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Process design of human resources outsourcing in medium and small enterprises

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[Abstract] to "be congenitally deficient", it faces many difficulties in small and medium enterprises, the implementation of human resource outsourcing is to improve the level of human resources management, an effective way to enhance the market competitiveness of the.In this paper, from a practical point of view, the implementation of the human resources outsourcing to small and medium-sized enterprise process analysis and design, tries to process specification, reduce the risk of human resources outsourcing, to enhance its effectiveness.
[keyword] small and medium-sized enterprise human resources outsourcing process

China's small and medium-sized enterprises play a decisive role, although its effects on economic development, but due to the influence of the external environment and internal conditions and constraints, the survival, development is faced with many outstanding problems.Academic research on many problems, there are two: one is the financing difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises.Due to the imperfect capital market and financing of "less collateral, the financial accounts are not clear, lack of credit records, single transaction amount less, management costs are high, the existence of large degree of information asymmetry, small and medium-sized enterprises" serious "Mcmillan gap".Two is the small and medium-sized enterprise human resources management problems.Because of various aspects reason, small and medium-sized enterprise human resources management level is relatively backward, has become a bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises.In order to solve the problem, reduce costs, improve efficiency, many small and medium-sized enterprises have adopted the human resource outsourcing, some non-core business outsourcing, they focus on the core business management, thus greatly improve its human resource management level, enhance market competitiveness.

1 the meaning and role of human resources outsourcing
Outsourcing is in the implementation of "return to the main western enterprise nineteen ninties, a new business strategy background to strengthen core business" of the rise of the.British scholar Gary Hamel and the United States strategic research scholar CIKI Prahaoad in 1990 in the "Harvard Business Review" published an article entitled "the core competitiveness of enterprises" of the article, first proposed the term "outsourcing".Outsourcing (Outsourcing), literally translated as "seek external resources", refers to the integration of the most outstanding enterprises external professional resources, so as to achieve lower costs, improve efficiency, give full play to a management model to its core competitiveness and enhance its ability to respond rapidly to the environment.
Human resource outsourcing is refers to the enterprise need to be in accordance with one or several human resources management work or the function outsourcing, carry out management by other enterprises or organizations, in order to reduce the cost, improve the efficiency of management.Generally speaking, the implementation of human resource outsourcing, can achieve the following three objectives:
One is to reduce the cost of operation.Human resources management has always been a major cost center, and through the human resources outsourcing can streamline the internal human resource management functions, in order to better cost effectiveness to provide more satisfactory human resources service staff.
Two is the conversion to the human resources department function.With the increase of human resources management in the importance of human resources management departments, enterprises require more strategic and flexibility.Through the outsourcing of non-core business, can make the enterprise human resources management department liberated from the operation, transactional work, focusing on strategic needs.
The three is to obtain high quality human resource service.Excellent human resource outsourcing firms usually have experts in all aspects of human resources management, comprehensive professional knowledge, skills and experience they can establish a set of can be suitable for different enterprises, for customers to do more effective human resource management.
Small and medium-sized enterprises, the human resources outsourcing content mainly includes the staff recruitment, staff training, HR consulting, personnel dispatch.These basic affairs outsourcing, human resources of small and medium-sized enterprises can focus on strategic human resource work, such as enterprise culture, employee relations, performance evaluation and strategic work, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Problems of human resources outsourcing
2 of small and medium-sized enterprises
The current human resources outsourcing in China is still in its infancy, although the accumulated some experience, but there are still some problems in practice.
One is not a unified.Because it is a new thing, the parties know not consistent, leading to effective implementation of outsourcing scheme can not.If some people worry about the implementation of outsourcing, the enterprise is highly dependent on the outsourcing business, to weaken the enterprise human resources management ability, thus weaken the enterprise competitiveness.
Two is the human resources outsourcing organization is not perfect, the process needs to be improved.Although some enterprises expects much to the implementation of the human resources outsourcing to reduce operating costs, improve the level of human resource management, enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises, but did not give security from the system and procedures.Enterprises do not have a perfect human resource outsourcing Committee for the management of human resource outsourcing, also does not have the concrete implementation of the human resources outsourcing to formulate the detailed implementation procedures and establish a supervision mechanism.The enterprise is the division of responsibilities to the human resources department to implement, and the human resources department in the implementation process of outsourcing project and often ignored or not fully with the production, sales and other departments to communicate.So, during the practice of human resource outsourcing, it was difficult to achieve synergistic effect, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.
Three is the neglect of human resource outsourcing management.The human resources outsourcing business will have a direct impact on the effect of outsourcing.At present, the human resources outsourcing service quality is uneven, which makes enterprises there is a big risk in the choice of outsourcing provider.For example, in the talent dispatch, some outsourcing service providers often can not be in accordance with the requirements of the time and the number of sufficient staff for enterprises, but also provide staff quality is uneven, some good and some bad, and some simply can not meet the requirements of enterprises.But sometimes the enterprise and to employment, so I had to use not up to the requirements of the staff, this to the enterprise staff departments caused great trouble.In the production process, due to quality problems caused by unqualified staff continue to emerge, reduced work efficiency, increase the difficulty of management.In addition, many small and medium enterprises in the practice of human resource outsourcing, outsourcing business simply ask, scheduled tasks, not outsourcing as a "family" view, the outsourcing service free to enterprise, which can not play a due role.
Four is the outsourcing staff management, supervision is not in place.Some of the production of enterprises, often need to use more human resources outsourcing staff (some even accounted for the total number of employees 70%).Although each human resources outsourcing business related to enterprise personnel responsible for related matters, but the quality of their work is not up to the requirements of enterprise employees, there is no effective supervision, employee satisfaction is low.The human resources outsourcing employee of the month will have many such as salary, accommodation and other problems, although they respond in a timely manner to the relevant human resource outsourcing in enterprise management personnel, but often can not get a satisfactory answer and solve, leading to high turnover of staff.On the training and development of employees are not rewarded.

3 small and medium-sized enterprise human resources outsourcing process design
In order to solve the above problems, standardize human resources outsourcing activities of small and medium-sized enterprises, the implementation of human resources outsourcing enterprises to achieve "reduce costs, improve efficiency" objective, should grasp the following operation process.
(1) the establishment of the enterprise human resources outsourcing leading group.The team is the enterprise human resource outsourcing decision-making and implementing agency, generally by the enterprise level and the enterprise human resources, finance, production, sales, purchasing and other departments are in charge of, when necessary, can also be hired outside experts to participate in, to provide advice and guidance to professional.The group has three main tasks: one is to strengthen the publicity, unified understanding.To enable enterprises to carry out under fully aware of the advantages of human resources outsourcing, and unity of thinking, strengthen enforcement, form resultant force.Two is to strengthen communication, collaboration.Human resources department as the outsourcing strategy executive departments, to strengthen the communication with the employer, the basic requirements of quality, their ability to understand the outsourcing employees, and some problems in the operation, and timely feedback to the enterprise human resources outsourcing leading group, and provide scientific basis for correct decisions.The three is to develop and implement human resources outsourcing plan in line with the actual business.
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