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A guide and two characteristics of eight measures to promote the work of employment

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[Abstract] university graduates employment has become a social concern, coupled with the 2009 global financial crisis, how to promote the employment of college graduates work in trouble, will be a major task in front of all the colleges and universities.In this paper, how Xi'an External affairs Institute graduates employment are introduced in the new situation, starting from the training objectives of college students in the new ways and new measures for the employment of graduates.
[keyword] Xi'an External affairs Institute graduates employment
new initiatives

Xi'an External affairs Institute was founded in 1992, is approved by the Ministry of education of the colleges and universities.The college has 11 two colleges, 34 Departments (Department), the creation of 54 undergraduate and professional, covering 7 university departments of dicipline.Campus covers an area of more than 2000 mu, the building area of 685600 square meters, more than 1.8 students.
Over the years, under the correct leadership of the provincial Party Committee Education Committee and the Provincial Department of education, school always adhere to the employment - oriented, to serve the community for the purpose, to the employment of graduates work as the lifeline of survival and development.Establish and perfect the employment guidance services, increase investment, strengthen the hardware construction, expanding employment platform, in recent years, has maintained the high rate and quality of employment.This year, college to overcome the global financial crisis, the employment rate of graduates reached 94.47%, are widely recognized by the society and Education Department of Shaanxi Province, has been advanced as a collective employment."China Education Daily", "China Youth Daily", "Shaanxi daily" and other media have been to our employment work is reported on the front page.

1 unified understanding, the graduates employment as an important content of
to realize the scientific development of the University
1.1 adhere to the implementation of "top leaders" project, catch condominium together, form a synergy to promote the employment pattern of
Over the years, our hospital has always adhere to the implementation of the employment of "number one" project.College party and government leaders respectively of the leading group, deputy head of the employment work is, to the employment work responsibility.The two school is also established corresponding organizations, Dean of School of grade two as the first responsible person employment work of our hospital.College graduates employment guidance center set up by the director, deputy secretary of the party committee.Seminar on the deployment of the work of graduate employment, develop programs, improve the policies and measures, layers of implementation, to ensure that the leadership in place, responsibilities are in place, the policy in place, funding in place.The upper and lower, which all care about graduates employment, employment of graduates, all support for everyone involved in the employment of graduates, full mobilization, catch the good work atmosphere co-management.
The mechanism of the 1.2 innovative employment of graduates, to ensure that the working conditions of "four in place"

College graduates employment guidance center consists of 7 departments, preparation of full-time staff of 102 people, 41 of them have occupation guide qualification certificate, in the Senior occupation guidance, more than 20 teachers.Investment into the multi-function hall can accommodate 1200 people in employment, 9 have set up function complete employment conference rooms, equipped with the information inquiry terminals and evaluation system.200000 investment in the south, north two teaching areas yuan in the construction of two large electronic screen, promote employment policy, employment information release.In the aspect of employment, to ensure funding priority allocation, at the same time, according to the number of graduates in proportion to the level two hospital (Department) issued financial indicators, to ensure the smooth development of employment.
1.3 to strengthen the employment service informationization, promote the employment of the "four modernizations"

In the work of graduate employment, information technology is the most important means of employment services.In order to speed up the pace of information technology employment, change of employment services, institute the use of modern information technology, and built a complete employment information network.Expand the online information release, online job search, online interviews and other functions, increase the occupation qualification evaluation, information customization, personalized service.Make full use of newspapers, websites, TV station, radio station, outdoor electronic screen, actively promote the employment policy, employment knowledge, release the employer information.The employment of "full, full, informationization, specialization".
1.4 make full use of the two class, the whole development of graduates employment guidance
The college in 2004 to set up a special department of education, employment education and employment guidance, prepared for 28 people (24 full-time teachers, teaching management staff of 4 people), will "occupation development and employment guidance of college students" course as a public compulsory course in the teaching plan.From the beginning of the freshmen, the whole-process employment guidance education.The first year the main social occupation, profession, occupation career planning and occupation for education of students.Second year comprehensive quality, occupation ability, employment and entrepreneurship education.The third and fourth year of employment policy, employment situation, employment concepts, interview skills education.

2 closely linked to the market demand, adhere to the talent training characteristics of
2.1 to the employment market demand as an important basis for the majors, adhere to training creative talents of
In order to adapt to the new situation of employment, according to our own characteristics, focus on the training of the basic task, according to market demand, the implementation of quality engineering, deepening the reform of talent training model, to further clarify the "train what person, how to cultivate people", has established "the training target of applied innovative talents".
In the process of graduates employment recommendation, to track and return, quickly grasp the employment market first hand materials, timely adjustment and professional setting, the prospect of employment as an important basis for the majors.Based on feedback from employers to the graduates teaching department, the teaching content and course system reform, the accumulation of material update teaching means and method, established the interaction mechanism of enrollment, teaching, employment.To promote the specialty and course construction, the number of provincial hospital, the provincial education reform pilot professional specialty, specialty in private colleges and universities in Shaanxi province for the first time.College also construct the practice teaching platform and innovation in education, promote the combination of engineering, school-enterprise cooperation.To cultivate and improve students' learning ability, practical ability, innovation ability and social adaptation ability.
2.2 take the market demand as the focus on personnel training, cultivating a broad vision of export-oriented talent
In order to adapt to the economic globalization demand, our hospital established for foreign, coastal, export-oriented enterprises to face multiple levels, multiple specifications of talents cultivation direction.Expanding international cooperation in the fields of cooperation, deepen the connotation.Learn from foreign advanced educational ideas, curriculum and teaching methods, promoting bilingual teaching and modern educational technology, with international standards of design talent training scheme.After years of efforts, form bright education characteristic.At present, our hospital continuously expand cooperation and foreign university, carry out more cooperation projects, the mutual exchange of students, the signing of the agreement, open up the channels of credit transfer, study abroad, to create a platform for students.

3 to take eight measures to ensure the smooth employment of students, comprehensive
3.1 to implement the "employment by entrepreneurship" business philosophy, the establishment of special business college, talents cultivation of high-quality
As a new educational concept innovation and entrepreneurship education, pay more attention to quality education and the cultivation of students' practical ability, emphasizes changing concept of employment, students entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurship ability.Therefore, our colleges and universities in the country has established business college, the implementation of entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship to create jobs.
3.2 to establish the outside practice base, the internship employment driven
College attaches great importance to the construction of practice base, insist on, outside the base specialization school base industry, in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and the establishment of graduate employment practice base, equipped with full-time staff, allocation of special funds, expanding the scale of practice teaching in the coastal developed areas, as a graduate internship and employment to build a broad platform.Effect of radiation outside practice base of Jingjintang Bohai, Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River delta developed area with, bridge connecting graduates into high-quality enterprises, strengthen college between employers and long-term relations of cooperation.
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