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Improving the organization and personnel work in the liberation of thought

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[Abstract] the progress of society and thought awareness, requirements of the organization and personnel work should be continuous improvement, innovation in the liberation of thought."Li", "solid", "new" should be on the organization and personnel work should be in emancipatory thought, innovation in the continuous improvement of the trend and direction.
[keyword] thought liberation organization and personnel work to improve

Comrade Jiang Zemin in celebration of the Chinese Communist Party was founded eighty anniversary conference said, "emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, leads to great social progress.Social practice continues to develop, we thought should also continue to move forward, should dare to and good at according to the requirement of practice innovation."Therefore, the organization and personnel work should be continuous improvement, innovation in the liberation of thought.

1 the liberation of thought to improve the organization and personnel work began in the "vertical"

1.1 "vertical" requirement to strengthen the study of
The organization and personnel work emancipates the mind to "learn" fluctuation kongfu, continuously improve the policy theory level.The organization and personnel work is an important window for the party and government ties with the masses, service masses, cadres house, house party members, civil house.The quality of its work, the level of quality, efficiency, quality, directly affects the party and the government's image and prestige.But the nature of the work itself, policy sex is strong, strict procedures, therefore, the personnel cadres must set up the consciousness of learning, the learning policy, policy study, master policy in the first place, to walk in the forefront in the liberation of thought, do model.
On the one hand, must handle well the "workers", "learning" contradictions, in the work, arrange enough time learning the policies of the party theory and business rules, which is the basis of improving understanding, find the gap.The only business policy level, work efficiency to go up, can not go wrong in business operations, do not delay.
On the other hand, the learning method must be flexible and diverse.Through the study, focusing on building a "three home" target, the ideological construction in the first place, emancipate the mind through the ranks of cadres and personnel organization, focus on capacity building, style construction and the culture construction, strengthen the organization and personnel department and group work cadre personnel execution.
1.2 "vertical" requirement to strengthen the ability of
Including the ability of organization and personnel work requirements: the ability to find problems and situation, the ability of solving problems, control the ability of market economy, the ability to deal with complex situations scientific judgment.These capabilities are not happen overnight, need long-term training and practice.
A scientific training plan and implement, to carry out the education and training of cadres, play the main channel role array landlord Party school training cadres.To industry, system, post training of Party members and cadres training, enhance the pertinence and practicability; strengthening training and training, in many ways, vigorously implement the special training, special investigations, theme activities, help the cadres to master new knowledge, new skills, new skills more, strengthen the cadre ability.
Two is to strengthen the practice exercise, a large number of "the wide field of vision, broad-minded, thinking of the new" cadres.According to the actual situation of cadres, from the aspect of improving the ideological emancipation degree and enhance the actual work ability, strengthening the practical training.The spirit of "what is missing, what" principle, adhere to the training of cadres in the tough environment, training of cadres in key posts, in the center of the work and major activities in the training of cadres.
1.3 "vertical" for team
According to the development objectives of the organization and personnel work, cultivate and bring serious shortage of talent, strengthen the construction of talent team.Personnel work, in the contemporary benefits, long-term benefit.The party organization, the organization and personnel departments at all levels should use the global vision, the vision of development to do the construction of talent team work.
One is to establish and perfect the training, evaluation, use, incentive as the main content of the policy measures and security system, strengthen the quality of Party and government personnel, organization personnel three ranks.
Two is to strengthen the construction of civil servants, establish and perfect the civil servant management information system, and actively promote the civil servant management mechanism and team building.
The three is to convert the employing mechanism, actively and steadily push forward the reform of institutions and personnel system, in accordance with the requirements of economic and social development, the implementation of enterprise job management settings.
Four is to strengthen the work of introducing talents, especially to strengthen the organization and personnel management, social management talent, market management personnel, city management personnel, the introduction of high-quality talent.
Five is deeply do title appraisal, title examinations, continuing education examination work.
Six is to do a good job of personnel information, file management, basic work.

Improving the organization and personnel work in the "real"
2 the liberation of thought
2.1 training pragmatic style
One is to respect the objective laws.Good organization and personnel work rely on the master and scientific use of growth, development, movement, competition laws of human, the organic connection between the self value system and organizational system target the correct understanding of the.To respect the objective laws, strengthen their law consciousness, really use rules to guide the organization and personnel work practice, make the talent well, to get the party organization, prosperous career can guarantee.
Two is the development of political democracy.A very important experience of the ruling party, is to promote democracy, especially political democracy.Reflected in the organization and personnel idea, is to pay great attention to the talents, respecting the people.To give the talent and the full right to speak, the way to open up the personnel and the masses to play the democracy function, improve the organization and personnel work quality.For example, to take a new decision, to encourage people to participate in decision-making, puts forward opinions; take an important position, support the fair competition, positive performance; allow the talent of understanding errors, and give him a chance to correct the complaint and excuse; open channels, let masses participate and put on the use of talents, evaluation and assessment. The positive effect of release, public opinion on the work of cadres; to mobilize the masses to supervise the organization and personnel work, and seriously deal with the opinions of the masses and recommendations.
The three is to adhere to the people-oriented.Pay attention to publicity humanity connotation in the formulation of policies and measures, carry out Humanism in the rigid system, provide the free choice of development opportunities and conditions, to break the institutional drawbacks of all is not conducive to the growth of talent, the organizational personnel career on personal value creation and human development concerns, to create "good environment for talents of people".Engaged in the business of the organization and personnel work of concrete, the organization personnel workers should strengthen self-cultivation, consciously cultivate the concept of service, desalination "managers" consciousness, the human resources as the "first resource" view.
The four is to uphold the truth.Both the revolution and socialist construction and the period of reform and opening up, the party in the pragmatic style adhere well, career development, once distorted, career is frustrated.From the reality of today's environment, pragmatic contains not only the basic definitions of "seek truth from facts", but also "the new connotation of scientific management".Other political work organization and personnel work party, without any contradiction between adhering to the basic principles and the development of innovation, should be with the progress of the times, strengthen scientific, rationalize, make the organization and personnel department as a understand science, good at using the efficient rate of science departments.2.2 optimizing the environment of
Establishment and working mechanism of benign interaction between the work environment, is an important part of the personnel in the work.In recent years, we increase the intensity of environmental construction, improve the personnel salary level, creating a business atmosphere.
One is to improve the hard environment.Greening and beautifying the environment, the construction of cultural and sports activities, improve the office conditions.Sports and games, adjust life rhythm, let a worker to maintain physical and mental health.Provide medical treatment of a serious illness insurance, workers mutual insurance services, to carry out health care, to provide free medical examination.
Two is to improve the level of treatment.The special talent personnel management and personnel management and senior personnel, giving a larger amount of relocation expenses and living subsidies.To local government preferential policies in areas such as housing, reward.A low high school recruits, resolve the contradiction between the title and post, earnestly fulfill the talented person treatment.
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