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Analysis of project management in the art of communication and case studies

Author: ZouPingHui From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-01 22:27:35 Read:
Papers Key words: Software Project Management Communication project stakeholders
Abstract: This paper introduces the importance of communication in software project management, analysis of the inter-linkages of the Department of items on dry earth, the relationship between communication and efficiency, as well as to communicate some of the key elements, combined with the specific case to explain communication in software engineering.
Project Communications Management is one of the nine knowledge areas in the Modern Project Management Body of Knowledge, Project Communications Management provides a critical connection between the factors necessary for success - people, ideas and information. In project management, communication is a soft target, they played a bad role to quantify the impact of communication on the project is also often invisible. However, the communication on the success of the project, especially the success of IT projects is very important, this article focus on the significance of communication, project system, communication efficiency, key elements of these aspects of communication, and finally the combination of high Vocational Foreign Language Teaching comprehensive evaluation platform for communication in group software development process case studies.
1 meaning of communication and project thousands of person
Elements of project management: scope, time, cost, quality, human, risk, procurement, communication, a successful project is closely related to these factors, can not be separated. But the project's actual participation and the project's operation process, can be found regardless of which factors in project management, with its associated most, involved in activities up to project stakeholders, project stakeholders including the general end-user, the project team, the project company the management of some of the major stakeholders. Great time, cost, quality, human risk, procurement, project management is communication with people management, how to do the management of people, how to build a successful project team, how to play a team in the project full potential, how are maturing relationship with customers, how to achieve customer satisfaction, these are in communication management and master the elements.
To do a good job in all elements of communication, people management, it should stand on the point of view of these project stakeholders, their needs and interests to achieve through the project their value, out of these, the project is very difficult to be successful. Demand for research and exchange with customers, project managers generally need to take full account of the needs and feasibility of the project, and then listed a demand management (including a detailed communication plan and communication requirements) program, and to consider the needs of communication required personnel, resources, time requirements, so that it can guarantee the accuracy of the demand for research. Many software projects in its development process, the client suddenly put forward the demand to change an adverse impact on the progress of the project, although that is largely the customers subjective factors caused by the project team, but also shows that early communication and customer time, did not take full account of some of the assumptions or constraints, there is no sufficiently clear to enumerate the communication requirements.
Similarly, in addition to and communicate with customers in the project development process, the means of communication between the project manager and project members and project manager of the team building skills also directly affect the success or failure of the project's key . The purpose of communication in the course of the project is to "maintain the progress of the project, identify potential problems, request for proposals to improve project performance, project development, the design process is not good communication off this road, the project may produce unexpected failure, the same good with the team to enable the project to achieve a multiplier effect, some communication methods and techniques will be reflected below.
Communication and efficient relationship
2.1 project complexity and efficiency of the implementation
The communication path consumed workload how much depends on the degree of software project complexity and a curse. Former IBM system in Maryland Gettysburg technical director Joel Aron, he worked for nine large-scale projects on the basis of the efficiency of the implementation of the programmer. These systems programmers and system components in the interaction between the divided implemented efficiency (see Table 1)

In general, the interface complexity of the underlying software (operating systems, compilers, embedded systems, communications software) than the application software (MIS, operation and maintenance software, management software) is much higher .
In the estimation of software development projects workload should give full consideration to the type of task and complexity of the abstract interface complex system development process, communication inevitable consumption. In addition, deep industry background software, to consider the communication of the developers who are familiar with the industry knowledge required to pay consumption.
2.2 of group size and efficiency of the implementation of
The number of personnel need to collaborate communication will affect the development costs, a major component of the cost of mutual communication and exchange, and to correct the miscommunication caused by adverse outcomes (system debugging).
Between people must be resolved through communication interface issues between their respective tasks, if the project has n staff nx (n -1) / 2 mutually communication path. Suppose one person alone to develop software, the efficiency of the implementation of 1000 lines of code, each communication path consumed annually workload equivalent to 500 lines of code, the size of the team and communication consumption and the efficiency of the implementation of the following relationship (see Table 2).
The 2.3 team degree of understanding and implementation of efficiency
Degree of understanding of the team on the software implementation efficiency. A long-term run-in and trust each other, to form a set of tacit ways of doing things and style team, you may save a lot of unnecessary communication, the resultant force can even go beyond the team itself, and make some usually they can not even think the unthinkable achievements. In contrast, initial cooperation of the team members of the project background and style, the mutual trust among the members of not higher reason, it is necessary to take full account of communication and consumption.
Create a tacit understanding of the team and not a simple regulations and procedures, but there is an essential factor, that is, all team members assume all the obligations of the team members happy for the whole team to give up their own interests and aspirations, so that the entire team must have a strong cohesion, and a person being in a good atmosphere, the tacit cooperation of the team mood is generally good, such a good atmosphere can take energy is immeasurable.
Continued good communication and exchange of intangible assets of a team, and by the formation of a natural, stable, understanding the development team is the software company's core competitiveness lies.
3 some of the elements of the communication
The role played by a good team organization and coordination of managers often play a decisive role in the success of the purpose, he must also be a good communicator. The communication research experts Ludlow (LudIow, R.) mentioned, senior management often spend 80% of the time in different forms of communication. General managers spend about 50% of the time for the transmission of the information. The lack of communication is not through technical improvements, and now the technology has developed rapidly, but has not diminished the demand for people to communicate and get along, but has become increasingly important.
Direct impact on the efficiency of the communication manager's work efficiency, improve communication among the members of the project will improve morale, productivity, quality, and can reduce costs and make the project better to carry out. However, if communication problems can also follow this procedure to effectively control the problem: to find the cause of the problem; implementation of corrective actions; strengthen communication activities in the work environment.
4 projects in communication and the use of case studies
The author responsible for the development of the Institute of Foreign Languages ??English network teaching, testing platform, take full account of some of the elements of communication in software project management. The entire project development team software development process (TSP), each of these steps are related to communication.
4.1 Technical research
The project is to English teaching, examination and evaluation of the integrated network platform for teachers and students, students can through the network of English learning, the whole test, the teacher can also use this platform dynamic grasp students. In the technology adoption program, we intend to use ASP.NET SQL Server development, sub-three-tier architecture. After listening to their ideas at the same time, the research project, we have set forth from the technical level of their own views, and finally reached a preliminary consensus.
4.2 Requirements Analysis
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