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Relationship of the economic efficiency of enterprises and the development of human resources management

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[Abstract] economic size is the main evaluation standard management achievements of enterprises, human resources are the most important factors of production resources, all the therefore, complementary relationship, between the economic efficiency of enterprises and the development of human resources management, complement each other."People" as a resource, how to maximize employee personality, increase the benefits of human resource, it is particularly important to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises and social benefits.
[keyword] enterprise economic benefits of enterprise human resource relationships.

In the process of economic and social development in, management concept has also undergone a revolutionary change, mode of personnel management to "things" as the center of traditional industrial era is the era of knowledge economy, gradually "people-oriented" human resources management model replaced, enterprise management gradually into the human resource management is the core of modern management era.Understanding of the nature of human resource management has also undergone a revolutionary change, namely: human resources management is not only to provide intelligent support, and it is a key factor to decide whether the organization can effectively create economic benefit.

The core essence of 1 human resource management is to create benefits of
The fundamental starting point of all economic activities of enterprises is to improve the economic benefits of the enterprise, if an enterprise with advanced technology, equipment and a certain scale of production, but without a good talent, it is hard to imagine there will be stable and lasting economic benefits.Measure of the economic benefit concept and management activities of the starting point of modern enterprises is a common cognition and evaluation of affairs, people pay attention to the evaluation of economic benefits is the relationship between input and output.But in an enterprise, the most basic elements of architecture into enterprise is in every individual, therefore, enterprise benefit creation process, essence is the enterprise according to the business plan, and take effective measures, actively mobilize every member and organization, scientific use of material and financial resources management process.
The advent of knowledge economy era, greatly improved the status of human resource in the organization of personnel technical advantages: organizations from tissue development in knowledge and technology and innovation, production and marketing advantages derived from excellent talents, in a word, the organization each link to create benefits are made "people" to complete the.But the essence of human resource management is around with "people" as the core, to people and organizations, people and the environment, people and people, people and things as the object of study, the internal principle, grasp the inherent laws of nature, respect for human nature, perception, and through a series of effective measures, the subjective initiative fully and to mobilize the people, to promote and improve the human resources of the input-output ratio, so as to scientifically use of financial and material resources, create more economic benefits for enterprises.Focus of modern human resources management, has support from the original functions of personnel management, to actively create benefits.Therefore, the essence of human resource management is to create benefit.

2 human resources and economic benefits of the relationship between
Human resource is the most important factor in all production resources, influence the level of economic efficiency of enterprises affected by human resource directly, to measure the economic benefits of the enterprise from the angle of economics, is shown as the input-output relationship.More specifically, it is a comprehensive enterprise of capital, technology, equipment, the brand's influence, human resources and other factors.This relationship can be expressed as: 1. The economic benefit of the enterprise = f (capital, technology and equipment, the brand's influence human resources, other); the benefits of human resource =g (staff qualifications, manpower planning, training, performance and remuneration, other).
But from the individual's point of view, evaluation of human resources in enterprise management is usually a comparative evaluation, in most cases, human resource benefit more performance for the overall economic efficiency of enterprises to improve the.Here to introduce shadow benefit to describe human resource benefit.The so-called shadow effect, refers to this benefit and can not return on investment, production cost efficiency directly reflects the value of enterprises, but through the drive and other integration of resources, with the help of other elements of the role of benefit.How to evaluate human resources shadow benefit, from the function evaluation of human resource in business.Such as the top of the tip, the operational efficiency of enterprises is the representation of both funds, technology and equipment, the brand's influence, human resources and other factors, the benefit index so as to form the enterprise human resources.More intuitive, benefit is reflected in the income and cost.Namely: Profit = income - cost, or: Profit = income / cost.
Cost is not only embodied in labor data, but also contains the human costs, such as salaries and benefits, recruitment and training of all human investment and related costs.Therefore, how to maximize the benefits of human resource, enhance the overall interests of the enterprise has become an important subject of enterprise managers.3 to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, improve the overall economic benefits of the basic way of organization of the
Modern human resources management to "person" as the core, emphasize the regulation and development of psychology, consciousness is a dynamic, starting the fundamental management point is "focusing on people", optimize the management system comes down to the people and things, to enable enterprises to achieve the best social and economic benefits.Especially the person as a resource to protect, guide and development.Can say the essence of modern human resources management is to understand human nature, respect human nature, people-oriented.For an enterprise, human resource management is to establish a recruiting talents and inspire staff enthusiasm and creativity of the management mechanism, the human resources as a kind of wealth to the development of mining and the accumulation of appreciation, and promote the comprehensive development of enterprises and sustainable development.
The incentive and constraint mechanism is the core of modern human resources management.The United States Harvard University psychologist William found James on the incentive effect of staff at the time of the study, hourly wage workers can only play its capacity of 10% ~ 30%, and are fully motivated employees, the ability to play 80% ~ 90%.The results of this study shows that: the human potential is great, as long as the dig it out, its role is inexhaustible.Therefore, as a manager, you need from the enterprise's strategic height, to renew the management concept, carefully study the enterprise spirit, material changes in demand, formulate corresponding management incentives and incentive measures, and from the organization to ensure that, in order to enhance the management and flexibility, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, tapping their potential, inspire their emotions, to maximize its role, to achieve the strategic goal of service.
The rational allocation of human resources is one of the key talent management.The rational allocation of human resources of enterprises, is refers to the enterprise existing staff to all, reasonably obtains its ability, ability, role position.The rational allocation of the standard is to make the existing human resources intelligence and ability are able to make full use of, which give full scope to the talents "".Therefore we should pay attention to the following three aspects:
First of all, on the basis of the ability to post, the implementation of "the creation of new economic point of growth ability orientation", is an important way for enterprises survive and develop in the market economy.Enterprises to use, in personnel, inertia, consciously or unconsciously, once the continuation of the "human-shegang" approach, with changes in economic environment and enterprise development, human Shegang approach has become an important factor restricting the development of enterprises, replace sb. Is the "people" in the gang practice.Through the competition to gradually achieve the gang, the gang of people, each of its goals.Secondly, follow the reasonable structure of everyone in the configuration principle.In the allocation of human resources in enterprises, should not only consider the personal factors, but also consider the quality of the group, configuration structure of ideal should be both take it long, complementary advantages.Colony quality is far greater than the individual quality.Thirdly, the laws of nature respect personnel flow.Workers have long been in a form of organization is often a lack of vitality, is not conducive to creativity and enthusiasm.Work should respect the natural flow, curb blind flow, strengthen intelligence flow, the enterprise existing human resources to the best configuration and the best condition.
In conclusion, human resource management is the essence of power source for an organization to create efficiency, establish a scientific, systematic human resources management system, designed to human resource planning as the center of the enterprise development strategy, take positive and effective measures, fully mobilize people's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, will be decided in order to create benefit and long-term sustainable development of an enterprise are key.
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