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Recruitment: grasp the needs of customers

Author: HeZuoZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-01 13:10:47 Read:
[Abstract] this paper mainly discusses how to communicate effectively for business department recruitment needs, including the potential demand and communication needs, and carries on the thorough analysis from the forward-looking, accurate, professional three dimensions, including communication points, communication, and each environment concerns, and ultimately enhance the recruitment efficiency.
[keyword] prospective accuracy of professional

In the operation and management of enterprises, the human resources as the first resource, its function is more and more prominent.Previously, many researchers discussed the theory and application of human resources six big modules of the detailed analysis, and the Department in the development of the organization can play a decisive role, therefore, recruitment, we are also common to many detailed research, such as: talent pool, recruitment system, assessment tools, the recruitment channels, interview etc..
The above research meet the eye everywhere, how HR and the business sector to potential and actual hiring needs to communicate effectively? We found on the in-depth study of little.In fact, this link can not be ignored, plays a crucial role in the later series of effective recruitment activities, also determines the recruitment effect and the business sector satisfaction on recruitment, otherwise perceptibly.
Here, I am from the forward-looking, accurate, professional three dimensions to analyze how to conduct effective recruitment needs of communication, which is accurate search base job candidates, need to recruit staff attention.

1 prospective
When it comes to recruitment, we usually think of the scene is: recruitment departments passively receive the company's recruitment needs, then search, screening, interviewing, hiring etc..In fact, as a professional recruitment of personnel, the need for active, proactive about company strategy, needs of the people, enhance the sensitivity of the business.The author suggests ways to understand the needs of the business department staff recruitment potential.
1) regular communication with business department in charge of
Demand of communication in the period of time before received a number of summary, recruitment, job level, each job screening resume number, every job interview, the number of human resources departments, recruitment interview time, number of candidate background, sources, each ring Festival time, recruitment difficulties and other information; also but personnel demand conditions, consult the forecast to the HR expectations.Through the timely communication, both sides agree more easily; on the other hand, timely understanding of business needs, to be prepared in advance to shorten the recruitment cycle.
2) human resources demand of business department to interview
The interview object is business executives, such interviews generally one to two times a year.A carefully refining interview is very important, can let the recruitment of staff in a short period of time to obtain the most valuable information.The number of demand, level distribution, high-end positions with Target Corp, can be found in the interview outline of; can communication will appear due to business adjustment project of recruitment.Finally, with the interview object make detailed job description, for non - confidential job, invite business department in advance to carry out the job interview.
3) the development direction of company and industry dynamic
Active understanding of company strategy, it can dig out the potential demand.For example, focus on corporate strategy meeting, enhance the development of the company sensitivity; in daily also need to pay attention to some of the Target Corp, such as: whether the Target Corp relocated, business adjustment, from these enterprises, and can often be found market scarce and candidates high-end position easily, and keep in regular contact with candidates, and its share in the company information, advance to reserve key talent resources.

Accuracy of
Perhaps, we have encountered this phenomenon: when the business sector recruitment needs, simply connect the JD to an E-mail form sent to the recruitment of staff, then, recruiters may spend a lot of time to resume screening, interview, implementation, but as a candidate to participate in business after the interview, the interview department is very angry interview candidates, because they found may be far from business department is expected.And the candidates actually through the resume screening, even in a HR interview.HR therefore actually spent a lot of time and energy, so where exactly is the problem? Actually, in this one, people usually ignore a link, that is HR and the business sector to position the different understanding.Therefore, in the selection of candidates, both sides have differences in standards.The exact position control is especially important for HR, in order to improve the consistency of the understanding between the two sides, the following suggestions for reference.
1) understand the position information of
* basic information of
When receiving the demand Department issued a JD, reservations required recruitment departments time, detailed post communication.Information includes name, rank, position responsibilities, education, working background, salary expectations in place, date.
Position name and level is relatively easy to understand information, and for the work content and work responsibilities, sometimes it is not easy to understand, especially the very strong technical post.So, at this time, HR may invite the business manager to introduce this position is how to arrange time to work in the Typical day, about the post KPI.The basic information about understanding on the post need, and to the candidate better promotion vacancies within the.
To advance the understanding of education, working background, the level of compensation, is helpful for HR locking a range of candidate.
* work communication and teamwork style
HR need to understand the vacancy of future around with which people communicate, communication style? How is the culture of the team? Based on these information to grasp, at the time of the interview, contribute to HR of candidate personality information to decide, and agreed with the business department.* post properties of
In order to ensure to provide better position information for candidates in the early days, HR also need to understand the nature of the job, such as whether to travel frequently, need to work overtime situation how, what time is the implementation of the system.

* Target Corp
Especially for high-end office or market scarce talent, Target Corp search key.In the communication of the job situation, can ask the hiring manager's proposal, at the direction of the search talents.
* other recruitment channels
Recruitment channel diversity on different position, effective channels are not the same, therefore, for a particular position, HR will channel with hiring manager to communicate, including the website information, industry professional certification association, and association and other resources.It is understood, many well-known enterprises have always been very highly recommended recommend, success, referral bonuses given recommender rich.Therefore, also can suggest relevant business departments in the open position, to encourage internal staff, especially the staff to recommend people try vacancies.Usually, this recommendation is also very effective, because the internal staff of the office, to the organization, are very understanding, to flow so, they recommended candidates with higher success rate; at the same time, a survey of foreign also shows, through internal candidates recommended channel, business hours and performance they will be higher.
2) and business departments for interview investigation points to communicate
Under normal circumstances, an appropriate candidate needs through several rounds of interview can eventually be hired, so in this round of interviews, the core qualification this position HR communication should also and the business sector which, these qualities are responsible for the assessment of who in the interview.When the study points allocated, both sides according to the STAR interview, to prepare the corresponding interview questions.After the interview, according to the candidates of qualification, a behavioral interview performance score, ranking.Thus, the objective of candidates to choose from.

3 professional
The recruitment process, is also a cross-sectoral cooperation process, HR to its professional to influence business department.Responsible for the Asia-Pacific region Hewitt has more than 50 enterprises of the CEO and business interviews, only ask two questions about each leader: with the human resources department to play the best experience with process; although the survey on like from different cultures, different enterprises, but the results are surprisingly similar: lack of HR business sensitive very disappointed.That analysis on the "worst experience" for business, not sensitive enough to account for the root cause of the 56%.
How to enhance the sensitivity of HR to business? Professional is an important
Conditions.In the division of labor is increasingly sophisticated society, HR needs to deepen the work content, improve the professional level, promote mutual trust interior by professional, can influence the business sector, with a strategic partner of the role to guide business human resource management.
Understand the job requirements and job itself is directly related to whether can with the fastest speed, the lowest cost to find suitable candidates, is the so-called "know yourself as well as the enemy", HR is the link of the candidates and the recruitment sector, according to the recruitment plan and specific needs understanding, as soon as possible to find suitable candidates, and candidates and HR position information can also be understood fully as communication.Therefore, it is necessary for us to refine the links in the process of recruitment.So, in order to ensure the recruitment work recognized later.
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