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Desire -- management personnel management

Author: HouNianLong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-01 12:27:30 Read:
[Abstract] we will only behavior, employees thought well, our team can be efficient to complete or approach the target, effectively team individual desire, the desire is to master our guide, let these personal desire to meet the team, this is the personnel management high level of real,! Of course, we not only consider how to satisfy the desire, but to consider the added value brought by
[keyword] behavior consciousness to guide the management of

With the development and progress of society, one word more and more widely accepted by people, namely the "management" of the word has also been more copy more mysterious, since ancient times, from the outside, the east to the west, the successful case all is analyzed toss about research, summed up a set of and a set of mode, method.And with many beautiful name, and many have advanced from basic; some more simple things is considered to be more complex, or the back of the opposite: for example, here I will talk about the personnel management.Modern management is always back and forth between people and things, but more and more people are aware of the importance of personnel management.So on the management mode, method is also emerge in an endless stream.Now I just want to go to the root of the mystery of our management, recover one's original simplicity, stripped layers of gorgeous coat from the human nature to be discussed!
First of all we have to think about the personnel management, what we did in the management of people? Of course, we all know, our management is staff code of conduct, ideology! And our behavior consciousness is what to produce and control? In fact, come to think of it is not difficult to understand, when people do anything, first there must be an idea, with the thoughts and ideas, will dominate our thoughts to control our behavior, and our mind is a desire, is popular to say this is the desire, generalization to desire dominates all our behavior consciousness, so that we in the final analysis, personnel management, but is the desire of the management of
In many successful cases of at all times and in all countries, many experts would have come from a different point of view of summing up, even in the corporate world to bulk copy, the real success can have how much? Everyone can common pitiful! But there are many people in the region, poor ah! Do not have a correct understanding of what is the root of their success! In fact their success mode or intentional, unintentional satisfies a condition, that is the desire of people for good management and guidance.
So we first have a look the desire of people what are the characteristics of the
The desire of people can reach? Not necessarily, some people the pursuit of a lifetime, but did not reach their own desire, but the desire to give the direction of his endeavors, the power it generates is infinite, many large or great goals, many people fought even through the efforts of several generations with the pay, especially in religious and political goals.
People's desire is to meet? Obviously not, since ancient times "which tries to swallow an elephant".If the desire of people can be met, the society will not progress to today this appearance! In our life, it is very obvious, in one of our goals to have another goal, the desire to reach breeds another higher desire, such as our standards of living will expect a life of high quality.
Human desire is the same? Of course not, people with the shift of living conditions, space, time, the desire will also change! It is "rich life lust, fill up robs the heart!" we hope in poverty, in the study hope to score high in all kinds of environment. Conditions, space conversion will have different expectations of
Human desires are almost the same? Absolutely not, from the above two points of view, the environment, space position of the different, the natural desire is one hundred and eight thousand miles! Everyone of us can't all in the same environment, space, location exactly the same point, even some similarities, differences will have a number of other factors causing human desires. For example, the same two people post for some conditions, the expected may be different or rank promotion, increase or money.
In terms of the features we want to people's desire to also have certain difficulty, because everyone's desire, if we can not grasp the good words, our management is very difficult. This is replicated in much of the success of the model results is not the root of
At present, the success of our company's case is really too many, but not everyone can see it, feel it! So we try to find some successful cases widely known from the life to do some research: some religious groups have been some of the widely accepted, they don't have a set of advanced management mode, but many people are consciously with him, the obligation to its work, communication! Why? It caught people's desire, to explain the meaning of life, namely, the desire to live, he gave the people to design an unreal world, let the people of the continuation of life, even if you are not sure, but you can't deny from the perspective of desire, would you believe it, such as their life metempsychosis, heaven that satisfy the human expectation life extension of
Influence of thousands of years of Chinese Confucianism, Taoism and so on various people, also be people praise, it explains the meaning of life, method, provided to the achievement that, to meet the people the desire for power and fame way and principle, so the capture he successful people! Maybe you will think, Taoism the idea is not to make people the desire to exercise restraint and advocate natural? We may reflect, on the characteristics of the real human desire, to attain it, this is a very high desire! Many similar cases, at all times and in all countries have the advantage of these things, such as the UK has advised the national reading activities, many Imperial China have the advantage of Buddhism or Taoism to countries of the successful management of
Personnel management of our how to? And how to carry on effective management to the people's desire, let it with us? We can appropriately according to some characteristics of the human desire to ease management, summed up in nothing more than the following
One, guide our desire: since the desire not to become, we do the desire of people to guide, produced by the process as much as possible so that the desire of the value to be consistent, so that each person has the same result in a different desire at the same time! Like a journey to the West of the four hold different purposes (atonement, Gao Laozhuang, Buddha etc.) and brave completed from industry! Everyone desires are not the same, but by the Buddha to be guided, process, the results are the same!
Two, of desire: the desire of human can change due to the change of environmental space, that desire is made of plastic, then we can use the desire can affect the characteristics of various methods to create an environment favorable to hint, affect its desire, let their desires as far as possible tend to be consistent, advocate in the enterprise such as a cultural atmosphere, so that all employees affected, found own goal from, let employees desire the same, at the same time give to stimulate their motivation, achieve the goal! At the same time to reach the play of their power, achieve the common purpose of some powerful! Environment is to stimulate the desire of the public, such as our war of resistance against Japan, the people of the whole country have the same enemy and hatred; in the people are destitute. When people have hope, rich Ankang desire to forge ahead.During the Olympic Games, to mobilize the number of people excited mood, according to the reality shock, touch one deeply in the heart can be seen from the example of the habit of people, we can create a favorable environment to stimulate our common desire!
Three, set ambitious goals, giving the general desire: the pursuit of instilling ideas, that can reach, use it to guide the direction of the effect, to get people to follow.Here we can use both two cases to illustrate: A, our party, the final goal is to complete the communist.Through strong advocacy, many martyrs for the faith shed, shed blood! Die! B, there is now an MLM organizations, through their powerful propaganda, the desire of people the pursuit of fame and fortune, so that many people are willing to suffer.Although they are not legal, but in the desire management in speaking, they are successful! For example, we can effectively make use of some characteristics of the human (the sense of responsibility, caring heart, sense of honor and so on) to set some social responsibility goals to stimulate our employees
We will only behavior, employees thought well, our team can be efficient to complete or trend
To the target, effectively achieving team individual desire, the desire is to master our guide, let these personal desire to meet the needs of the team, this is the management of high level really,! Of course, we not only consider how to satisfy the desire, but must consider the needs of value-added desire brings the!
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