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Study of Double Tutorial System Mode of teaching professional human resource management

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[Abstract] lack of double tutorial system effective teaching model to improve the students ability of professional practice advantages can better compensate for the teaching of human resource management mode.In the teaching of human resources management, construct the double tutorial system complete, feasible, with characteristic mainly includes: evaluation practice tutorial team construction, practice tutorial class time, place and method, theory and practice of tutorial tutorial teaching contents, and with the guidance of students and guidance and students' comprehensive ability.
[keyword] Human Resources Management Double Tutorial System of

Teaching model is the basis of improving the quality of education, but only when the teaching mode and professional characteristics match, this goal can be achieved.Human resource management as a new profession, has a strong professional and application.In the teaching of human resource management major, theory and practice of education teaching mode, such as double tutorial system, is a powerful tool to improve the quality of the professional education.

1 Double Tutorial practice teaching mode of the emergence and development of
The early 90's of last century, the economic system has changed from planned economy system to emphasize the competition of the market economic system, the employment of university graduates from the unified distribution and gradually to change jobs, two-way choice.Put forward higher requirements on the system reform of college students quality.In 1992, School of economics and Hebei University took the lead in the introduction of Double Tutorial system.When the double tutorial system is a "political tutors and academic advisors are jointly responsible for the student work personnel training" [1].
Since then, double tutorial system is a new mode of talent training, is conducive to all-round development of students, is gradually recognized by society, expanding use by undergraduates, extended to vocational students, professional degree graduate study and academic degree students, by the students of Double Tutorial System Development for teachers especially double the tutorial system in higher vocational college teachers, professional practice and professional from economy class professional development to the accounting specialty, education and law, learning by the curriculum to promote graduation practice, graduation thesis to the university education course.Due to changes in the background and scope of application, two teachers with Double Tutorial System in the beginning were significantly different, evolved from the 1992 political tutors and academic advisors for the theory and practice tutorial tutorial school, or a school teacher and another campus or off-campus tutor.

2 in the human resource management of the necessity of using the double tutorial system teaching mode analysis of
Double tutorial system, refers to the students in all courses, the establishment of the school (Theory) and external (Practical) two class tutor, its theory and practice, basic knowledge and application of knowledge at the same time, strengthen teaching mode.Therefore, the teaching mode is especially suitable for the operation of strong specialty and subject, for example, human resource management.Human resources management major students to master the knowledge management theory and economics, but also master the human resource management of all functional modules implementation technology, it has strong application.
Human resource management 2.1 existing teaching mode of professional and lack of
Application of the human resource management, the teaching mode of diversified trend.
(1) the existing teaching mode of
The teaching mode of human resource management at the present stage in using more comprehensive teaching model, but according to different emphasis, mainly have the following several kinds:
1) practice teaching mode.The pattern is arrange practice some students in the teaching process, such as cold summer internship and graduation practice, enhance the students practical ability.The vast majority of human resource management professionals have adopted this model.
2) experimental teaching mode.This mode allows students to operation of human resource management of each function modules in a human resource management system in the laboratory simulation, simulation exercises, to apply [2] theory of knowledge.
3) the experience type teaching mode.The experience type teaching means in teaching process, according to the cognitive rules and characteristics of students, through the creation of actual or repeated experience situation and opportunity, presentation, reproduction and reducing the teaching content, to enable students to experience the process of understanding and knowledge construction and development ability.Although in the way and the method, and the practice teaching mode and teaching mode must be repeated, but it emphasized the students to experience and thinking in the creation of scenarios in [3].
4) optimized mode operation skills.The model adopts case teaching, role play, various methods of classroom discussion, classroom teaching and multimedia presentations, in order to improve the students' professional ability of [4].
(2) the existing problems of
From the summary and the analysis to the teaching mode of induction, see not hard, the teaching mode of human resources management for more than pay attention to enhance the students' practical ability.But they all exist such a problem: these patterns more is the introduction of new teaching methods, teaching tools and teaching situations, and ignore the teachers team construction, ignoring the present human resources management staff is more theoretical teacher rather than actual practice teacher.Therefore, does not necessarily achieve the expected teaching effect.To overcome this problem, one is to let the teachers into double type, it takes time and conditions; two is to introduce the practice of teacher from the outside, namely the mentoring teaching mode.
2.2 in the human resources management in the use of important significance of
Double Tutorial System Teaching Mode
Establish the Double Tutorial System in human resource management, can effectively overcome the shortcomings of existing models, in particular, has the following significance:
First of all, is conducive to the construction of teacher team, as the professional construction of a theory and practice of combining the teachers.The implementation of double tutorial system, the change of teachers, to break the human resource management teacher to teacher mainly theory even only theory teacher situation.
Secondly, to improve the quality of students and education.This provides the opportunity for students to teaching mode of system of human resource management practice for students of each function module, bridge the gap between theory and practice, and truly promote the students practice ability.Not only that, the model can make students learn how to handle the relationship between people and people in the society, change the ivory tower over ideal picture of life, increase their ability of social adaptation.The students knowledge and to improve the psychological quality, is the premise and the expression of school education to improve the quality of.
Finally, it helps to improve the students' employment competitiveness, job satisfaction and job stability.To improve the quality of students, employment competitiveness and employment increase.At the same time, because the students knowledge and understanding of the actual operation of human resource management, so that it can find more suitable for their jobs, employment the initial running-in state duration, job satisfaction is higher, more stable employment.
Double tutorial system has overcome the shortcomings of existing teaching mode, but in practical application and strong human resources management professional teaching practice, the application of the mode is not common.To clarify the mode used in the key points of implementation of human resource management, will undoubtedly contribute to the mode in the teaching of human resources management promotion.

Double Tutorial System Mode of teaching the 3 professional human resource management implementation of
In the teaching of human resources management, the establishment and implementation of double tutorial system is a system engineering faculty to change, as the core of the implementation, mainly includes the following points:
3.1 practical tutor team construction of
Construction of practical tutor team is double tutorial premise, the foundation and starting point of teaching mode, source, number, funding, evaluation mechanism and system to ensure that it includes practical teachers.
Practical tutorial comes mainly from the associated with the human resources management professional internships and cooperative units, according to the function modules of human resource management, choose to engage in the corresponding functional module in the enterprise and has rich practical experience of the staff and leadership as a practical tutorial.Unlike other double tutorial system teaching mode, practical professional human resources management should be divided according to the function modules of human resource management, not as long as the related professional.Because the management of human resources into human resources strategy and planning, job analysis, training and development, performance management, salary management and employee relationship management and so on several big module, these modules are both closely linked, at the same time, distinguish between matter in the aspects of theory and technology.
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