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On the application of human resource integration in enterprise merger and acquisition.

Author: SongZuo LiuZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-02 03:20:11 Read:
Keywords: Countermeasures of
merger integration of human resources
Abstract: the enterprise merger and acquisition is the practice of a have a long history.Based on the important role of integration in the acquisition of human resources, analyzed the problem of the integration of enterprise merger and acquisition success or failure of the human resources, and points out the countermeasures and solutions.
1 human resources integration is an important factor in
effect of enterprise merger and acquisition
M & A is not only the financial resources and material resources, more important is the process of integration of human resources, human resources are the means to create wealth for society or organization of the crowd, the integration of human resources and its main purpose is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to gain more market share.Human resource is the core competitiveness of enterprises, the core competitiveness refers to "the collective learning in the organization, especially how to coordinate diverse production skills and integrate multiple technical knowledge" is of value, not imitation, ductility, variability and other characteristics, and human resources is one of the most core competitiveness to meet these characteristics.Enterprise merger and acquisition is a complex process, effective human resource integration does not necessarily ensure that M & A can succeed, but ineffective integration of human resources will inevitably lead to failure of M & A.In practice, many enterprises will focus on the Target Corp find and purchase price negotiations, and the integration of takeover and especially the human resource integration work is not paid much attention, resulting in failure of M & A.A survey report pointed out: in Boston Consulting Company before M & A, only less than 20% of the company after the merger will be considering how two companies together.
2 human resource problems in the integration of the
2. 1 different corporate cultural differences on a relatively closed enterprises, mergers and acquisitions will lead foreign culture, M & A will in two or more than two different enterprises, originally relatively closed enterprise whether by purchase or acquisition of another company, or with other enterprise merger, directly face the problem is: the enterprise is no longer a relatively closed, either passively or actively must accept the foreign culture.In the enterprise merger and acquisition, because of the scale of operation, industry, region and so different, between the decision of the enterprise culture, there is a significant difference, may in the business philosophy, values, attitudes and management methods have formed a strong cultural conflict.Some enterprises in the merger and acquisition, may have been aware of cultural differences, but differences in solution culture, enterprises only to cultural differences as the system caused by the different, therefore leads to two kinds of different characteristic culture in contact with each other, exchange violent impact, confrontation and competition.
2. 2 different enterprise management mode among the enterprise merger and acquisition will inevitably bring about organization change, the original two independent organization capital forced together, will inevitably lead to an oscillation between two independent organization, how to implement the integration of organizational effectively has become an important part of the M & a mode of enterprise human resources integration, because the organization by the internal staff as basic elements, so the organization integration is integrated within the organization's human resources.The management system of human resources in enterprises are enterprises in the development of progressive exploration and established, therefore, there is a huge difference between different enterprises human resource system, if there is no good integration between enterprises of both sides in two different systems and separate words, will reduce the efficiency of the staff, the management chaos.
2. change of business 3 employees psychological on mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions or mergers and acquisitions whether employees will face enormous psychological pressure, psychological and behavior change is the most important human resources integration and key part.With the announced merger plan, first there is ambiguity state employees, employees at all levels will find themselves in a vacuum environment, for their future development, enterprises of their roles in the organization and position are hard to predict and determine.They can only realize organizational procedures, the future objectives, management style and organizational structure will change, but are not sure how to change.M & a sudden brings fuzzy sense is enhanced and the decline in trust, will make the majority of employees to take self-protective attitudes and behavior.3 human resources integration strategy of
HR Integration of M & A is not only a science, but an art.It has no standard mode can be copied, but there are some common knowledge can be learned, therefore, can be studied in the following aspects:
3. 1 take measures to ease pressure on the staff acquisition staff from the psychological pressure is often the key factors that lead to employee behavior and enterprise development goal deviation.Therefore, one of the important tasks of human resource integration is to try to alleviate and eliminate mergers and acquisitions, weaken the various psychological stress and anxiety on employee discomfort.The main causes of employees' psychological pressure is about the future of the great uncertainty and the resulting insecurity, therefore, M & A after the completion of the transaction, we should take effective measures, to help them alleviate psychological pressure, the basic task of the integration of human resources is through a variety of measures to ease the pressure, but not completely eliminate the pressure, moderate pressure, can play a positive role.The symptoms of stress of different people, different should adopt different control mode.The general control method, self evaluation management guidance and help employees, to conduct a comprehensive and objective evaluation of effects on its face merger may themselves produce.
3. 2 keep the core backbone and talents and fully with the acquirer executives, key staff to communicate and exchange.During the early-stage and due diligence, should fully communicate with key employees are M & A, and to assess their attitudes to the M & A and attitude on mergers and acquisitions, and thus do know the score, make the greatest efforts to retain has important influence on the future development of mergers and acquisitions business employees.Objective the integration of human resources, is the core competitive ability of the enterprise to improve after the merger, it should be emphasized on the outstanding or key talent retention and stability.Generally speaking, competitors will also make every attempt to poach the enterprise personnel and technical backbone, so give up work are the outstanding employees.Such as enterprise manager, senior accountants have proficiency in a particular line, the technical personnel and workers etc..
3. 3 good use of M & a supervisor enterprise should not only stay on the enterprise M & a talent, but also with good.After the transaction, the acquiring party gained control of mergers and acquisitions business control.But the management of M & A of target enterprise mainly is carries on through the target enterprise senior management personnel.If the competent personnel selected is not appropriate, will cause the enterprise talent is M & a loss, customers reduce production and management confusion, and affects the realization of integration and merger target.Therefore, after the transaction, must first determine the key management personnel of enterprises mergers and acquisitions to stabilize the attitude of employees, the newly appointed managers become the core and the enterprise strategic target of enterprise production and management and organization integration is merger, the merged enterprise into the overall strategic merger and acquisition of enterprises to be, enterprise integration merger and acquisition plan, method and implementation steps are made by managers to work.
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