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Cultivating application-oriented talents

Author: JiHong ZhangZhengBin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-01 17:08:57 Read:
[Abstract] this paper applied engineering personnel training requirements, combined with the modern engineering design technology, system and analyzes the requirement for engineering drawing ability of this kind of talent, and based on the traditional teaching of engineering drawing, on the teaching contents were discussed to broaden the engineering drawings.
[keyword] applied talents of Engineering Graphics Teaching

Training in University of science and technology talents can be divided into science and engineering, engineering talent cultivation types can be divided into engineering talent research personnel and engineering application.In China, except for a few colleges and universities is cultivating scientific talents, many in the domestic well-known colleges and universities to cultivate the talents of engineering research.But the engineering applied undergraduate talents training has been overlooked, until recent years attention.Specific to the mechanical profession, our country in the establishment of international manufacturing great-power status, need a lot of engineering machinery professional, high-quality therefore, many of the original has not opened the machinery professional local general universities and a number of new undergraduate colleges have set up mechanical engineering and automation professional.Because of these colleges is influenced by target limit cultivation objective conditions and talent, the inevitable impact of the original almost follow the same pattern mode, brings diversity scale, running machinery specialized school level, school types, characteristics etc..While training the application-oriented engineering machinery professional problem has received extensive attention.

1 the development of engineering application talents requirement of
Talent training of engineering application undergraduate, must establish the new ideas and concepts of education.Different from the traditional undergraduate education, primary education is to cultivate application-oriented undergraduate professional grass-roots front-line technical talents, emphasizing the combination of learning and using, pay more attention to the direct transformation of the knowledge into practical productive forces.Therefore, engineering application undergraduate majors should be different from the previous general undergraduate professional training mode, the training goal is: we think should have relevant professional knowledge ability and comprehensive quality, virtue, wisdom, body, beauty, technology development, the production, management, service first line or the actual post, advanced application talents and has the potential of the sustainable development.In the target culture engineering applied undergraduate talents, we noted that the "technology" and "talents".Applied talents of engineering undergraduate should have skilled technical application ability and certain skills, which is different from general engineering research undergraduate professional talents.The training of engineering applied talents, first of all need to pay attention to the basic knowledge of education and professional knowledge education, grasp the solid basic theory, basic knowledge and a wide range of knowledge is the foundation of engineering application and engineering innovation. "".Therefore, the public elementary knowledge structure of knowledge engineering application-oriented talents is very important, not only need basic knowledge of political theory, the solid English, higher mathematics, University Physics, mechanics, and need a solid professional knowledge.Secondly, in order to adapt to the need of engineering applied talents of different industries, increase its adaptability, must carry on the training of application-oriented talents with wide, such as engineering application-oriented mechanical professionals must have broad professional knowledge on electrical control technology, microelectronic technology, computer technology, management and humanities.Emphasizing on the application in the curriculum and the teaching process, teaching theory and practice, the prominent "learn in order to practise".

2 engineering applied talents of engineering drawing ability.
To cultivate students' engineering application ability and innovation consciousness is the basic task of higher education.The engineering graphics course is a science and engineering students the first contact with the applications of curriculum and skills are very strong, but also has the unique cultivating students' image thinking and abstract thinking ability course.The appearance of the computer drawing to the traditional engineering graphics education has brought a revolution.Computer graphics system huge information storage, powerful graphics editing, efficient information transfer and fast graphic reproduction function manual mapping is incomparable.The introduction of computer graphics mode is the primary task of teaching reform of engineering graphics, this is be above suspicion doubt.Due to the paper trend without development of computer graphics and engineering drawings, hand drawing skill and quality will gradually fade.As an important means of designing sketch drawing skills and application software package for the ability of computer graphics will rise as the main index.Increase in computer drawing pace and intensity, the student's ability of computer drawing as an important index for evaluation of modern engineering graphics education.
Modern engineering design is a creative activity, with natural science, technical science, environmental science and humanities development has gradually developed into a comprehensive science and technology.Moreover, a great role in the increasingly fierce competition in the market.As a general conception of technology products, design maturity.The computer in the process of computer-aided design (CAD) plays an important role in.At present, engineering drawing science has been closely integrated with the design disciplines, information science.Engineering graphics education should be based on the new concept and perspective, modern design and manufacturing, computer and information on the latest scientific and technological achievements, to establish the teaching system of social demand for engineering drawings.In recent years, university teaching total hours repeatedly cut, engineering graphics course hours are reduced.How to organize the teaching content, choice of different education idea and teaching goal.The teaching goal of engineering graphics is to train configuration and expression (2D graphic expression of three-dimensional shape), the ability to draw and read engineering drawings (instrument diagram and freehand drawing), the ability of computer 3D modeling and drawing ability, thinking ability and innovation ability.The basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills courses teaching at the same time, as far as possible to broaden their horizons, broaden their knowledge, guide the students to actively thinking, the courage to explore.The strengthening of the 3D spatial thinking ability, the method of 3D design as the main line, it is necessary to consider the local 2D design and three-dimensional design of common, but also taking into account the theoretical foundation and concept peculiar to three-dimensional design, and since the development of CAD 3D CAM design and computer aided manufacturing integration which can help engineers from 3D modeling of product conceptual design and drafting began.Engineering and technical personnel can directly establish the three-dimensional model of the computer, visually complete reflect design intent, the whole design process is discussed, revised and updated on the three-dimensional model.They set up a full and complete 3D model database, and on this basis, further analysis of stress and strain, the product quality of the quality analysis of spatial motion analysis, assembly interference analysis, NC control processing analysis, evaluation of appearance color and shape effect, commercial advertising design and animation generation.When the need for two-dimensional graphics, can also generate 2D engineering drawing from 3D model directly.This whole process is computer aided design and manufacturing.Modern CAD technology to improve the product design quality, shorten the design cycle, reduces the production cost, increase the competitiveness of the enterprise.Engineering drawing lessons from the direction of the development of CAD to reconstruct the course content and the curriculum system is very important.The traditional 2D design will be replaced by computer three-dimensional modeling design.Therefore, education of engineering drawing must be nurtured by 2D engineering drawing students drawing ability and the ability to interpret the images of 3D modeling design of training students' ability of taking the computer as the main body.3, broaden the teaching contents of engineering graphics course of
Open elective content to foot wide engineering application talents of graphic design knowledge in engineering drawing, is the need of training applied talents of engineering, design process of traditional 2D design mode of the product is generally designers first with the help of Yu Zheng projection method to 3D entity model of the brain structure thought into the 2D engineering drawings, local information then by processing and technical personnel will be scattered in various 2D view through integrated back to the 3D entity model of the original, then the engineering analysis, process design, process and manufacture, this process is more complex, cumbersome.With the rapid development of computer technology and 3D modeling technology, 3D design has been widely applied.Compared with the traditional mode of 2D design, 3D design directly starting from the three-dimensional entity model of product design, data information without two-dimensional projection transformation can carry out production and processing, realize the integration of design and manufacturing.
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