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On the enterprise staff training based on psychological contract

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[Abstract] staff training is to keep the enterprise, an important approach to obtain the sustainable competitive advantage.Starting from the situation of staff training in enterprises, based on theories of psychological contract, and puts forward measures of five staff training and dynamic management.
[keyword] the psychological contract of enterprise staff training and
1 Introduction
Economic integration in the world today, the competition between enterprises is the talent competition in the final analysis.Training as an important means of cultivating talent, has become the key factor whether enterprises can win in the fierce competition in the market.But in reality, due to the effect of training often can not play, one very important reason is the enterprise and the staff did not reach a consensus that the goals of the organization of training, not into the staff's personal goal.The psychological contract is played the important role, it is to maintain the organization and member relationship heart link, is an important inner strength for further development of relationship between the organization and the employees, it is the organizational goals and personal goals remain important factors consistent, can make the enterprise achieve everlasting target.In this paper, based on the theory of psychological contract, from the current situation of staff training, and puts forward five points of staff training and dynamic management recommendations.

2 psychological contract theory
The concept of psychological contract controversy has never stopped, has not formed the concept is very authoritative.Chris Argylis in 1960 proposed "psychological contract of work" (Psychological Work Contract) to describe the relationship between the concept of "a group of employees with the foreman and on the relationship with undeclared understanding".Later, Harry Levinson made a further development of this concept, think "psychological contract is a kind of relationship between the two sides may not be aware of, but it is also a series of relations between the two sides mutual expectation".Then, foreign scholars on psychological contract concept, characteristics, content, dimension and the breach and violation had extensive and in-depth study and related topics.At present, the concept of psychological contract understanding is more typical of Rousseau, Morrison and Robinson were the representative of the United States of America and the Rousseau school in Herriot and Pemberton, Tsui as the representative of British classical school.Rousseau school Rousseau (1989) the psychological contract is defined as: in the interactive relationship between organization and employees situation, individual responsibility and obligation for the interaction between perception and belief system.Because the definition is based solely on the individual level, it is also known as the narrow definition of psychological contract.The representative point of view of the classical school is Herriot& Pemberton (1997) put forward the "psychological contract is both on the relationship between them and the subjective understanding of value to each other".Compared with the narrow definition, people usually call it generalized definition of psychological contract.The paper also tend to be more understanding of psychological contract.

3 employee training status of
3.1 of the staff training is not enough
That training is a wasteful investment, after training completion means that the employees began.So many enterprises simply not the staff training, only training fashion style to glance over things hurriedly collective training, poor effect.
The 3.2 training base is weak
Training base is divided into two parts of hardware and software, too much emphasis on training in the aspect of hardware, most of the enterprise investment, such as luxury decoration classroom training, computer, projector and other modern equipment have everything that one expects to find; but in the training content, training instructor selection software aspects of attention is not enough.Qualified trainer "is a normal, boring" training content, training methods, training base is weak.
Relatively backward
3.3 employee training management
At present, employee training management of most enterprises is relatively backward.Mainly as follows: the lack of comprehensive, balanced and powerful management system; training aspects of the work of mutually disjoint, training needs analysis is not deep enough, the training content selection is not appropriate, the evaluation of training effect is not timely, disjointed; backward management means, by manual or single forms of management and corporate training programs, and can't provide rapid, timely, accurate network information service for the training of relevant personnel.

4 of employees psychological contract training dynamic management based on
The people-oriented thought of human resources management requires enterprises to respect employees, the main emphasis of the staff, which is also the employee psychological contract is expected.Let the employees to participate in the training needs assessment, and let the staff in the conditions allow to choose their own like training content and training methods, satisfy employees respected demand and independent work demand, so as to enhance their learning motivation, improve employee psychological contract satisfaction, make the training investment effect is greatly improved, so that the full recognize the importance of employee training.
4.1 carry out training needs analysis of
Enterprises in the training, the most critical is the initial work is the training needs analysis.The training needs of employees and enterprise reflects expectations of training, the training needs of both enterprises and employees are fully understand, and training needs of both sides into the "development" this factor.Therefore, based on the need of psychological contract, enterprises in the training work, closely combined with the development of the enterprise's development and individual development, try to make them consistent, promote the sustainable development of enterprises.4.2 to establish smooth communication channels
The staff formed during the training practice of business expectations are not necessarily reasonable, enterprises have the necessary positive guidance to staff, staff training is formed based on the psychological contract, reduce the likelihood of psychological contract breach, maintenance of good psychological contract between enterprises and employees.
4.3 the implementation of staff training tutorial system
Instructors are not employees line leader replacement is necessary, but should be new staff assistant line leader.Mainly to provide guidance on related problems encountered in the process of employee training, so that employees can fully express their ideas, according to the guidance of tutor consciously correct their behavior, so that employees to better accomplish the process of organizational socialization, and further improve enterprise employees and enterprise's psychological contract.
Consistent with the occupation career management objectives of the 4.4 construction and employee training system of
Occupation career development refers to the individual to achieve its occupation career goal step by step, process and continue to formulate and implement new goal.Each employee has their own pursuit of occupation, enterprise training is the basis of employees in occupation target, if the enterprise training can not meet the needs of the development of employee occupation, employees may therefore leave the enterprise, this is the inevitable result of development of enterprises ignore opportunities dimensions of employee's psychological contract.Attach importance to occupation career management of employees, to establish long-term psychological contract between enterprises and employees, is to reduce the staff psychological contract breach even against the important means.
4.5 improve staff training management level
Employee training management is a complex system engineering.First, must stand in the strategic height of enterprise development and effective management of staff training.Second, to develop and implement comprehensive staff training plan.Third, to establish a set of employee training and adaptation of the content in the enterprise internal management norms, comprehensive, and effective management system, the training work truly according to the law, rule-based, go on real scientific management standardization, institutionalized track.Fourth, give full play to all kinds of advanced technology in the management of employee training in the role of.

Question the effectiveness of enterprise staff training has been one of the problems facing the enterprise training, which has both the business reasons, there are factors of the staff, only from the perspective of enterprises and employees of double in-depth analysis, and take effective measures, overcome various mistakes, it can make the enterprise employee training play a real role, provide everfount qualified for the needs of the development company personnel for the development of enterprises, make enterprises keep evergreen.

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