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Conduit unit to the effective implementation of the performance appraisal of the

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[Abstract] analysis of some problems existing in the current staff appraisal of water management units, combined with the Gold River Watershed Management in the implementation of performance appraisal practice, think the staff performance appraisal index should be based on their post description of duties, the quantified assessment indexes, refinement, dig out the real purpose of assessment.The implementation of the performance appraisal plays a certain reference role for the whole water units.
[keyword] effective performance appraisal of

Institutions of staff assessment to the full implementation of the.The establishment of standardized institutions of staff appraisal system, is an important measure for the reform of the personnel system, but also an important content of scientific personnel management, legalization.Current institutions of post setting management implementation work, the full implementation of the employment system, at the same time, the establishment of a sound system of post performance appraisal management, assessment, evaluation of staff to perform regular job responsibilities, assessment and evaluation results as the staff to adjust the position, job promotion rank and an important basis for the distribution of wages.Full description of performance appraisal plays a very important role for the implementation of this system, has become an important part of the personnel system reform of the whole more than 200 conduit unit.

The presence of
1 conduit unit assessment of the problem
Institutions of staff appraisal in practice in recent years, the continuous exploration, has played a positive role.But there are still many problems worth noting: because the statute itself more qualitative aspects, and the properties of pipe work unit and not quantitative, quantitative and refinement is not enough, also causes some operational aspects, many of the disadvantages and problems gradually exposed.
(1) the annual examination and no real attention and play its role.The weakest link units, because the evaluation index limit, about 85% employees are qualified grade, there is almost no examination unqualified phenomenon.
(2) the assessment content is too general and difficult to grasp, assessment standard is not specific enough, difficult to quantify.In Germany, can, attendance, performance is not specific and quantitative, no clear job responsibilities, work standards, job objectives, assessment in fact there is a certain degree of "blind spots".
(3) to examine only the year-end assessment, the final.Not well combined with the year-end appraisal and assessment at ordinary times or key events, assessment organization members by the assessment by the year-end report scoring, prone to "impression" and "interpersonal relations."Assessment is not comprehensive, the enthusiasm of the assessment by the blow.
(4) business unit wage grade promotion policy, indeed for professional and technical personnel have made outstanding contributions to the stimulation.For staff assessment for three consecutive years of excellent early promotion salary grade, in the actual operation process, appear "rotation" phenomenon, will be the three consecutive annual assessment of elite, to carry out distribution between the assessment; even some people don't consider the performance, with the relationship, to take three years of excellent.Lost inspiration and encouragement effect.
(5) each conduit unit organization are divided into several organs and units, between units, organizations and grass-roots unit of the nature and the content have some difference, but in the assessment unit under the unified with a ruler, a standard evaluation, lack of scientific, implementation and lack of vitality, not to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, did not reflect the true meaning of evaluation.

2 performance evaluation in the practical application of
Performance appraisal is the value of the assessment, especially evaluation excellent grades, reached the top, top, top energy gap "effect, is given to those who work in the outstanding performance of staff fully affirmed at the same time, further mobilize the enthusiasm of the people for advanced, therefore, to performance, should be an important principle of performance assessment work.It not only can effectively overcome the "good old", "rotation" and other negative practices, and make the evaluation result more reasonable, and promote the development of the assessment work.
In recent years, through continuous exploration and running, I Bureau staff assessment work gradually perfect, scientific, effectively promoted the work.
(1) the establishment of assessment system.In the "Interim Provisions" macro guidance institutions of staff assessment, combined with the water industry characteristics, nature of work, to develop in line with their own needs assessment system.
(2) the innovation evaluation form, in order to test the effectiveness of
1) the assessment content to refine, quantify
according to job responsibilities to
An objective and fair evaluation results from the evaluation methods and on the basis of an objective and fair, and conduit unit of assessment can only have two: one is the legal basis, this is "institutions of staff assessment Provisional Regulations", another is the actual performance of the duties.How to compare the two objective and fair, so as to make an objective and fair results, which is the key work, to make them realize the objective and fair, on one hand to certain terms quantify "provisions" of the unit, is according to the characteristics of the industry, working quality, in accordance with the "Regulations" the spiritual essence, the the principled stipulation quantify for convenient operation standard; on the other hand, in the job specification quantify responsibilities, according to the specific job responsibilities and content, formulate the standard system more convenient, on this basis, to each person to fulfill their duties were compared with the standard, and objectively determine the grades of the assessment, such problems can be smoothly done or easily solved many problems, and the. 2) assessment content refinement quantified according to responsibilities of different distinguish
For simple extensive way past examination, take fine, multi-level evaluation methods.The different management post, technical post and ground workers skills, classification management, classification assessment, make up for the shortcomings in the previous assessment of the.According to the "Germany, can, diligent, accomplishment" four elements of different positions have different duties, in accordance with the requirements of the job performance as the focus of the examination, to determine a reasonable proportion of the four elements, the assessment content more rich pertinence."De" mainly refers to the political, ideological and occupation moral performance.All need to any person, make the first assessment of political thought, regardless of any position of the "de" content is to support the leadership of the party, and obey the command, dedication."To" the evaluation mainly refers to the actual work ability.Study on a person's ability to work, apparently to be around their job performance and job requirements of.Different positions have different requirements."So evaluation industrious", different position is different for diligence requirements.Can not be simply interpreted as every day on time attendance.There are no fixed place, like a driver; others work "all-weather", as the basic unit of measurement of water distribution personnel.The key here is the fulfillment of its responsibilities together, mainly to see whether it was assiduous in his duties."Achievement" the evaluation more inseparable from the job responsibilities."Performance" refers to performance, is the comprehensive embodiment of Germany, can, diligence, focus and appraisal, is directly related to determine the evaluation order.But the form of performance is varied, have actual approach also has some relevance.But must take cognizance of performance and the respective responsibilities of the implementation of such combination, determine the evaluation order will be reasonable, fair.
3) specific refinement, quantification of
assessment standard unit
Appraisal standard of cadres and workers quality scale, develop specific assessment criteria according to the nature and characteristics of position, is to ensure the smooth implementation of the basic work of assessment work.Only by making an objective and fair evaluation standards, to check out the objective and fair results.
Office workers work is actually very difficult to quantify, but without a measurable standard, will be plunged into check invalid or not fair.According to the authorities of each job job description responsibilities, from Germany, can, diligent, accomplishment of four aspects of quantitative refinement, from "political thought, occupation morality, unity and cooperation, work attitude, professional level, professional ability, fulfill their duties, to complete the workload and term goal, to complete the task of quality and efficiency" nine aspects of assessment, the weights of inequality (out of 100), the special bonus (honors, science and technology award, participate in collective activities award bonus).
Basic unit, capable of forming a standardized evaluation system.Through the combination of the monthly assessment, and evaluation stages and year-end assessment, qualitative assessment and quantitative evaluation, formation are different, complementary assessment system, and timely feedback to staff, make assessment to play its due role of encouragement and improvement.According to the workload, responsibility, work environment and other factors, by stages, detailed job responsibilities, work out appraisal standards, to measure its responsibilities strictly according to the standard, thus to confirm whether it is called
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