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Discuss the government department human resources management reform enterprise approach

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[Abstract] today in the era of knowledge economy, the development and management of human resources will become the central link to improve government capacity.As a non-profit public organizations of the government departments can use as the basic theory and methods of modern human resources management profit private sector enterprises mature, thus to improve the human resources development and the management quality and efficiency, accelerate the construction of the government ability.
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1 the government human resources management imitates the enterprise the necessity and feasibility of
Necessity analysis of
Since the government's position is a kind of scarce public office, the traditional personnel management believes that the government has no need to take active attitude to recruit staff, since people will take the initiative to find the door to ask the personnel department, so the public sector in general in a passive situation, unlike enterprise that thirst after talents, resulting in substantial loss of talent.Improve the recruitment process, to attract high-quality employees has become a modern countries competing efforts.Leading the way in which is to learn from successful business experience, modeled on the business of operation of the market.For example, South Korea, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden and other countries are improving their recruitment process, South Korea has 20% positions to implement public competition, Norway and Sweden found, take incentive measures to keep those in the private sector will get a higher salary talent is very necessary.Today in the era of knowledge economy, human resources are becoming more and more prominent, the Chinese government to adapt to the increasingly fierce international competition must be various kinds of drawbacks of human resources management reform in the existing public sector, to focus on the building of both realistic national conditions, but also for the future of the personnel system, and to build a more efficient, more responsive, more responsible, more quality of service government.
Feasibility analysis of
Practical experience shows that, standardized, scientific, effective development of human resources is the source of enterprise competitive advantage.By contrast, China's government has long been trapped in rigid and inflexible rules, ignoring the people's initiative, the lack of effective incentive mechanism.As a part of the society of human resource management, public sector human resource management and human resource management has some of the same characteristics, for example, are in need of job analysis, job evaluation, planning and forecasting, management mechanism, all require the application of personnel selection, assessment, evaluation, selection of specific management measures, methods and technology.Therefore, the rational allocation and effective utilization of human resources development mechanism between public sector and enterprises, there are many similarities, in imitation of enterprises in the public sector human resources development and management, is feasible, useful ideas using public choice theory and management theory, introducing the market mechanism and learn from the successful experience of the private sector is fundamental way to realize the reform of personnel management system of the government.

2 public sector human resources management imitates the enterprise reform ideas
Management of human resources of enterprises, increase the value of human resources, the purpose is to let the human resources for the enterprises to return more benefits.Government departments to carry out the management of human resources, improve the quality of the public human resources, promote the public human resource value, its purpose is to provide services for all citizens, for the public interest for the public.In view of the idea and the value judgment standard of public sector human resource management and the enterprise human resources management exists difference, we must choose, flexible use in learning the theory and method of enterprise human resource management.
2.1 through job analysis to determine the best talent policy
In the modern human resources management theory, enterprise through job analysis can be the work of the content, nature, responsibility and employee should have the basic conditions, so as to achieve a give full scope to the talents, use the.The government wants to enhance the quality of human resources management and efficiency so as to enhance the image of the government and the ability, must work through the analysis to determine the requirements for detailed information related to the job, and through personnel selection to realize and ensure mutual matching between these requirements and personal qualification.Therefore, carrying out job analysis and job analysis in the public sector, clear job responsibilities, establish reasonable and effective talent introduction policy, the basic platform for the construction of human resources management in the public sector is the basis of human resource management in public sector of imitation enterprise "the people" step.
2.2 to strengthen the training and development, into the civil servants occupation development planning and management of
In the modern society of knowledge and information resources flow is frequent, the government departments to training and development of civil servants to provide help to the renewal of knowledge and skills is to improve the quality of civil servants and quality, the route one must take to improve administrative efficiency.Learn from the successful practices of enterprises, first, to achieve organizational development and personal development the combination.On the one hand, governments at all levels should be the development of managers, to do training needs analysis from the social environment, government organizations and the civil servants themselves and so on, to the different positions of the civil service, put forward different requirements and standards, so as to determine the content of the training, and to develop a detailed, in short, long-term training plan, the continuity of experience training; training content should meet the requirements of general ability of civil servant personnel department regulations, must conform to the requirement of the system, the business ability; use of appraisal, rewards and punishments, appointment and other means, evaluation, cash the civil service development, improve the input-output ratio of training.On the other hand, the organization to stimulate growth and development are needed to developers, the civil servants occupation development plan with the social needs, the goals of the organization coordination, organization development and personal development combine, completely change the majority of civil servants "want me to learn" to "I want to learn", and gradually formed for everyone to learn new knowledge, master new technology, set up new concept, continue to expand and improve the ability of individuals in the atmosphere.2.3 the government employee system
The system of government employee is a close to the market mechanism in the civil servant management system, present in many foreign countries has been widely implemented.Government employees including three professionals: technical support, such as information technology, network security and other high technology talents.These government employees do not have administrative duty, not make administrative power, does not occupy the administrative establishment, service to the government a government departments.At present our country government key employee system should be introduced into government management and service work of much-needed high-end talent, including a variety of talents, talents and special talents.At the same time, but also pay attention to the following points: first is the employment, government employee assessment, promotion and other links to establish a scientific standards and procedures, to prevent the government employee system to become a leading personal employee system.The second is to act according to the objective situation and market change, determine and adjust employee compensation, to prevent false high government employee compensation.Third, we should rationally determine the scale of government employees, to prevent new fat.Fourth, clear responsibilities and rights of government employees, do the equality of rights and duties, ensure that government employees have the space to display their talent, avoid the introduction of the use of light.Fifth, strengthen the construction of relevant legal regulations, perfecting the system of government employee details of the operation and their responsibilities.Sixth, try to implement the classification system of government and business Civil servants.Government employees are relatively various professional and technical personnel, can learn from and try to classify the national civil service, will be divided into government employees for administrative and business class two categories, according to reasonably ascertain the responsibility and authority to determine the ability of each person, do the people do their best, turn material resources to good account.

3 conclusion
The government human resource management as a part of the whole social human resources management system, along with the management in all aspects of social and political, economic, cultural and other functions of the administrative institutions gradually enlarged, its position and role has become increasingly important.Unfortunately, the personnel administration of our country government although several changes, but is still not completely out of long followed the cadre and personnel system, shadow, its management philosophy and system design, and the current economic reform does not adapt, more difficult to adapt to increase the WTO worldwide fierce competition environment.Brook no delay the reform of Chinese government personnel administration.The direction of the reform is accompanied by improving and perfecting the civil servant system, the modern enterprise human resources management, introduces the concept of the government, the establishment of modern, scientific, democratization, legalization of modern government human resources management system.
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