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Analysis of present situation and Countermeasures of hospital personnel

Author: ShenZuoZuo ZhuangZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-02 09:47:37 Read:
[Abstract] to investigate the development of hospital personnel, through the analysis of personnel status, find out the existing problems in the work of talents, to propose a solution to the problem, optimize the talent environment, improve the training system, actively promote the reform of the personnel system, strengthen the talent team construction.
[keyword] hospital personnel strategy of

With the continuous development of health care, the social needs of the growing health professional and technical personnel, in medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and discipline construction of Hospital of each link, all need specialized personnel of different levels.However, at present in all kinds of hospitals, practical work and the introduction of the there are different degrees of this or that problem of talent team construction, personnel training, has seriously affected the normal development of hospital work.So we must take effective measures to ensure the healthy development of talents.

1 personnel basic situation of
As of 2009 March, my courtyard has 1913 professional and technical personnel.Where:
Health and technical personnel 1643 people, technical personnel 583 people medical professional technical personnel 834 people, professional nursing, pharmacy staff 87 people, technical personnel 139 people.
In the title of a technical post classification perspective, in the health professional and technical personnel, have advanced title 326 people, intermediate title 603 people, accounting for 17% of the total number of professional and technical personnel, 31.5% respectively;

From the academic level, the health professional and technical personnel, with graduate or above 360 people, undergraduate course school record 505 people, college degree 602 people, accounted for 18.8% of the total number of professional and technical personnel, 26.3%, 31.4% respectively; the above undergraduate nursing education 189 people, accounting for 22.6% of the total number of nursing personnel;

From the age structure, professional and technical personnel under the age of 35 in 795 people, 36 to 45 years old 577 people over the age of 46, 271 people, the total number of health professionals in 48.3%, 35.1%, 16.4% respectively.
Subject: the existing hospital clinical disciplines 47, director of the Department of 47 people, have advanced title 41 people, deputy advanced title 5 people; of whom have postgraduate qualifications 16 people, 29 degrees; the age in 45 years old the following 24 director, director of the Department of 8 people between the age of 46-50.

2 main problems of the construction of comprehensive hospital personnel in the presence of
(1) understanding of the importance of health personnel is not in place.Not the talent work put in an important position, the lack of planning of personnel, lack of initiative, in the education of talents, cultivation, introduction, management and use of no measures and actions are effective, talent work relatively lagging behind;

(2) the personnel structure unreasonable phenomenon still exists; the lack of scientific methods for the evaluation of
(3) personnel policy and personnel management mechanism is not perfect, system obstacles in talent import and has not been fundamentally broken, talent environment is not just as one wishes, the ability to accumulate high level talents is not strong;

(4) the effects have not been brought into full play, talent shortage and talent waste phenomenon also exists.

3 to explore the construction of comprehensive hospital personnel of the new ideas and new methods for
(1) around the needs of the development of the subject of the hospital, optimization of high level professional talent team construction
1) founded the policy advantage of the introduction of high-level talents, strengthen the appeal of talents.To experience the introduction of advanced units of personnel, to further improve the high-level talents import policy.For the introduction of high-level talents as much as possible to formulate preferential policy, attract people with policy.
2) to optimize the environment, to "stay the cause, treatment to keep people, keep people feeling".To let high level talents to do business, they will arrange to suit their play to the post, in the aspects of scientific research funds, facilities and so on, to meet their needs; two should be concerned about their political.High-level talents for the outstanding contribution to be promoted, give them responsibility, as much as possible in their initiative; three to implement the good benefits.With generous benefits reward outstanding contributions to them; four is to insist on employers do not suspect the principle of high level talents, selected, work to care for, support them, let them rest assured Bold Talent; five is to increase the emotional investment, so that they are willing to come, stay.
3) improve the training mechanism for high-level talents, increase the amount of high level talents, establish a can realize high speed and high efficiency in our hospital discipline development of high-level talent team.
(2) adhere to the people-oriented, and strive to build a talent development platform.
1) accumulate talents by environment.A good environment is the realization of talent, talent and give full scope to the talents necessary conditions.In recent years, in order to meet the development needs of our hospital, the hospital has recruited many graduate students, doctoral students, timely delivery of fresh blood for the clinical science.Much concern from the thought, work, more support from learning, spirit, gathering talents with good environment, really make the talents I leave, for me, to play one's ability and cleverness.
2) cultivate talents by practice.Personnel quality and ability is not inborn, but depends on continued and training in the practical work experience, to get a comprehensive, coordinated development, and eventually become a useful person for the development of hospital.Should be based on the existing staff, further tap potential, strengthen the training, to provide suitable training places and opportunities; professional and technical personnel to be in the full vigour of life, good pressure and burden, improve their comprehensive quality.
3) talent incentive mechanism.To establish the performance as the core, the income distribution mechanism, elements of moral knowledge, talents evaluation mechanism and the comprehensive embodiment of job responsibilities, ability, performance and other factors.Really make a stage to director, officer with the seat, to the Director-General who have the goal, to ensure that the organic unity of talent growth and value realization, to promote the healthy development of the talent team construction, prosperity.(3) in the overall planning, and promote comprehensive development of talents.
Construction of hospital personnel, should not only from the point of view of maintenance and stability, but also from the long-term development of hospital discipline construction planning, not only to consider the development of professional and technical talents, management talents, but also not to stick to one pattern selection, training and development of all types of personnel related closely with the hospital, and gradually formed a rational structure, hierarchy, quality excellent talent chain.At the same time, also in accordance with general ideas of health reform and development of hospital, innovative talents working mechanism in the construction of talent team, to stimulate the creativity and enterprising spirit of all kinds of talents, constantly create a new situation of talent, give full scope to the talents of the grass-roots central bank.
(4) the optimization policy and management incentive mechanism, establish the use and evaluation of professional and technical personnel of the effective
1) combining regular assessment and appraisal, through practice and talent.The usual assessment and evaluation combined, the professional and technical personnel of comprehensive appraisal seeps into the regular work, improve the existing talent assessment files, the usual examination, examination results fully documented, as ascension is mainly based on the title appraisal, employment, personnel training and the use of.Pay attention to personnel examination results usually the accumulation of history, comprehensive evaluation of talent.Persist in peacetime assessment, pay attention to the examination, examination and random examination of assault.Regardless of is the daily examination or the examination, must insist on starting from the practice, in order to gain.
2) the qualitative analysis and the quantitative analysis, depending on the data volume.Materialist dialectics tells us, everything has rules of quality and quantity, is the unity of quality and quantity.Personnel assessment is the same.To establish a scientific evaluation index system, quantify talent assessment content, using mathematical model and computer technology, the scientific quantification standards and conditions, at the same time, to the introduction of modern personnel assessment technique, good ability test, interest test and psychological tests, providing reference data for talent evaluation, assessment and examination of the personnel selection step by step. The combination of.
(5) to work as an opportunity to post setting, personnel allocation, set up posts according to needs.
1) to meet the requirements of professional and technical personnel structure level hospital discipline development, establish professional duties, treatment can be high energy low, open and fair competition, the formation of the employment mechanism, provide a strong intellectual support and personnel support for the development of the discipline of hospital.
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