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"Turnover phenomenon after 80" knowledge workers

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[Abstract] in today's society, "80 hind" knowledge workers as the fresh blood, is the decisive force, organization booming but, "after 80 employees liquidity" has become the social focus problem too strong.The author firstly elaborates the connotation of "after 80" knowledge workers and the hypothesis of human nature; on "turnover 80" knowledge workers from the perspective of personality hypothesis, and according to the turnover recommendations.
[keyword] "after 80" knowledge worker turnover and
the hypothesis of human nature

According to an investigation showed that more than half of the employers "after 80" youth accounted for more than half, of which, all the workers are "after 80" youth accounted for 0.9%, "after 80" youth accounted for most of 26.5%, accounting for about half of the 23.6%[1]."After 80" knowledge type staff occupy more and more enterprises in the position, a crucial role for the company's development and survival.However, "after 80" employees turnover frequently, according to this phenomenon, need to find by hard and thorough search, to mend his ways to save him, we first need to understand the "after 80" employee life background.

1 "after 80" the knowledge staff's definition of
Generally, the term "after 80" was first proposed by the young writer Gong xiaobing.Subsequently, "after 80" one word is used extensively in the society.The enterprise also appeared in "after 80" staff, "new word knowledge staff's 80".After 80 refers to the knowledge workers began on 1978 at the age of 21 years old -29 years old between [2], long in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the first generation of the implementation of national policy with special skills, to accept the higher education quality of the new generation of workers.

The 2 hypothesis of human nature theory [3]

Since nineteenth Century, "the management theory jungle" has appeared in Taylor's "economic man" hypothesis, that people are rational people by economic incentives to induce work motivation, the ultimate goal is to pursue the maximal economic benefits.In the leader's instructions passive job; to Mayo as the representative of the "social person" assumption, the managers can not only pay attention to complete the production task, also should be the focus of attention in the care of people, meet the people's needs, the needs of employees in addition to the economy, and social, esteem needs; Maslow "Self-actualization man" hypothesis, shifting the focus of attention from the people to the work environment, to create a suitable environment for the leader, so that employees can give full play to their potential, to realize their own value will experience peak experience at work; then the hypothesis of "complex person", "cultural man" hypothesis and "decision man" hypothesis.

3 turnover
The classification of
3.1 turnover
On the left (turnover) content, the theory has broad and narrow sense two kinds of views.Generalized turnover refers to the labor movement, labor movement from one place to another (mobile regional), or is transferred from one occupation to another occupation (moving between occupation), or is transferred from one industry to another industry (Industrial mobile) [4].
Huang Yingzhong (1997), turnover is divided into voluntary and involuntary turnover.Voluntary turnover refers to the employees decide to terminate the employment relationship, which is done in staff positions according to personal intention turnover [5].Involuntary unemployment is decided by the employer terminate the employment relationship, can generally be divided into fire and temporary layoffs, turnover by the employer or the organization of the compulsory execution, will not employees reaction.Involuntary unemployment is a normal event within the business plan, the company will not meet the requirements of employee dismissal, to some extent, can reduce the burden, is conducive to the development of the company, and voluntary turnover often make the company in a passive position, bring great harm to the company.Based on this, this paper mainly related to turnover refers to the voluntary turnover.
3.2 "after 80" Knowledge Workers Turnover reasons
(1) the individual factors.
"A lot of related 80" knowledge type staff turnover and personality.80 after the "knowledge type staff to catch up with the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the Western East, some thought influence character by environment affects the 80 generation, unwilling to yield to the traditional ideas, love adventure, impulse, individuality, detest the world and its ways, low loyalty to the enterprise, compressive ability.These characteristics led directly to the left.
(2) organizational factors.Many domestic companies, especially small and medium enterprises management is in period of "economic man hypothesis", in the guidance of production, material reward, light spirit award, knowledgeable staff after 80 unbearable dullness internal environment and turnover."After 80" knowledge workers belonging to the "complex", leaders do not know how to use the contingency theory of management personnel, so that the brain drain.The important factors of two yuan cultural conflict between [6] and organizational identity "after 80" employee turnover behavior.
(3) the social factors of
Knowledgeable staff after 80 technology advanced, open field of vision, coupled with the labor market is more active, headhunters have been established, it is easy to obtain a new position, make its bold fried squid boss.4 the theory of human nature hypothesis put forward suggestions on turnover phenomenon based on
"After 80" as the main force of enterprises, the turnover behavior will bring the inestimable loss of business, not only is the economy, the more important is the "after 80" knowledge workers as the core staff organization, master company secrets, their turnover will even cause the company's operating crisis.So, to save the enterprise loss to.The reasonable management incentive strategy will be to important to retain talent, according to the different types of "people" should be given incentives management different, the following suggestion on turnover phenomenon from "human nature hypothesis" perspective.
4.1 "social person" hypothesis of human nature and the theory of expectation of
"After 80" because the basic also belongs to the new employee, in the face of the new environment, there will be a phase of the adaptation process, the business processes are not familiar with, in the work of some of the problems encountered, compressive ability is weak, may lead to negative emotions, by the self-confidence to own and even become inferior, the organization should give timely encourage and support.Individual by pigg Marley Weng effect toward the expectations of others development.Positive expectations of organization will make the employee moving to the direction of the organization development.
4.2 "self-actualizing man" hypothesis of human nature and the need for achievement motivation theory
"After 80" has a strong competitive psychology and the approval of others awareness, enterprises should strive to create the atmosphere for the staff, form a good working feedback mechanism, the achievement to be time to give recognition and praise, to stimulate their sense of achievement.At the same time, enterprises should also pay attention to enhance the image and reputation of their own, to create a good social image for the staff, so that they are working in the business and proud, stimulate their pride.Effective incentive work achievement, can improve the staff's working enthusiasm to a great extent.
4.3 "complex man" hypothesis of human nature and contingency management theory and
An organization should according to different employees should adopt different management mechanism, to abandon the "management of the Almighty says".Post-80's knowledge workers not only has the common characteristics, but also has its own unique personality, should differ from man to man to take the suitable management mode, to give full scope to the talents, improve job satisfaction, enhance organizational commitment, reduce turnover.

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[2] Wu Ruixia, Li Yongxin. Talk about "after 80 employees incentive management" [J]. Inner Mongolia science technology and economy in 2008 February third
by personality characteristics
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