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Thinking about college student Party branch to strengthen the work of Party member of the development

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Author: Yao Tianzeng Li Haipeng Luo Xiaoyun
[Abstract] the development of Party members is an important part of the construction of Party branch in universities.The importance of college student Party branch should fully understand the development of Party members, Party members and the basis for the development, expansion and optimization of party activists, maintain the advanced nature of Party members, give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of Party members, and promote the healthy development of the party members to run.
[keyword] College Party branch of Party members and the development of

Comrade Hu Jintao pointed out, a far-sighted people, always pay close attention to the youth; a far-sighted political party, always regard youth as an important force to promote the history and society.Contemporary college students is the new century young generation, and actively absorb advanced member be admitted to the Party of college students, is the request of Central Committee in the new era, is the construction has become the spread of communism ideological positions and realization strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and.
College Party branch as the most grass-roots party organizations in Institutions of higher learning in the form of organization, is shouldering the important responsibility of university management of Party member education, development of new party members, the party's discipline, is an important part of College education.Therefore, the importance of college student Party branch should fully understand the development of Party members of college students work, put it as to strengthen ideological and political work of college students, effective ways to improve the comprehensive quality of college students, and do a good job of developing the Party member of university students, the construction of good Party members, and make due contributions to the qualified builders and reliable successors to the socialist cause of culture.

1, perfect the system, strengthen the organization construction, the development of Party members working foundation
The development of Party members is a rigorous, systematic revolutionary work, must be to establish the system of strict system of organization, construction of advanced, can guarantee a clear direction and operation regulations, and give full play to the political core of the Party branch and strong.
1.1 to improve the students' Party construction work regulations, standardize the development of Party members and
The development of college student party members should be strictly in accordance with the "Chinese Communist Party Party member development work rules" requirement, according to "adhere to the standards, quality assurance, improve the structure, the guidelines carefully", make activists in the assessment and training system, student Party member development program, Party branch work system, so that the measures of developing excellent the implementation of College students.The development of Party members in the early period to the timely education, strict inspection, focus on training, careful development of middle, tracking training, later to standardized management, role play, make the Party member development work of party activists to report on the thought, improve the actual performance, Party branch should be "study, education, training, selection, review, review, the vote must be" seven Party member development work, avoid blind random, resort to deceit, surprise development, safeguarding the Party member development work planned, seriousness, objectivity and science.
1.2, strengthen and improve the construction of organization of Party branch, improve the cohesiveness and fighting capacity of
One is to strengthen the construction of branch leadership, to enthusiastic party work, ability, thought, ideological and political workers elected branch secretary, encourage and support the Secretary to participate in the party's ideological and theoretical knowledge training and education, and create a stable and favourable working environment, at the same time, the students should pay attention to the "transfer requests, help" well, with training, business training, improve the branch theory level and professional ability, ensure the work of each branch of the orderly.Two is the establishment of student Party member assistant and the Party of people, strengthen the students education and guidance, the students' learning life, whenever and wherever possible to carry out the education and research.Three is the standard system, to realize the high grade student Party branch in the class as soon as possible, "the first grade construction of undergraduate Party, the second grade, the third grade is a party group Party branch", moderate development scale formation of the Party branch of students, promote the development of student party members.

2 focus on training, optimize the activist team members work, development of the premise of
Precondition of the development of party work, must have a sufficient quantity, good quality of Party activists.So, in order to ensure the development of Party members and Party branch work smoothly.

2.1 enlightenment education
Students entered the University, has a lot of understanding of the party is not profound, no firm ideals and beliefs, ideological and political quality is not high, how to guide them to correctly deal with the question, initiative to apply to join the party, and accept the party's education, has become the most important problem facing the development of Party members.Therefore, in the new students to solve them "why the two basic problems of join or be admitted to the party" and "how to join the party," experience of basic line, principles, policies, the party's education, aiming at the characteristics of the new outlook on life and values, to carry out the theme class meeting, the keynote speech, essay and other activities, improve the new political consciousness, cultivating the new ideological quality, encourage them to actively move closer to the party organization.
2.2 preferred choose seedlings of
After the conversation, investigation, examination, practice and training base, activists stage determined from the students, one is selected from them has been written into the party for the students, this is a kind of main.The two is to go among the masses, pay attention to Party and progress requirements of the students through education, help, encourage the written application to join the party, to incorporate them into the party activists.Three is recommended by the Communist Youth League organizations, the excellent League member and group, student cadres for the absorption of Party activists.Determination of active molecules through three channels, and adhere to timely adjust (six months or a year), with the principle, the party activists to always maintain the vigor and vitality.
2.3 to strengthen the training of
Training and education of the active molecules is focal point of joining the party.Strengthen the training and education of the activists should give priority to in order to learn and practice, study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought of them, Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" the important thought of the party's basic line, basic knowledge and education in the party constitution and the party's, often using local revolutionary education bases of revolutionary spirit and patriotism education Party organizations, knowledge series of discussions, help them to establish correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, to truly understand the nature of the party, the party, a clear purpose, mission, goals and their rights, obligations and the discipline of the party, so as to enhance the party's emotion, firm the party's belief, that they thinking to solve the party well at the party before the problem.In addition, work for the training and education to party activists, you can also specify a join or be admitted to the party responsible for training and supervision of people to teach by precept and example, often give them assign tasks, responsibilities, to guide the development of their concern about national reform and school, take the initiative to help students enhance their surrounding difficult, and the sense of historical mission and responsibility feeling, making them faster to get exercise and improve the learning and practice.
The 2.4 innovation mode of
The Party activist training and education is generally to be more than a year, in order to achieve the optimal effect, education methods and means need continuous innovation.To establish a system of global consciousness, pay attention to the role of Party organizations at all levels, the education department and education role, forming a powerful resultant force of education, so that they work to reflect the active pursuit of joining the party.Two for each student's thought reality, development of appropriate training and education ", highlight the dominant position of students, to carry out the equal exchange, emphasizing the ideological progress, make each student is willing to accept the education and training of Party organization.Three continue to broaden the way of education and communication, adapt to the development of the times, actively promoting the construction of network, dormitory culture education base.

3 strictly, ensure the quality of Party member team, grasp the development of party work key
The key to the development of party work, is to build an advanced high quality of Party member team.Party A should actively develop, expand the ranks of the party, in order to better play to the scale effect of advanced organization; on the other hand, to ensure the quality of members, to maintain the party continuing training, to ensure the advanced nature of Party members.
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