the height of the existing administrative and "bureaucracy" organizational structure, management authority to occupy a dominant position, academic power to succumb to the management authority or even completely disappear, the teachers' subject position fails to get due respect.The "bureaucracy" organizational structure induced by the contradiction and conflict of power, will enable teachers to agree on the employment system, employment system reform will run aground.
(4) the problem of efficiency and fairness of appraisal.The employment system emphasizes the responsibility, right, Lee consistency and balance, to implement the post salary, performance pay, embodies the principle of efficiency and fairness, it must depend on the objective appraisal to the staff to fulfill the responsibilities of.Due to the current lack of performance assessment program design of scientific institutional arrangement and specification, have focused on the performance, light quantity over quality and other unhealthy tendencies, and even some universities will still use the administrative examination system, based on qualitative assessment, to the staff to perform job responsibilities to make scientific evaluation.Evaluation is not scientific, double loss will lead to the fairness and efficiency, or the results of the national standard salary system and performance pay system to replace the principle of fairness allocation.Fair mechanism of losses, will inevitably lead to the lack of fairness; lack of fair results, will inevitably lead to the lower work efficiency.3 to promote the employment system reform measures of
(1) the publicity, enhance understanding.The educational administrative departments and the leadership to strengthen the importance and urgency of the construction of a full understanding of the new situation, to promote the modernization of education, from the strategic height of the comprehensive construction of a well-off society, the team construction in a very important position.The new situation and new problems to continue to study the construction team in universities, and puts forward new ideas and new ways to solve the problem, especially the understanding deviation of the appointment system.The necessity and benefits to explain the necessity of reform, so that the majority of the staff can see reform from a higher point of view, overcome, strengthen risk awareness, cultivate competitive consciousness, improve their own quality and competitive ability.At the same time, but also to help staff to adapt to the change, the ideological and solve the problems at the grassroots level, to resolve the contradictions in the initial stage, the best education guidance work, maintain the stability of teaching staff, the real target and task team construction implement.
(2) the implementation of university legal person status, based on market mechanism in the allocation of human resources.The employment system reform should be based on the implementation of autonomy of colleges and Universities Based on the request of the government, from "infinite" to "limited" conversion, between college and the government implements the division of functions and powers under the protection of the law, respect the legal status in Colleges and universities.The government responsibility in ensuring a fair education and macro-control of the University and guidance, other power should be returned to the university.Colleges and universities should recognize and clear staff of market main body status, according to market rules, mechanism under the guidance of the government, the market, the independent choice, make personnel cadres, Nengchunengjin; competition, open in the way of contract management; in the treatment of distribution, the introduction of direct hook salary and performance, prompting optimal allocation of human resources.
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