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Analysis of influence factors and Countermeasures of the working pressure of middle-level managers in Enterprises

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[Abstract] has brought the huge pressure of work of special position of enterprise development trend of social change, as well as the middle-level locates in the management of enterprise to middle managers, serious impact on the organizational effectiveness.Influence factors from the four aspects of job factors, organizational factors, individual factors and social factors analysis of the working pressure of middle-level managers in enterprises, and from the two levels of organization and individual work pressure relief method.
[keyword] middle enterprise pressure

Nowadays, China is in the transition period, rapid change of social material wealth and convenient in life for us at the same time, also brought more and more challenges, competition, innovation and new task.When the acquisition, merger, innovation, streamlined, competition, restructuring and a series of noun around, not only become no fun at all, and the working pressure seem to be the source of so terribly fatigued, anxiety, depression.
The work pressure is the employees face does not adapt the work, the work environment and work organization to an inability to cope with the main features of the bad mood, cognitive and negative reaction.The working pressure is not only harmful to their physical and mental health, but also affect the enterprise's production management and economic benefits.Especially for those as the backbone of enterprise development managers, excessive work pressure will lead to serious damage to the efficiency of the organization.In 2007 the Chinese social pressure according to the rankings, the middle-level managers of enterprises is the largest group of job stress.Enterprise middle-level management personnel in China 13% in the low pressure state, 50% in the moderate stress state, 37% in a high pressure state.Thus, for this part of the crowd, the working pressure of the attention to brook no delay.

1 factors affecting the middle-level managers of enterprises operating pressure
1.1 factors of
In daily work, middle-level plays a role in decision-making, execution, management, command, coordination and other functions.In the busy work, the middle time enterprises are faced with the difficulty of excessive pressure, time management, cannot arrange the rest time pressure, the pressure of work scope unclear boundary pressure, the task deadline pressure, the pressure to make an important decision, work goal to uniform pressure, report to superior and for pressure, work responsibility for the mistakes, plans to change the pressure of excessive pressure, the renewal of knowledge and technology innovation, thinking innovation work pressure, performance appraisal on self-esteem threatening pressure etc..

1.2 organizational factors
(1) the role of pressure
First of all, the middle-level managers in a connecting position in the enterprise, relative to the cadres at the grass-roots level in order to implement the main functions and high-level cadres to decision as main functions, the enterprise middle-level cadres often as a subordinate to implement superior intention, on the other hand, as the superior management, the coordination, making a decision at their mandates.The authority of the middle does not have the top management and decision ultimately right, also unlike the grass-roots management that need not assume negative influence decision-making improper or poor management brought by the.They usually have to deal with sensitive or problem, must bear the consequences of their own decisions, sometimes the need for a superior or subordinate behavior decision-making responsibility, therefore often face greater pressure.
(2) departments
Middle-level directly facing many departments of communication tasks, they need not only the vertical relationship problems, also need to deal with the problem of parallel relationship.Investigation shows, the cooperation between departments and lack of support is one of the main pressure source enterprise management personnel.
Internal division of labor is the premise of the organizational efficiency, but with the curing of the professional sector, each internal organization will form their own interests and needs and the corresponding condition.Cross-sectoral coordination often involve complex interests, because the middle does not have the appropriate authority, in the Department of collaboration will either the sense of frustration and fear, or need to complete the work within the organization through informal means of communication, and in this way is not work.
interpersonal conflict
The nature of managerial work and middle-level this hierarchy characteristics determine the middle-level managers of enterprises have more than any other in the communication and coordination tasks at work, which will also lead to interpersonal conflict more.In the process of collaborative upload and department, middle-level managers of enterprises have to face the organizational structure and rules of the rigid requirements, but also to meet the enterprise perplexing Chinese interpersonal relationships in the elastic demand, coupled with the enterprise still exist to varying degrees, appoint people by favouritism and nepotism, making it difficult to find a balance of middle-level in the work, resulting in stagnation and interpersonal relationship.Due to the influence of interpersonal conflict is persistent and diffusion, pressure, the consequences are more serious.

1.3 individual factors
The middle-level managers are mostly between thirty-five to forty-five years old young people, belonging to the "old, under a small", undertakes the important responsibility in the family, but also in a critical period in their career.Looking for family and career balance is middle-level face enormous pressure.Relative to young people, middle-level do not focus so much, but the work is heavy, to consider things more; relative to the high-level, middle-level pressure from life and family more, more urgent demand of the development of the occupation, and correspondingly more pressure to bear.
In addition, in personal trait, type A personality, self-awareness, individual needs, achievement motivation will affect the working pressure.Middle-level most have higher education, they usually have a high sense of responsibility and dedication, the sense of achievement and self-actualization needs more strongly, their expectations and requirements are higher, more concerned about others' evaluation, therefore felt from the task, organization atmosphere, interpersonal relationship, social communication and other aspects of the work pressure is greater.

1.4 social factors
Work stress and a country's economic and social changes are closely linked.With the development of the reform of economic system and enterprise management mechanism, puts forward new requirements on the behavior of enterprises, management concept and mode of development.Especially since China's accession to the WTO, the international competition intensifies, the deepening globalization, have brought the great impact and challenges to the enterprise.These pressures will directly or indirectly transferred to the middle-level shoulder.2 to ease the work pressure of middle-level managers in enterprises and
Pressure inevitably middle-level managers, the negative influence to reduce the pressure caused by middle managers of enterprises, is an important issue facing enterprises reform period.The following are respectively from two aspects of organization and individual job stress management countermeasures.
Job stress management of
2.1 organizational levels
Alleviate the middle-level managers working pressure through the organizational level, can proceed from the following aspects.
First, establish and improve the modern enterprise system, improve all kinds of rules and responsibilities, to create an open, transparent, fair work environment, the enterprise staff's behavior has values guide, have institutionalized norms.
Second, promoting the building of enterprise culture, establish the enterprise's core values, establish a good corporate philosophy, creating a harmonious working atmosphere, cultivate their sense of belonging, loyalty, improve the matching degree of enterprise middle-level managers and organizations in the values, objectives and methods of work, excitation system, individual cognitive aspects, so that middle-level get more achievement and pleasure from work.
Third, the introduction of enterprise employee assistance program (EAP), according to the specific situation of enterprises, for the enterprise managers and staff to develop targeted, to prevent and solve the psychological problems of employees of the employee assistance program.Through the analysis of the properties of the middle-level enterprises and working environment, stress assessment; self-service card, health knowledge lectures and other forms of propaganda posters, occupation mental health utilization; actively seeking help encourage enterprise middle-level encounter psychological problems; opening pressure management, frustration coping, emotional control, self development and training courses; provide consultation hotline, open counseling methods, improve enterprise middle-level resistance to psychological problems, to alleviate the pressure of work.
Job stress management of
2.2 the individual level
In addition to the organizational level, strengthen self-regulation to release the pressure of work is very important in the same way through the middle-level managers of enterprises.Middle-level to correctly understand the pressure, through the solution
Question and change the cognition to effectively alleviate the pressure of work.
First of all, to face the pressure with a positive attitude, through to overcome difficulties, to solve the problem causing the stress to eliminate or alleviate pressure.It will feel pressure because there are difficult to cope with the problem, if this problem can be changed or solve, should face up to the difficulties, to eliminate the source of pressure by changing their behavior or changes in the work environment.For example, improve work skills through continuous learning, because feel to ease the work pressure; the good work habits or optimization procedures, reduce the work intensity and work time; complete work through hard work, enhancing the individual's self-efficacy; through the authorization, let subordinates to share part of work properly, so as to improve the efficiency of; through cooperation with others, work and pull together, benefit by mutual discussion, from the team of experience the joy of success.Pressure will not disappear with the problem solved, but also strengthens the sense of achievement of individual and coping with stress.
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