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Study on human resources management and traditional personnel management

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[Abstract] now, most of China's state-owned enterprise human resources management is still in the traditional personnel management phase, should be changed to the modern concept of human resource management.In this paper, according to the existing challenges facing China's state-owned enterprises and human resources management problems, the theory and practice of human resources management are discussed systematically, provides some reference ideas for the reform of human resources of state-owned enterprises.
[keyword] traditional personnel human resources transformation system of

If the enterprises want to adapt to the market, the needs of globalization, innovation of management idea, human resources management system to improve, otherwise the enterprise before the show prospects will be very slim, bigger, more strong will become an empty talk.But now, most of China's state-owned enterprise human resources management is still in the traditional personnel management phase, should be changed to the modern concept of human resource management.

1 traditional personnel management and modern human resources management difference between
The concept of 1.1 different
The traditional personnel management that human investment, wages, welfare, training fees will be included in the cost of production, enterprises should try various devices to reduce investment in human resources to reduce costs to enhance the competitiveness of products.With the development of market economy, modern management theory, human resource is not only natural resources, but more important is a kind of capital resources, human capital investment rate of return is higher than all other forms of capital investment rate of return.
1.2 different forms of
To make an analogy, the traditional personnel management is the main tissue distribution and processing in accordance with the decision, a passive response is "steward".Human resource management is the realization of the social human resources development strategy, is the active development of the "gold digger".This difference determines the personnel management mode we are different from the traditional.
1.3 different
The traditional personnel management to "thing" as the center, pay attention to the organization and personnel allocation, value the things processing results.It requires the choice of people, according to the work required qualification applicants, this approach is certainly correct, because can achieve things get people and the right people.But too much emphasis on the people to work, the development and utilization of not focusing on the human, not a fundamental understanding of the people is a valuable resource, it will miss many opportunities with high-quality talent.Modern human resources management is to "person" as the center, pay more attention to the training and use of man, out of the constraints of the traditional personnel management, no longer regard man as in need of technical factors, but the special tools as an enterprise in the fierce competition in the survival, development.

2 traditional personnel management to the transformation of the mode of modern human resources management,
> system
The enterprise to have a scientific, competitive human resources management system is firstly to the rational allocation of human resources planning, have foreseen the, planning only action.According to the enterprise's development strategy and business plan, human resources situation and development trend of evaluation of enterprise, understand the needs of the enterprises in the human survival and development process, control the human cost.In the reasonable prediction of enterprise development conditions, there are plans to gradually adjust the personnel distribution, and provide a reliable basis for the enterprise recruitment, appraisal of personnel training, development, promotion, salary etc..To set up and perfect the scientific, competitive and stimulating system of reward and welfare policy.Establishing the performance evaluation standard.Taking performance as the basis, moral character, knowledge, ability to elements composed of all kinds of talents evaluation system, the formation of scientific evaluation system.
2.2 making the talent development strategy of
From the business-oriented management to people-centered management, to the development and utilization of human resources, pay more attention to the introduction of staff, enterprises need, for enterprises in the development stage of different reserve appropriate, and through the appraisal, salary and occupation career planning to motivate employees.(1) establish a scientific and rigorous staff training system.Do pre-service education, training new employees, employees of the occupation education, improve staff quality and ability.(2) establish employee motivation system.According to various needs of employees, all sorts of measures by the combination of material motivation and spiritual motivation, improve their working and living quality, and improve employee satisfaction, in the play of human wisdom of the creative task.
2.3, improve the quality of human resource management in
Improve the overall quality of human resources management is the main way of thinking and methods of work shift personnel work.The current personnel manager has not only need to have the required before personnel management administration ability, also must learn the basic subject of human resource management.We can establish incentive and training system, to promote the human resources management through the incentive reward and regular training to become an important chief executives.Such as: the Yangpu Economic Development Zone through the reward assessment training for skilled personnel manager in occupation manager, to become the enterprise specification, development staff.3 to establish a scientific human resource management system of
With the development of market economy, human resources management must be based on the highest efficiency principle, in-depth, detailed work system research, establish reasonable, standardized, scientific human resources management system.
3.1 personnel allocation system of
Enterprises through the scientific method, rational use of the system to carry on the analysis to the enterprise in all work and jobs, determine.And then to decide every job and job specific requirements on the staff, in the specific requirements (including technology, experience, physical health) to clear the responsibilities, rights and obligations.The personnel allocation system that is not only the basis for recruitment, job performance evaluation, but also on the staff of the standard, the staff training, deployment, promotion is also a powerful basis, the establishment of such a system provides comprehensive information for the management of human work.
3.2 salary distribution and guarantee system of
Salary distribution enterprises must first responsibility to the job size, labor intensity, conditions and other factors make correct analysis.For example: the state-owned coal enterprises in China is scheduled to pay distribution system is scientific and reasonable, stable and fair in determining the work of each position in the enterprise and the relative value, the talent on pay satisfaction, it will create opportunities for enterprise development.At the same time, enterprises should also establish the system of labor protection of the rights and interests of employees in the modern society, people have the right to clear, the relevant legal system is perfect, is our human resource management to guarantee system clearly, so that we can effectively control the human cost, and ensure that the human resource is not lost.

3.3 performance evaluation system
Performance evaluation is the control post analysis of specific requirements in the system and work tasks, to evaluate the operational capacity of the staff, work performance and work attitude.Examination of the way has many kinds, managers can be arranged according to the specific situation, the assessment results is a basis for staff promotion, rewards and punishment, compensation, development.
Talent International is intensifying, who have the human resources and their value, appreciation, who will be competitive, will win the market.In short, treatment to keep people, keep people, keep people cause of culture, the enterprise should use advanced management system to respect knowledge, respect talent, to achieve the end to achieve business goals and personal goals, remain invincible in the increasingly fierce competition in the market.

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