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The problems and treatment principle of performance management of teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges

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[Abstract] reasonable performance management system is the growth, development of teaching staff of Higher Vocational Colleges security, but also to achieve the strategic target of the requirements of the school.This paper analyses the reason of some existing problems and the current performance management of teachers in higher vocational colleges, puts forward the principles of performance management of teachers.
[keyword] performance management of Higher Vocational Colleges principle of

At present, the reform in primary and secondary schools have started implementing performance salary allocation, according to the National Education Department requirements, from the beginning of 2010, the reform of all institutions must be in distribution system of higher vocational colleges, compared with other colleges and universities, has some particularity, mainly desalination pure scientific research, strengthen the combination of engineering and operational skills.Accordingly, the performance management of higher vocational colleges also have their own characteristics.

1 vocational college teachers performance management of
Performance management is a complete system, in this system, leadership and all the staff involved, through their communication style, set down the basic content of the organization's goals, their respective responsibilities, management methods and means, through constant communication, let the staff receive the necessary support, guidance and help, we to accomplish performance objectives.Many scholars often take the performance management process is divided into four or five links.In fact, performance management is a management process, with management activity, it focuses on the information communication and performance of the promotion, performance appraisal is a process of performance management.
The performance management of teachers in higher vocational colleges can be summarized as: in order to achieve the goal of higher vocational colleges, through effective communication, so that the majority of faculty teaching, scientific research, social services and other goals and how to achieve these goals, the formation of mutual commitment; based on continuously give teacher motivation, guidance and supervision, enhance the staff level and skill; examination and evaluation of staff's moral character, work performance, ability and attitude, so as to determine its working performance and ability, for their remuneration, promotion, distribution, training, incentives, such as the dismissal of management to provide a scientific basis, and promote the staff to make the management process conducive to the organization goal.

There are 2 vocational college teachers performance management problems of
Less than 2.1 of senior leadership awareness, lack of knowledge of
The teacher performance management system in higher vocational colleges want to really give play to utility, school leaders must have enough attention, and give support.However, many leaders lack the knowledge necessary to performance management, do not understand the complete performance management system including performance plan, performance communication, performance appraisal, performance feedback and improvement, so schools lack of complete performance management system, the performance appraisal for performance management, and assessment to evaluation; some leaders fear of fear of contradiction, even believe that the implementation of performance management of teachers is redundant.Use and evaluation of talent not bringing attention to, can not fully mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity.
2.2 middle-level cadres execution, formalism and
At present, most of the higher vocational colleges all department managers are often used to follow the prescribed order, tend to the original work and thinking mode, unwilling to bear more management responsibility, to the new work, only to meet to cross the line.A system file does not execute, form than content, for example in terms of performance management, usually do not develop the habit of careful to do data recording, to the appraisal stage, to avoid conflict, take the "rotation" manner, the examination not to execute, lax, can not be fair and reasonable.In this way, performance management is a form of tick ceremony, especially the appraisal stage in the final, often get throught a thing carelessly.
2.3 all departments with not enough, the lack of systematic thought
Performance management is a system engineering, a department or unit lacks with other subsystem is very difficult to outshine others.Higher vocational colleges are now operating in the direct leadership of the provincial administrative department of Education under the different colleges and universities, many related to performance management assessment, competition and selection are the leading and guiding the relevant departments in the Department of education to participate in the completion of the.However, the higher the many needs of each subordinate units in the project, a lack of planning, development and implementation of project of arbitrarily large, often have lower often busy with many unconventional affairs, a waste of manpower, material resources and the time; also, the school's performance plan also to lack and the various departments and teachers communication, coordination, resulting in the execution of the plan implementation difficulties.
Therefore, the performance management school not only needs to fit in with the superior departments in charge, also want to cooperate with scientific publishing system, have system thinking, can achieve results.
2.4 performance index system is not scientific, not perfect
Higher vocational colleges set up late, lack of experience, has not formed a set of scientific recognized evaluation index system.Judging from the present situation, the performance index system of teachers include performance indicators of three aspects of teaching, scientific research and social service.As higher vocational colleges, teachers' scientific research should not engage in pure research universities such as, but should pay attention to the combination of engineering, and the actual situation of higher vocational colleges still have published: how many papers as research performance indicators.In the service of teaching and social aspects, although has made many indicators, but indicators are not scientific or lack of maneuverability, not effectively supervise the implementation.
2.5 lack of supervision system of
Supervision is easy to offend people, management guru Derek said: human beings are against being supervised by nature.Of course, the teacher performance management is the teacher conflict in the implementation process, due to the lack of transparency is performance appraisal, performance management is not systematic, the lack of forward-looking, causes the inspection items and standards the lack of open and clear, the teachers do not know their own goals and direction, of course, do not know their roles in the performance management the role and organization of their expectations.To the final evaluation time, often get throught a thing carelessly, muddle along.Examination without supervision, no complaints mechanism is the main reason.3 college performance management principles of
The 3.1 scientific and systematic principles of
The scientific principle is the common standard of all scientific research work.Teacher evaluation index system of University, the design should be strict, scientific and reasonable, theoretically tenable, practice can accurately reflect the actual situation; the system's performance appraisal, required to make a comprehensive study on the working performance of the teachers, but also requires the internal and external aspects, the coordination of various departments of the performance management as a comprehensive, a project to do, can not care for this and lose that, stop-gap measures.
3.2 integrity and the principle of flexibility and
The teacher's teaching activity since it is a systematic project, the construction of performance management system is not unduly prominent a factor which led to the whole system imbalance.As the college teachers' personal characteristics, different connotations in the construction task, performance management mechanism of teachers should be take into consideration, focusing on balance, concrete analysis of concrete conditions.Of course, management control and elastic, after all school departments and professional situation is different, the teachers level and the situation is different, to consider the personality characteristics of different situation, but also consider the various new problems, to develop a variety of strain plans and leave adequate leeway, adopt the management mode and control method is flexible to achieve the purpose of performance management.
3.3 quantitative and qualitative principles of
On the teaching quality assessment should be carried out quantitative evaluation and qualitative assessment to combine principle, the two complement each other, are indispensable.On the traditional teacher assessment De, can, diligent, accomplishment of four aspects, not all indicators can be quantified, for can be quantified, should be prepared to ensure the rationality of quantitative, quantitative evaluation.For some indicators can not be quantified, need to set up the qualitative evaluation indexes.
3.4 excitation and timeliness principle
The incentive principle is a universal principle of management, performance management, it is equally applicable to teachers.Organizational behavior knowledge tells us, incentive than punishment, than ignoring the effect is good, creative enthusiasm, motivation can motivate teachers, it also reflects the people-oriented spirit.While the timeliness principle, one hand can timely, accurately obtain performance management information needs, on the other hand, is that once the assessment results to determine, give feedback to teachers in the shortest time, achievement award and error. For timely, in order to achieve positive reinforcement effect.
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