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Human resources management in enterprise management

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[Abstract] in twenty-first Century is the competition of talents, the key national competition is talented person's competition, and the focus is the competition of talents.Human resources management as a management function and production management, marketing management, financial management, it is becoming more and more manifest, more and more enterprises attention.
[keyword] business management of enterprise competitive human resource management in

Twenty-first Century is the competition of talents, the key national competition is talented person's competition, and the focus is the competition of talents.Any production, efforts are needed to operate.Many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises through the development of the "people-oriented" management idea.Human resources management as a management function and production management, marketing management, financial management, it is becoming more and more manifest, more and more enterprises attention.The effect of modern human resources management on the development of enterprises is also more and more play a decisive role.Therefore, emphasis on human resources management to enterprise management.

1 enterprises is the competition of talents and
Competing in the now intense competition, in addition to product variety, quality, efficiency, delivery time and price, and plays a role of resources play a decisive role, it is the talent.Between now and the dispute is actually to some extent can be said to be the competition of talents.Enterprise management in modern enterprises advanced is the magic weapon of enterprise based on the market, advanced production technology is
The continuous development of enterprises in the market guarantee, however these are dependent on the talent.A loyal to the enterprise good talent is the most valuable resource.Renaissance Nissan to illustrate the problem.Nissan Motor Company was founded in 1933, is one of the three major Japanese car manufacturers, is also the first to start making small cars and manufacturer of auto parts.For decades, Nissan's technology and products by consumers around the world love.But by the age of 90, Nissan -- one was Japan's most brilliant car company, but on the verge of death, the situation of production and operation status of each of the next.Not only in the overseas market setback, and even the Japanese domestic market is also difficult to sustain.Finally, by the French Renault company acquired a 36.8% stake for $5400000000.Renault shares of Nissan, Carlos, Ghosn was appointed chief executive of the new Nissan (CEO), and entrusted with the revival of nissan.Carlos, Ghosn is a famous manager, he has made two big company in France Michelin and Reno out of trouble, and assisted Reno of president of acquisitions Nissan negotiations, is a rare good management talent.
After Carlos Genn took over Nissan Motor Company, on the development of the NRP, fully demonstrated his excellent management skills.In order to Nissan revival plan to achieve this 2000 and 2005, Ghosn first scientific and reasonable to carry out human resource configuration, he took 200 people, composed of 9 working groups cross-functional, adopt two approaches of top-down and bottom-up, Nissan determined the reform target.To cut costs, expand: centralized procurement global, the optimization of the internal resource allocation, a short span of three years the company purchasing cost decreased by 20%, the utilization rate increased from 51% to 74% of the company's production capacity.The activation of human resources, to build the enterprise culture is placed in an important position in the schedule, by creating a good corporate culture, give full play to the high competitiveness of Japanese culture and the spirit of solidarity, but also to play the greatest degree of French creativity.The year 2000 Nissan launched 5 new models, the production base has expanded the scale of 50%, output reached 2630000 units, the growth of 4%, the purchase cost decreased by 11%, while the brand image upgrade.The Ghosn program is hundred-percent execution, fiscal year 2000 created the result not only proves that Ghosn extraordinary ability, but also that of scientific human resources configuration will provide endless power for the development of enterprises.By 2004, the 8 consecutive years of losses, profits of $2700000000.And all of this, he spent more than a year.Nissan's experience to further validate the entrepreneur innovation and enterprise concept from
Leather is to enable enterprises in the fierce market competition to obtain advantages, the most important factor to success.It is also the only outstanding entrepreneurs, only contributed to the revival and development of the growth of enterprises, it also shows that the talent in the enterprise management role.

2 "people-oriented" enterprise management
Human resource is the most active factor of production activities, is the most important among all the resources, the importance of human resources in particular, it is called the first resources.It is the sum of people to promote national economic and social development, has the ability of mental labor and physical labor.The United States of America famous management scholar Thomas Peters once said "the enterprise or the enterprise only real resource is the people, management is to develop human resources to do a good job".The assembly work of Volvo Car Corp is firmly seize the "people" work.The Volvo Car Corp production of Volvo cars is the world star in the world automobile forest.And it Wudiwala factory, is at the top of the top, by the auto industry's attention.The factory is unusual in that it and assembly line Ford concept completely draw further apart.Every car in this factory produced from a to Z are on a single workstation, consisting of a 8 to 10 person team to complete, completely replaced the original in the traditional assembly line next to do one or two kinds of movements of assembly work.And the 8 group of 10 people once established, will become an autonomous management unit, full responsibility for its production of automobile.The assembly work of all members of each part of the car are very familiar with, some team members can individually assembled the whole car.In addition, each member in turn served as team leader, responsible directly to the plant manager.In the independent management mode and liability under this, create a group to each other very strong cohesion and share weal and woe to the sense of unity.The company thinks, so that employees get more sense of participation, sense of joy and a sense of achievement from the work, is essential to the success of the factors of production and management company.The fact proved this point.
Therefore the enterprise management should be the spirit of "people-oriented".Also can say human resource determines the social development and economic growth."Make people the center", the implementation of "humanism" staff management is a new change of the human resources development and management, it has changed the past "state to do as the center", more democratic to employees, independent management, emphasize collaborative self and team cooperation, full respect for the staff of the self and development, pay attention to employee enthusiasm, encourage employees to participate in enterprise production and management activities.Staff personal value and potential to be brought into full play, work more challenging.Employees have more opportunities to participate in the management and decision-making, significantly improve the status of human resources department in the enterprise, actively participate in enterprise strategy, objectives, principles and policies formulated.The human resource strategy can help the enterprise according to the development of the change of the market environment and the development and management of human resources of its own, to establish a method for the development and management of human resources for the enterprise characteristics, such as according to changes in the market trend, plan long-term supply and demand to determine the human resources; according to the expectations of employees, establishing incentive mechanism in accordance with age; use more reasonable, advanced method to reduce the cost of human resource and development; according to the development trend of science and technology, targeted for development and technical training, improve the quality of the staff working ability, adapt to the requirement of technical development, improve the production quality of management, to promote the progress and development of an enterprise.
All kinds of resources owned by the enterprise is subject to certain conditions, how to use the least amount of resources to enable enterprises to maximize economic benefits, has been a real problem in modern enterprises are pondering.As a result of human resources with low input and high output characteristics, the importance of human resource in production management have been widely attention.Human resources strategy of
3 in enterprise management
Human resource strategy is the need to adapt to the external environment changing organizational needs and human resource development and management of their own development, according to the development strategy, give full consideration to the expectations of employees, and program development and management of human resources in the long-term planning, guarantee the implementation of organizational strategy.In the face of increasingly complex, competitive external environment, facing the enterprise more employees demand, enterprise strategy has been attached more and more importance.The enterprise strategy as a guide to the development of enterprises, it is to the survival and development of enterprises play a crucial role in.Human resources strategy as an important part of enterprise management strategy, its importance is more and more attention by enterprise.The human resource management strategy not only become an essential component of the overall enterprise strategy, and even has become the most important part.
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