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Thinking of retirement age of female workers in China

Author: DongCunTian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-01 20:58:22 Read:
[Abstract] the retirement age of women and men is the same, women's rights, but also their obligation.Whether it is from the expected age, or physical, mental decline rate, do not come to advance women than men leaving work basis.Delayed female retirement can save the cost of education, improve the efficient use of human resources, alleviate the one to bring two jobs with double post phenomenon, also can reduce the pressure of pension.To offset for female workers retire occupied jobs, can choose to shorten the time, labor, or for women workers set up 3-5 parental leave scheme.
[keyword] the equality of men and women of retirement age daily working time parental leave
Gender equality is one of the major achievements of the great socialist China, in the cause of human rights, democracy, social progress and the liberation of productive forces and the role of no doubt.Comrade Mao Zedong expounded "the times are different, both men and women", and vivid account of "women hold up half the sky".In the new period, "gender equality is a basic national policy to promote social development" (Jiang Zemin speech at the opening ceremony of the 1995 United Nations of the fourth World Conference on women.).These are not only the views and ideas, more successful practice.In 2002 the world bank "Chinese social report" pointed out: Chinese women gained the success that attract worldwide attention in the past one hundred years, liberated from the feudal system into, and then to legal equality.In the whole of China, is the Chinese men and women, boys and girls towards full equality.Regardless of any standard, safeguard and promote gender equality in Chinese law are enlightened, and can be the reference for many other countries.Accordingly, can be said to live in new socialist China women are lucky, happy.
But the legal system in our country, there are still a men and women have other provisions, that is the age of retirement.The existing provisions of the retirement system in the retirement age for men 60 years of age, female, 55/50 years of age.The retirement age of employees statutory corporate state is men over 60 years of age, female workers over 50 years of age, female cadres at least 55 years of age.Even extending the retirement age of the backbone of professional and technical personnel, also stipulates female comrade a maximum of not more than 60 years of age, male comrade a maximum of not more than 65 years of age.
The world trend is gradually flatten the retirement age for men and women, so far, provisions of retirement accounts for about 60% of the country.For example, the UK has the male 65 years old, female 60 years old for 65 years old, Australia will male 65 years old, female 63 years old to 65 years old uniform, recently there are up to 67 years old.In Asia, in addition to Vietnam, Pakistan, the majority of countries and regions and retirement, 65 in Japan, Singapore is 62 years, South Korea, Philippines is 60 years old.But our country still execute different retirement system, and the gender gap between the retirement age is the most of the world.This is it is quite common for become inured to the unusual, the system is hindering the implementation of the spirit of equality between men and women, to cut a female human resources efficiency, affects women the opportunity for personal development.

1 women to retire ahead of schedule paradox
1.1 women of early retirement is not reasonable
Indeed, in the differentiation of our men and women in the retirement age is in order to protect women, now follow the regulations enacted in 1978, when the people engaged in manual work, and in the "men and women are the same" thought control, female workers have no special restrictions, the types of the visible, in time to "physical" as the judgment standard, female workers retire ahead of schedule is reasonable.However, the passage of time, now most people engaged in mental work a lot more than physical labor, even in physical labor category, have been defined from the law of women engaged in underground, high temperature, high altitude, especially the heavy manual labor or other harmful health work.The results of scientific research shows there is difference between men and women physically, do not prove that male and female physical decay rate differences, and mental labour to rely on "intelligence" in no difference between gender attenuation.Therefore, the premise of female early retirement has ceased to exist.
The same time men and women education, women have to retire early, occupation career shortened, promotion, occupation mobility opportunity becomes small.For example, the current national female cadres, although the number of steady growth, the proportion of cadres has been close to 40%, but the proportion of senior cadres accounted for only 17%, the main reason is due to age restrictions they promote use.Female intellectuals, high-skilled talents is also probably the case.This objective to reduce women's development opportunities, is caused by the inequality between men and women.
At present, the female senior intellectuals can choose 55 or 60 retirement policy, is the embryonic form of the flexible retirement policy.The flexible retirement policy refers to allow workers have some elasticity in the retirement age, retirement and retirement income more flexible retirement policy.The flexible retirement policy has become the important policies in many developed countries in Europe and the United States to cope with challenges, aging population the implementation of labor market structure adjustment, and will play a more and more important role.Constraints in the basic situation of China's vast territory, the economic and social development and population situation quite unbalanced condition, to allow some people to choose early retirement is also possible, the gradual implementation of the flexible retirement policy is a very wise decision.However, in advance or delay retirement option men and women should be equal, not only giving women, should not only allow early.
Accordingly, the retirement age for men and women equality of men and women's labor rights and obligations equal part of retirement age, and the difference is contrary to the social fair justice principle.
1.2 women of early retirement is not reasonable
With social progress and economic development, the average life of Chinese people has increased, while the women live longer than men 3-4 years, the average life expectancy of women has increased to 74.1 years.Women go home early means retirement "surplus" time more than the male 8-9 years, produced a huge imbalance.In fact, women 50-55 years old, physically and psychologically into a "second spring", is rich in knowledge, experience rich period, and took care of the children.In such a period, remove them from their familiar, the specialized work on its way down, only three:
One is looking for second occupation again obtain employment, they have to in the unfamiliar position, not familiar with the colleagues, not familiar with the environment as a supporting role, position, salary, labor protection, at a disadvantage, the self-esteem, "a hero with no play" sigh, have lost, doubts, the shadow of inferiority in the heart theory.
The two is to do housework, from work to family, reduce in the family's "status", their labor is often not recognized, from the point of view of self protection they often become the "mother thing", easy to cause the tense relationship between mother and child, old woman daughter-in-law relation; if the children to "leave the nest", the husband victims.
Three after the grandchildren, grandparenting, education, often let their tired, because of indulgence, the generation gap reason, education effect is often poor, further affect family relationships, including the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, mother-child relationship, so that children, spouses sun, causing a thankless effect.
As can be seen, early retirement has let them early loneliness, depression, fear, to their physical and mental health is very adverse, it is difficult to explain.
1.3 women of early retirement uneconomical
The era of knowledge economy, the education and training time are much longer than in the past, educational level is high, the working time is relatively shorter.Early retirement, make human resource input-output ratio imbalance, resulting in a tremendous waste of human resources, adverse consequences for the future under the condition of knowledge economy and economic development.Especially for the professional and technical personnel in retirement, to give full play to the potential of the intellectual workers, with serious adverse effects.Women's "second spring" period, is the cause of the peak, if in the post, its contribution is far greater than the youth and child-bearing period.From the perspective of human resources, women this time even more precious than men at the same time.
Delayed female retirement can not only save the cost of education, also can reduce the pressure of pension, has now reached 3 on-the-job personnel to raise 1 retirees point, if the current policy does not make adjustments, according to estimates, to 20 years of this century end will reach 10 on-the-job personnel to support 4 or more retirement the proportion of members, enterprises and the country will be overwhelmed.The retirement age of employees in female extension, pension fund will increase and decrease, out, impressive.
Early retirement provisions of women, including the main motivation of male retirement age is low is to promote employment, to let the jobs for young people.Regardless of the motivation is not fair to sacrifice for the premise of women development interests.Even from the actual effect is not ideal.Retire personnel again obtain employment is extremely common, forming a double
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