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The survey is the foundation of human resource management

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[Abstract] with the rapid development of knowledge-based economy and the intensification of market competition, the key of human resource is more and more enterprises as its core competitiveness.In every part of human resource management, statistical investigation has very important role: statistical survey is an important method for collecting information on human resources, is the main content of job analysis, is the basic guarantee of human resource planning, is the effective way to ensure the personnel recruitment and selection, training and development of employees is the basis, is the important premise performance appraisal, is to ensure that the source of the rationality of the salary level.Through the survey, can accurately collect valuable information for an enterprise, and provide effective basis for enterprise management, and provide a powerful guarantee for the correct decision.
[keyword] statistical method statistical investigation of human resource management information sampling

The 1 survey the meaning of
"Statistics" is a term coined by the English translation of the statistics, generally includes statistics, statistical work and statistical data of three kinds of meaning.While the "survey" in the "tone", with calculation, calculation of mean; "check", refers to search, check, test.
Statistical investigation is based on the statistical research objective and requirement, organized, planned to collect data and process study and calculation of the data.

The 2 survey of
Statistical investigation in a variety of ways, according to the scope of investigation, statistical investigation can be divided into a comprehensive survey and incomplete survey.The census and statistics system belongs to the comprehensive investigation; focus on investigation and typical investigation belongs to incomplete survey.

The 3 survey on the role of human resource management in
With the rapid development of globalization, information has been paid more and more attention.As an important part of enterprise human resources to create wealth, more is to collect, analyze and use without information.
The influence of human resource management and even the entire enterprise management are inseparable from the environment, whether internal or external environment are important factors determining enterprise decision.For example, in marketing, sales outside the market competition, is the decisive basis marketing department decided sales prices and sales of.While the sales situation of enterprises for a certain period, the sales staff is an important yardstick of next period sales staff performance.For the study of human resources management should be environmental factors into account, harmonious and unified clear environment contribute to the realization of human resource management activities and the environment.
There are several methods of statistical investigation, according to the different characteristics of the environment and the investigation unit itself, in the operating process changes.Therefore, statistical surveys different plays a different role in the management of human resources.
3.1 statistical survey is an important method for collecting information on human resources and
Human resource management should use the scientific technology and method, system for the planning, organization, leadership and control activities, management to achieve the goals of the organization.The scientific method in the process include statistical investigation.All the work of human resources management should be based on system data, in order to make the right decision.
In the survey scheme design should pay attention to guarantee the practicability, economy and effectiveness.Human resources management for some major, complex research topics, often need to design the different sets of the survey scheme, so as to survey the scene changes to adjust survey scheme.
The 3.2 survey is the main content of job analysis of
The process of job analysis, design and research survey of the implementation phase is the most important, the general design requirements, from the execution of the work himself, management supervisor, customer and expert analysis of channels to obtain position information.
After collect and the position related information, will enter the next stage, namely statistical analysis.This stage includes data collection, review of the data and the data analysis.Only reflect positions now need the skills and ability requirements, can carry out the analysis judgment, found the job or duty assignment problem, thus recruited to match this post.
Method of position analysis method is divided into qualitative and quantitative, because each method has advantages and disadvantages, so the methods used in combination, to ensure the collection of accurate information, comprehensive, lay a good foundation for the preparation of information analysis and job description.
The 3.3 survey is the basic guarantee of human resource planning
In the human resources planning, the focus of this phase is to survey the internal environment of the business enterprise, the specific work of statistical investigation is mainly to phase in the implementation of the human resources planning.The main is to make a number of enterprises, the existing human resources quality, structure and potential on the "inventory", including the basic information of the employees, work experience, education and work performance and other aspects of the data.Status only timely and accurate grasp of the enterprise existing human resources, human resource planning can effectively guarantee the healthy development of enterprises.
3.4 the survey to ensure that personnel recruitment selection effectiveness of
In order to make the recruitment and selection methods are reliability, validity, universal applicability and practicability, we need to determine the statistical investigation of a large number of.
In most enterprises staff recruitment and selection, the essential way is the ideal candidate for testing, no matter which way to test reliability and validity, only available at the same time, to select the appropriate talents for enterprises.While the test reliability through statistical investigation of different staff to answer, the consistency and stability to ensure candidates to test answer.Also, the test validity but also through the statistical survey ever tested hired personnel, in their job performance tests to determine whether they choose a suitable candidate for a position.
In addition, in the choice of channels and methods of recruitment, also can according to the change of enterprise competitors or human resources market and adjust accordingly.At the same time, the enterprise internal environment and the needs of employees also need statistics and important factor into the decision.
The 3.5 survey is the staff training and development on the basis of
The first step design training program is the training needs analysis to determine the human resources existing performance and expectation gap.Need analysis need to involve three level organization, work and personnel investigation and analysis environment.These three levels are analyzed one by one, and only one layer of the results of the analysis is to enter the training needs analysis in the next layer, finally determine the training scheme.
Training needs analysis in traditional methods are interview method, questionnaire investigation method, observation method, critical incident method, performance analysis and experience estimation method.In this process is mainly used to incomplete survey method.
In addition, the training evaluation is to rely on statistical investigation.In order to ensure the implementation of training effect, the training result evaluation is necessary.The evaluation process, human resource performance and training statistics training after the first comparison, feedback and effective performance on the training.3.6 statistical survey is an important premise of
performance appraisal
Through the statistics of employee performance, the performance standard, the evaluation methods of science, to complete the assessment of employee task.The performance of statistical analysis can provide information for enterprise performance management improvement, continuously improve the performance management level and the effectiveness of the help enterprise, performance management is really help managers to improve the management level, make the employees to improve performance ability and the enterprise to obtain the ideal performance level.
The performance will change over time, space, task working conditions and other related factors and different, showing a significant diversity, multidimensional and dynamic, it also decided to survey the employee performance, evaluation should multi-angle, multi-faceted and multi-level.
The 3.7 survey pay levels to ensure that the rationality of
The salary level is mainly composed of internal equity and external market competition decision.In order to reflect the internal fairness principle, the design of compensation system must carry out the job analysis, the requirements for the employees work carried out a detailed investigation and study, make a work is universal, that is engaged in this kind of work personnel have the same level of compensation.
Design of compensation system should also consider organizational compensation levels compared with other organizations, whether it is competitive, competitive salary system design principle.Accurate understanding of the market pay level will depend on the salary survey, the external environment of the enterprise salary levels have an overall grasp.Salary survey is the enterprise through the collection of information to judge other enterprises and workers
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