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The structural price rises on impact on consumer behavior of college students and the Countermeasures

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[Abstract] the structural price rises from all aspects of society and people's life influence.This paper analyzes the causes of structural price rises and influence on the contemporary college students, and puts forward some concrete measures and suggestions of consumer behavior guide contemporary college students to form good consumption concept and scientific.
[keyword] structural price rises of College Students' consumption behavior of

In a new economic era of knowledge and wisdom as the leading, more and more commercial banks realize: the competition between commercial banks, in the final analysis is the competition of talents, the more accurate is the competition of the core staff.The core staff hold the core technology of the commercial banks, has the innovation ability, has the effect of play a decisive role to the development of commercial banks.How to reduce the loss of key employees, so that they can maximize the competitiveness of commercial banks provide contribution, is the commercial banks need to solve the problem.Training motivation to the core staff to bring more human capital value-added opportunities, but also enhance their loyalty to the commercial bank.This training incentives can provide spiritual motivation and intellectual support for the core staff, and more and more commercial banks favour.

The definition and characteristics of
1 core staff
Hichman Jones, western scholars have put forward the concept of "scarce human resource value".In his view, the core staff has no relation with the position, the key lies in whether the human resource scarcity, only scarce human resource value only.So most scholars in the commercial bank to master the core technology, is engaged in core business and served as the key positions, has a wide range of customer relationship, grasp the key resources of these people as the core staff.Therefore, the core staff is defined as: scarce in the human capital market, has high value, has the rich experience, with superb professional skills and management skills of employees, they are the carrier of the core competitiveness of commercial banks abroad as the core technology and core products.
(1) the high value of the core staff.Core employees have certain professional technology, management experience and high personal qualities and skills.These skills are acquired through long-term learning and practice.
(2) difficult to replace the core staff.The core employee service in commercial banks in a long time, grasp the key business and core technology in commercial banks, has a great influence on commercial banks.
(3) the demand higher levels of core staff and has stronger self development.The core staff work is not only for material reward, more important is can give full play to their own expertise, to develop their own potential, to realize self value.
(4) the core staff has low commercial bank loyalty.The core staff with high cognitive ability and rich experience are always scarce, so they must be a lot of commercial banks (especially competitor) mainly for object.

2 the training of commercial banks to the core staff of the existing problems of
At present, the domestic commercial banks also failed to staff training as a core of human resource management, not to mention the core staff training.Therefore in the core staff training in commercial bank is obviously.
(1) did not identify who are the core staff.People talk about the core employees, usually top managers in commercial banks and technical personnel as the core staff behoove.Even some commercial bank in time only to the sales staff, or too much attention to the management of personnel, think they are the core employees of commercial banks, sources regard them as commercial bank interests.
(2) no training plan.Many commercial banks have no according to the core staff's long-term development objectives and occupation planning to formulate conducive to their development programs, no special training management system, but also the lack of guidance materials training specification and the corresponding training.From the perspective of the core staff, training behavior is broken, there is no certain system.
(3) the blind training courses.There are a lot of commercial banks will be training as a trend, the actual need not based on commercial banks and the core staff in determining the training program and content, but by feeling, copy other commercial banks, training plan, training programs and the content from the actual.
(4) training method of monotone.Now commercial banks mentioned the core staff training, not the field training, classroom teaching is the most simple, no emphasis and pertinence.The reason is that the training of organizers lack professional knowledge training, resulted in a popular way to use what way what.
(5) phase separation of training and employee occupation career development.There are a lot of commercial bank training has done a very good job, the core staff ability is improved, but the commercial banks not to these core staff make good occupation career planning, and not training motivation throughout the core staff of the occupation career development.Training the ability of the core staff has been further improved, but did not play, it accelerated the loss of key employees.
(6) the lack of training effect evaluation.At present, most of the commercial banks to assess the training only to stay at the level of the two reaction level, learning level.From the view of the core staff's quality, only two levels of evaluation is not enough, the core staff more or less without challenge.Of course, many commercial banks felt behind the behavior level and the level is very difficult to do, even if it is difficult to quantify, the benefits and costs from.Therefore, Commercial Bank of little concern to the follow-up management after the training, so that to spend a lot of money on training and can't get the expected effect.
3 Countermeasures
A common understanding of commercial banks only to the core staff training to become social, commercial banks and the staff and common behavior, the core staff training incentive to enter a virtuous cycle.The specific measures are as follows:
(1) identify the core employee real.Before the training has not yet started, first should be the core staff count, according to the bank for the current stage and the future strategic direction of development, based on the definition and characteristics of the core staff to determine which employees play a strategic role in the future development of commercial banks, and they in the future development of commercial bank is indispensable.At the same time, also can timely according to the changes of environment and adjust the core employee potential.
(2) to establish an advanced training concept.Commercial banks should be advanced and appropriate training concept precipitation condensed, promote employees from a strategic perspective to understand the importance of training, establish the theory basis for staff training.Only in this way, the commercial bank and the core staff to the core staff training as a strategic task to do, the core staff can also thoroughly updated concepts, to scientific and effective training to lay solid foundation for the idea.
(3) establish the perfect training system.Commercial banks should not only establish training is a new idea of investment, but also in the practical work to strengthen the training system construction work organization and leadership.Should pay attention to start from the daily work, the formation mechanism of a set of training system in commercial banks.Through systematic thinking to the core staff to provide a continuous developing of human resource and training, to meet their learning, need to constantly update their knowledge, to promote the value of human capital of core staff.At the same time should be incorporated into the management system of training, combining training and performance appraisal, incentive and employee occupation career development, so as to meet the needs of the core staff of self realization and self - development.
(4) identifying needs, to carry out targeted training.The correct identification of the core staff training needs, do have a definite object in view.In order to meet the demand of training of core staff, relevance to reflect the development of the core staff of personal occupation career with commercial banks, make development planning and commercial bank human resources development goal of individual matching.
(5) to strengthen the core competence, collection of core employee competence of commercial banks.Commercial banks should pay attention to the collection of core competence in the possible situation, the potential for core staff training, pay attention to the cultivation of reserve talents training work of commercial banks, through the reserve personnel, can be avoided due to the commercial bank to master the core technology of the brain drain crisis.In addition, professional training of core staff accepted shall have complementary value-added, should use the team training, the core competence is the individual to avoid dilution, once the core staff leave the commercial bank, integration and interaction between could not be achieved with commercial banks.

In the era of knowledge economy, talent.
Competition will be more intense, training incentive is an important magic weapon to attract and keep talents.To solve the problem of the core staff training for commercial banks to maintain competitiveness has a very important practical significance, so do the core staff training to staff training, commercial banks in the near future will be getting better and better development.
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