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Study on the problem of temporary employment in Universities

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[Abstract] for a long time, in our colleges and universities have formal workers and temporary employment separation of two distinct human form, temporary employment plays an important role in Chinese universities, is the basis of university development and stability, along with our country institutions appointment system reform, the temporary employment situation will continue, for temporary employment in Colleges and universities should carry out standardized management, this can guarantee the temporary employment rights, on the other hand, flexible employing mechanism provides guarantee for the realization of.
[keyword] the regulation of temporary employment
Long-term since, many of the personnel management in Colleges and universities have formal workers and temporary employment separation of two distinct human form, the formal workers recruitment, hiring, remuneration, promotion, archives has a relatively complete set of regulations or measures for the implementation of.For temporary employment for the use and management of no stipulations on the management of fixed basically or implementation measures.Colleges and universities in the so-called "temporary", generally refers to the formation of through negotiation or factual labor relations, is the internal mechanism, school or school association exists between units employed with the school, providing services to the behavior, and accept the natural compensation paid in units of internal machine school or school structure, the existence of the relationship between and the school.Preparation of high school and temporary employment, is a complement to higher school recruitment plan is insufficient, has been playing an important role in college teaching, research assistant positions and logistics support work, with the development of colleges and universities, the use range is still expanding, the names are also more and more, how to manage temporary employment in Colleges and universities, directly related to the normal development of universities and colleges.

There are 1 universities temporary employment problem in
1.1 large quantity, the low level of
The most take two administrative management school, independent management and laboratory, research team mode.The establishment of personnel to take the declaration management, unified by the school personnel department management; for the temporary workers, the grass-roots organizations tend to use convenient staff, most convenient, autonomous management way, neither with the workers signed labor contracts, not the employment situation report school uniform filing, therefore the university the number of temporary workers is relatively large, if the temporary calculation to defend the logistics, the number of temporary workers almost reach 1:1 (the number of temporary workers: the number of the situation).
Apart from a few special personnel, cultural level and the overall quality of most of the temporary workers are very low, they usually graduate from middle school or even primary school graduation, therefore the ability to accept new things is poor, difficult to do some work difficulty is big, the technical requirements of high work at school, so they usually engaged in bitter, dirty, tired, risks, and operational work long time work, such as security, logistics, laboratory.
1.2 management main body is not clear
According to the "labor law" provisions of the people's Republic of China, the subjects of labor relations should be labor, organization of workers and employers of labor relations, as the employer management for the unit's personnel department.The personnel department by units of the legal authorization, execution unit labor relations management.
Using the temporary employment range is very wide, and some is the use of school level department, some use of two departments, some is used in the laboratory, some research team used, even the staff personal use (small research project), different labor employment led to the temporary employment College of management main body is not clear, also increase the complexity of the temporary employment management.
According to strict rules, in addition to school personnel department in Colleges and universities, any other units without authorization of the premise, do not have in the name of the unit of labor power.
The 1.3 funds are not in place
Because of the actual power units without employment, so will not get approved school for temporary employment funds, but because of the current college level tend to have some autonomy, can control a certain proportion of the funds, so a lot of temporary employment wages have to solve, but often in the accounting subjects not salary, but other forms for instance, office supplies, chemical reagent, instrument and equipment etc..Not because of temporary employment guarantee funds normally, caused great hidden danger of temporary employment management.As a basic unit, due to concerns about funding problems, not the use of temporary workers, thus affecting the unit's efficiency; on the other hand, for the workers themselves, although labor facts, but because there is no salary, proof of employment, in a labor dispute, the effective protection of cannot obtain legal.
1.4 legal procedures are not sound
As the management main body is not clear, the temporary workers and school have not signed a written labor contract, even in the presence of contract or agreement, the agreement content is relatively simple, does not specify the rights and obligations of both parties.Especially for the college, laboratory and research team does not have the personnel qualification units, temporary employment for them, some is only a verbal agreement.Due to the absence of the labor contract, laborer also have no way to buy social insurance, enjoy the corresponding treatment and legal protection, once the cause of labor disputes, often appear one-sided, or individual workers were forced to accept unequal conditions of units, or school subject to the defendant, interests.

2 temporary workers of the necessity of
2.1 specification for temporary employment has the stable development of
to school
The temporary employment, bear the complicated work in most everyday, although they are not formal engineering school, but they like formal work so fast in the school teaching, management and service work, conscientious service for teaching and scientific research, as the school staff and students, and made great contributions to the stability and development of the school.Especially some dirty work, hard work is done by the temporary employment, temporary employment existence is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of the institutions, with staff appointment system for the implementation of temporary employment, the inevitable will exist for a long time, the temporary management should more consider how to regulate rather than destroy temporary employment.Specification for temporary employment in favor of the school's development and stability.
On the other hand, because of temporary workers number, and a lot of temporary employment is the school teaching and administrative staff's family members, this relationship has become the temporary management will have to face the problem.The regulation of temporary workers, not only on the development of colleges and universities security, but also ensure the stability of the formal work team.
2.2 is conducive to reducing the management cost, improve operation efficiency of
At present, most universities still take the traditional management mode, the official personnel management need to make registration and unified management in the higher authorities.Compilation Department approved, is actually contains logistics and preparation of workers, that is in the overall planning of school, can solve the problem of identity a part of the temporary employment.But in order to improve the efficiency in the use of compilation, the more willing to temporary employment way, reduce the use of staff.This is because the current institution staff "please God easy, limit the send God difficult" system, on the other hand, the establishment of staff is much higher than that of temporary workers equal, colleges and universities through the use of temporary workers, can reduce the staff use, thereby reducing the management cost, at the same time can be preparation of left out, for the introduction of high-level talents, greatly improving the system efficiency.Therefore, temporary employment in Colleges and universities is not necessary, the key problem is the standard management.
2.3 is conducive to enhance service awareness, improve service levels and
Due to the temporary employment "temporary", cause most of the temporary service consciousness is not strong, they generally hold "do one day at a time", the lack of a sense of ownership, there are arrangements do what do what, not arrangements will not do, the money will work thoughts, rarely from the unit arrangement benefits consider how to do a good job, organization and discipline lax, the lack of consciousness.Most temps are in some service jobs, because of their service consciousness and the sense of ownership is not strong, it is difficult to have a good service attitude, often causes the conflicts between teachers and students.But as managers think they are temporary, long-term management scope is not their own, open eyes closed eyes, relatively loose for their management.Through the standard temporary employment, training and education from the organizational discipline, service awareness, help to improve the temporary service level, so as to reduce the contradiction between departments and between teachers and students, to improve the overall level of service sector.

3 temporary employment standardized management
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