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Discussion on the implementation of delay distribution system in Universities

Author: CaiXiaoXu From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-02 12:34:42 Read:
[Abstract] at present, mainly on the basis of the current achievements of teachers in most colleges and universities the income distribution assessment, the current income distribution system.The current distribution of measure of teacher results is not comprehensive, the guide to the teacher to complete the task before us, according to the rigid target schools pursuit Duanpingkuai, is not conducive to long-term development of teacher and school.Delayed allocation is a long-term incentive form, better able to inspire teachers to focus on long-term development.In this paper, in the field of college salary system has become a hot topic -- extension distribution are studied, combined with the M higher vocational college staff turnover is high, design the delayed allocation scheme in M higher vocational college, for more than a year of practice effects are reviewed.
[keyword] the delay distribution system in Higher Vocational Institute of

1 problems of
The teacher of the University, as a commitment to higher education, is to cultivate a high level of professional engineers of the soul, is the backbone of the scientific and technological innovation and promotion, salary of the enjoyment of the corresponding, is the embodiment of labor value, knowledge value and social status.A reasonable salary distribution system, can effectively attract, stabilize talents, mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers, improve teaching quality, scientific research level and the benefit of running a school, play a decisive role for the harmonious development of colleges and universities.
At present, the study of college salary design are mostly limited to how to improve the current distribution system, in China is almost a blank on the extension of the distribution system.Distribution mode of universities still relatively simple, basic wages, hours and post allowance, these all belong to the current distribution.From the most of the situation, the human capital factors participate in the distribution of the degree of attention and awareness is not enough, especially for academic leaders, although the current wage amount is increased, however, insufficient risk compensation and long-term incentive.Design of the time delay distribution principle and plan can make up for the above shortcomings.In this regard, Yuxi College has launched to establish lifelong employee compensation mechanism of school age allowance system as early as ten years ago, walking in the forefront of the times.Xinjiang University Of Finance and Economics with the school age allowance system, the implementation of option grants, the establishment of delay distribution system in the exploration of a new step.As a system innovation delay distribution system, how to design can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the backbone staff play a leading role, delayed allocation scheme and integration of human resources? M higher vocational college has made some beneficial attempts in this aspect.

> delay allocation scheme in
M income distribution in Higher Vocational College has been used in the form of the current distribution, the overall level of income in the local colleges of the same kind is medium.However, the staff over the years flow rate is always a problem of the development of the college, especially the turnover number of the strong sense of responsibility, rich teaching experience, have strong research ability and level of the teachers.On Influence Factors of employee turnover, many scholars have studied it from different angles.The author believes that, in addition to high flow rate and M Higher Vocational College promoted soon, running school management mode and current mode for long-term is not adapt to the outside, the main reason is not to create a "highland in the work environment, organizational culture, pay and benefits, development platform".In view of this situation, M vocational and technical college in addition to reform of the personnel distribution system existing, but also creatively proposed the extension of distribution system is designed, and the system of.The main contents of delayed allocation scheme in M Higher Vocational College:
(1) deferred object
Delay distribution as a useful supplement to the current distribution, delay distribution is an important part of the compensation plan, is a long-term incentive, can guide the cooperation between teachers and knowledge sharing, thus greatly enhance the cohesion and competitiveness.The object is the main part of delay distribution of professional and technical personnel, professional and academic leaders, senior management personnel, protocol needs to extend the allocation of personnel.
(2) delay distribution conditions of
Delayed allocation of professional and technical personnel should according to the job requirements set conditions specified in this job for a full year, and the annual examination of qualified and above; management personnel according to the retainer post, staff of six level and above the annual examination of qualified and above personnel enjoy the delay distribution; employment selection criteria other personnel as appropriate after school the annual examination of qualified and above.
(3) deferred assignment scheme of
The delay distribution base by 2 times of performance-based salary each month issued as the standard, according to the classification standard ratio of 1-1 implementation.Delayed allocation standard = base * ratio.
Enjoy postpone assigning personnel shall according to the contract signed by both parties in certain period of service, enjoy the time delay allocation principle and the contract time, the shortest delay distribution service for a period of five years, five years after the contract to honour, dissatisfaction turnover the account is frozen, unable to enjoy.The delay distribution to adjust the proportion according to my year-end assessment results, assessment of outstanding personnel raised a, assessment is the basic qualified or unqualified cut.Other personnel by 5% excellent appraisal, appraisal as the basic qualified or unqualified down 5%.The annual adjustment shall be borne by the unit commitment in part by the unit at a time to complete, individuals need not pay (Table 1-1).
The delay distribution of staff who have worked continuously for fifteen years in college and above, the unit shall be the proportion of the increase of 5%, individuals pay scale invariant; where in the school of continuous work full twenty years and above, the unit shall be the proportion of the increase of 7%, individuals pay scale invariant; where in the school of continuous work full twenty-five years and above, the unit commitment ratio increased 10%, individuals pay scale invariant (table 1-2).

3 M higher vocational college to implement deferred the significance of
M vocational and technical college is located in China's economically developed Yangtze River Delta, increased by issuing hours allowance, project subsidies so that the teacher's income level.But as a business unit in terms of income or in development and some in the industry is not attractive enough.Determined by the human capital and the income level of market pricing mechanism is far from, talent flow rate.On the backbone of business and management of the backbone of the income level is not paid enough attention to.Delayed allocation as a new mode of salary distribution, main functions are: one is to establish long-term incentive mechanism.Extension of the distribution system has two obvious characteristics: (1) has deferred payment.The salary and welfare now to the personal name, but to enjoy in the future several years later to receive or; (2) can be.Once appear talent leave, schools can stop this salary payment.From school back, in order to reduce the loss, but also improve the teacher's exit cost.
M Higher Vocational College in the design of deferred income distribution scheme, fully consider the different teachers in the age, psychological process, personality, mental characteristics of individual differences between reward incentive effect, and establish a multi-dimensional cross incentive system.Delay distribution system can be in close connection with the long-term development of talents, and promoting the sustainable development of college.The implementation of delayed allocation scheme for a year, M higher vocational college personnel flow rate decreased obviously, the flow rate of 09 years is only 0.26%, have made the good actual effect.

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