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Quality of adult college English teachers to improve

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[Abstract] the quality of education in our country's education system has been implemented for many years, but in the adult higher education is seldom mentioned.Twenty-first Century is the education innovation era, adult education should also advocate to educate students to be high-quality, high skills, socially useful talents.Key to the development of adult higher education is to improve the quality of teachers.This article on how to improve the methods of improving students English quality, how to improve the English teacher's thought quality, moral quality, ability quality and seven ability.English teachers of adult college only in the five aspects of the ideological and political quality, professional quality, innovation ability, teaching skill and good physical and mental quality improved, in order to adapt to the development needs of the new era of adult higher education.
[keyword] adult college quality

1 quality education
The so-called quality, from the modern educational perspective, refers to the human innate endowment as the foundation, in the environment and education and gradually form a relatively stable structure and organization of elements, and developed and the level of quality.It refers to the development of human potential, and refers to the social development of material civilization and spiritual civilization achievements in the physical structure of human in the internalization and accumulation.The so-called quality education is the effective way to improve each student's quality, namely the four respects of morality, science and culture, physical and psychological quality, labor skills.In other words, the quality of education is to cultivate the ability, personality development as the basic purpose of education, is to make the students learn to "free", and "active", promote their initiative development, cultivate their creative consciousness, creative spirit, creative ability, to ensure their physical and mental healthy all-round development the.

2 English Quality Education
English quality education is mainly two aspects of psychological quality and the quality of the language.Psychological quality including intelligence factors and non-intelligence factors of learning; language quality is not a simple language, but language ability, communication ability, understanding ability of the combination and unification.How to carry out quality-oriented education in English teaching is an important topic we English teachers have to face.The following talk about my personal view:
2.1 to mobilize the students learning enthusiasm.
In the process of teaching, teachers should try their best to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students.This is a student in the study of "subject status" of the decision, so it is the key to success in the teaching.As a foreign language teachers should also be aware, the textbook knowledge is limited, it is only to provide the necessary materials for language learning.Master the methods of these materials, namely how to learn is more important than material.Will be learning to adapt to the demand in twenty-first Century to the young generation, will learn to enable them to update their knowledge to meet the new situation demands, is conducive to their future development.A strong sense of successful foreign language learners must have to absorb and use the language communication, and use the language sense of participation, is the core of language awareness.
2.2 the establishment of harmonious relationship between teachers and students, pay attention to students learning self-confidence and
Harmonious teacher-student relationship helps to improve the students' English quality.American psychologist Roger said: "the exploration of relationship between teachers and students successful education depends on a sincere, understanding and trust."When students feel from the teachers there to care and love sincere, feel warm and positive expectation, he will have a dependence, encouraged and excited by the inner feelings and resonate, feeling of intimacy and trust, and happily accepted the teachings of teachers, trying to put the teachings into action, to achieve the aspirations of teachers.The potential to develop the students' ability so as to maximize the effectiveness of teaching, so as to achieve the best.
From the perspective of teacher, only to obtain the trust of students, knowledge and truth can he taught for students to accept.That the student teacher's information is a choice.Can say, teacher sentiment is the numerous factors influencing factors of students' cognitive of the most active, the most active.
Self-confidence is one of the most important psychological quality, a loss of self-confidence of the students will be learning rule, downhearted, and tend to follow one's own inclination.In the process of teaching, establish each student's self-confidence is the key to quality education.Students have the confidence, to have and to overcome obstacles to get rid of your progress all the negative factors of the ability and tenacious perseverance and innovative spirit, which requires teachers to be circumspect evaluation of each student's learning attitude, learning ability, academic achievement and personality development.For any of them a little bit of progress are affirmed and praised, help them overcome inferiority complex, enhance their self-confidence to learn a foreign language well, so as to stimulate their interest in learning foreign languages, so as to improve their foreign language level.
2.3 the classification requirements, strengthen the guidance of learning method, ensure "for all students" to implement
English education to the implementation of quality education, we must face all the educated, so that every educated person development, B.S famous American psychologist Bloom proposed, the prerequisite to improve the teaching effect of the teachers should strive to provide equal opportunities for students to learn all the class.Because of the differences between people is universal, absolute, everyone has his personality, characteristics, so the teachers should not only pay attention to face all the students, but also pay attention to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, notice the unity of the contradiction between the two.The key issue here is to pay attention to training, self-taught ability at the same time, both material and preparing students, according to the actual condition of each student, adjust their teaching plan.Delve into the teaching syllabus, pay attention to improving teaching methods, improve the students' English quality.

3 teachers to improve the quality of
The implementation of English quality education, improving the quality of teachers is the key.Quality education emphasizes students' subject, status, but also not neglect the teacher's guiding role.Russian educator Chernyshev J Ki said: "the teacher to students create a what person, he should be such a person."Therefore, the implementation of quality education, first requires the teachers to improve the quality of.UNESCO has proposed such a formula on the quality of foreign language teaching, the teaching quality of students (n 1) (4 points) teaching method (3)]x teachers.In this formula, the teacher scores more big, product is increasingly big, so the teaching quality of higher.Therefore, English teachers thought quality, moral quality and ability, is an important factor to determine the quality of foreign language teaching.
3.1 thoughts: renewing the ideas, change roles, continuous innovation and
The teacher is human culture dissemination, the continuation and development of human society, plays a role of bridge.Open the Chinese history of thousands of years, you'll find out good people, always put the "teacher" and "heaven and earth - Jun" worship together, as a noble and sacred.Because education is "preaching, tuition, doubts" the messenger.Thousands of years later, when people take the teacher as "engineers of human souls", called it "the most glorious sun occupation", its connotation expanded, it also take shape people's ideals and moral cultivation, ability to adapt to social development, train their ability and healthy personality attention.To update the concept of education, quality education is the teacher's identity, a pressing matter of the moment, to the understanding of the implementation of quality education to their thoughts and actions, establish a correct concept of education, the quality outlook, outlook on life.As soon as possible to jump out of the confinement of the exam-oriented education.Don't miss the old road cooked, there must be a brave pioneer spirit.The earth had no roads, people walk more, became a road.Not only the quality of education in the mouth, is still examination-oriented education and actually do that set.
The network era is an era of information, the network itself is a huge information resource database, web-based learning has become the main way for people to obtain information and knowledge.The traditional teaching methods can't meet the demand of network, teachers must transform their roles, in order to adapt to the basic requirements of the development of education in the network era.The teacher role transformation is mainly manifested in 4 aspects.
First, guiding the transformation culture disseminators of knowledge as the learning method.
Second, teaching and research for the curriculum transformation implementation of the teaching materials.
Third, students' moral culture into the future life designer.
Fourth, education and teaching management into the interpersonal relationship artists.
Jiang Zemin speech in BNU centenary conference clearly pointed out: "the education innovation and theory innovation, system innovation and technology innovation, is very important......Teachers play an important role in the innovation of education, teachers with innovative spirit, to cultivate innovative talents......Teachers' moral, quality and personality, has an important influence on the students".Innovation era gives teachers opportunities for innovation, innovation.
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