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The small and medium-sized enterprise leadership on human psychology

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[Abstract] this paper from the basic concept of leadership with people's psychology, describes the small and medium-sized enterprise leadership play roles in the business, analyzes the healthy SME leadership with psychological and mental errors, and put forward the corresponding corrective measures, for the leadership of science of modern small and medium-sized enterprise selection of people have a certain reference value.
[keyword] with psychological SMEs mental errors

The 1 leaders with the psychological concept of
With people is one of the important functions of leadership, also an important symbol of successful leaders.Especially with the development of knowledge economy and information era, leaders at all levels of mental activity has become more and more subtle and complex, independent, and directly affects and dominates their behavior.Therefore, in leadership activities, pay attention to "psychological" will undoubtedly become the most concern of leaders at all levels of leadership, employing psychological also behoove to become an important subject in the field of the science of leadership.
With people's psychological leadership refers to the sum of its subordinate leaders of various psychological activities phenomenon with responsibility and task of the.It is a complete dynamic process of mental activities, including people, appointment and training in three stages.In people with people, training people, in the use of further understanding, the circular process more, the leadership of people mentality is positive and healthy, subordinate to the appointment of more reasonable [1].

2 small and medium-sized enterprise leadership characteristics of
The small and medium-sized enterprise leaders are known as the "top leader", they play a control role in the development and operation of the enterprise, so the "number one" important role in enterprise management."Leaders" have numerous enterprise mission: to create value for the enterprise, strategy, implementation strategy, enterprise incentive groups, guardian......These responsibilities and mission determines the "multiple leaders" role.Some people say that "a good leader, a respected, beloved leader is more difficult, to be a outstanding performance leadership difficult".
At the same time, the small and medium-sized enterprise leadership in the use of the personnel manager's role play.Because the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises leadership as the owner of the enterprise, they are more willing to use people also serve as "leaders"; at the same time, the small and medium-sized enterprise because of its flexibility, the organization has the advantages of low cost and rapid development, but often the system organization structure, rules and their unsound responsibility is not clear; in addition, because of the small and medium-sized enterprise "business, general light management", they tend to pay more attention to the improvement in the business, and not willing to spend the high cost to strengthen the management of people.Due to the limitation of the relative lack of small and medium-sized enterprises and personal leadership and professional knowledge, in the use of some of the problems often occur, which restricts the long-term development of enterprises and individuals.

3 small and medium enterprises leading health with psychological
The leader with psychological health is orderly process of mental activities of a dynamic, embodied in the identification, selection, use and development stage.
3.1 identification, selection phase of
Just know, that is a leader found talent, talent, talent identification to distinguish the foresight and wisdom.Knowledge is a complicated, systematic psychological approval process, including observation, analysis, judgment, selection, identification.The small and medium-sized enterprise leadership wise eyes bear the main two tasks: one is those buried in the crowd of all kinds of useful talents identified; two is to those who have an ulterior motive of evil, a distinguished.Through the interview outstanding talents "Q", "police", "sleep", "analysis", "judge" s multiple roles.In addition, the small and medium-sized enterprise leaders tend to have the personality test, ability test, simulation test, online evaluation, assessment center technology personnel assessment technique of psychology, to help small and medium enterprises leadership talent.The small and medium-sized enterprise leadership in general only stage of mental health are often able to distinguish different talents for enterprises.
Selection, now more and more small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large enterprises began to try to modern personnel assessment technique, think the enterprise select excellent talents, in order to promote enterprise development.Personnel assessment is a kind of scientific methods and means to choose virtuous can, under normal circumstances, the small and medium-sized enterprise leadership in the use of personnel assessment technique, will consider the enterprise present situation, from the reality of enterprise, evaluation of different methods are used for different positions of the staff.According to people.com.cn survey, in recent years the situation, our country talent evaluation work has received the employer and job more and more small and medium enterprises welcome, through the use of modern personnel assessment technique, the small and medium-sized enterprise leadership selection more scientific and rational [2].
3.2 with stage
With that, the human resources planning, recruitment, training management, performance appraisal, salary management in human resource management, employee relationship between the six big modules can be used.Leaders use the talents must be used for the time being, in the best time; when the position, when the long.According to the talent of the specialty, assign the most appropriate to its strengths to work, to avoid human dislocation, adapt to the talent and ability only, can be perpendicular and horizontal, display one's skill to the full; second, have the best and grow their own talent growth process, in the selection of people to have a sense of time urgency leader, people work to the best time different kinds of.Third, pay attention to the wishes of the individual, let him do you like work, to motivate and mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of talents.

3.3 Yucai stage
Yucai, human society has entered into an ever-changing, competitive information age, the talent competition is the focus of international society, and competition is the talent training, the situation is getting better and better, the work is particularly important and urgent, so small and medium-sized enterprise leaders should establish a long-term educational consciousness.Leaders hope to cultivate excellent talents, but do not want so delayed the staff job, so leaders will arrange staff in-service training.On-the-job training is to make the employees have the effective completion of tasks and the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, training for staff in the case without jobs.In addition, the leader will also arrange appropriate personnel off-the-job training, leaving a job and work site, to the enterprise personnel focus on education and training by internal and external experts and trainers.But in reality, the small and medium-sized enterprise leadership will often take into account the artificial cost problem and only use on-the-job training.In this way, the small and medium-sized enterprise leaders will stand in a certain historical height, have the whole world in view, facing the future, aim high, look far ahead from a high plane, walking in the forefront of the era of [3].

4 small and medium-sized enterprise leadership of people psychological misunderstanding
The leader of the human psychology is very complex, with optimization of psychological quality, also have adverse psychological factors, it requires to maintain, strengthen mental health quality, eliminate adverse psychological barriers, as soon as possible out of psychological misunderstanding by people.

4.1 Baoen psychology
The small and medium-sized enterprise leadership to those who had been kind to yourself or help yourself, give yourself the benefit of the people, often make such mistakes -- with the selection problem to give them special care and love.If a leader from the simple starting to use, this kind of psychological certainly there are drawbacks.As a small and medium-sized enterprise leaders, should proceed from a scientific point of view, regardless of whether people are well on their own, as long as he can and is willing to do, and do well, no well will be promoted; can't do and do not work hard, and do not good person, then there is grace cannot be promoted on their own.

4.2 revenge
You can say it and the psychological contrast, is small and medium-sized enterprise leadership to those who have hurt yourself or violated their naturally or half unconsciously, the collision had their own people are needlessly suppress and strike, and carry out the psychological tendency of revenge.Some small and medium-sized enterprise leadership on those naturally or half unconsciously collision myself or infringement of their own people, is more talent, more talented, more ability, he is not promoted, and some even try various devices to suppress, blow.This kind of psychological reflect leader narrow character.In this regard, the small and medium-sized enterprise leaders, should strive to improve their own knowledge, to improve their own qualities, with people as far as possible to make no exception.4.3 suspicious psychology
Due to the small and medium-sized enterprise leadership as a "leader" role in the enterprise, in plays the personnel manager's role, so small and medium-sized enterprises is bound to make the proper understanding of leadership talent.When someone attacks on personnel, leaders will not be blinded by slander words because of the lack of a sober mind, to make the wrong decision.In addition, the paranoid leader is always based on a certain hypothesis goal as the starting point, to form a mental set, and then make every attempt to find evidence of logical reasoning, simple, bold imagination, and finally to assume that the target, so that the wrong
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