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Analysis of the market of technological innovation diffusion mechanism

Author: YuGuangJian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-01 11:00:12 Read:
Papers Key words: power market of technological innovation diffusion mechanism Transfer Mode
Abstract: This paper argues that technological innovation diffusion process in a continuous cycle of progressive market, discuss, and then asked the high-tech market diffusion towards the dynamic mechanism and transfer mode. Classification of technological innovation, the market diffusion mechanism exploration
And traditional industries, high-tech industry from little or limited by hard resource Origin and large quantities of the conditions of carriage, it is the most important carrier of innovative technology and market information. Only through the diffusion of technological innovation in order to make the market specialization and commercialization of high-tech to be truly established.
Technological innovation: the starting point for the spread of the market
Technological innovation, understood as a high-tech invention is the first application process into commodities, and the diffusion of technological innovation technological innovation diffusion process from diffuse sources to potential. Diffusion of technological innovation, began in the initial gradually carried out with the diffusion process, innovation potential adopters to adopt. Adoption becomes potentially innovative providers. Therefore be seen as a source of innovation diffusion of a molecule, thereby expanding the market diffusion process of the new source of proliferation of technological innovation. Throughout the course of the rapid development of high-tech industry can be seen, the law of technological innovation of high-tech industry at least show the following trends: technological innovation investment is gradually over the capital investment, competition among enterprises has gone beyond the narrow boundaries of the industry, high-tech gradually by enterprises in other industries competitive threat, the technical fusion has been replaced by technological breakthroughs become the main form of technological change, market-oriented guide technological innovation in some industries, so that technological innovation is no longer a random process, but along the certain 'track' development. Examine from the starting mechanism of technological innovation, an industry is a collection of some companies have some similar characteristics, the rapid acceleration in a high-tech industry, technology updates. Microelectronics industry, for example, in just a few decades, has appeared transistors instead of vacuum tubes, integrated circuits replace discrete components and then to the LSI, VLSI development. Each time the emergence of new technologies, will lead to changes in the competitive landscape. Dynamic random access memory ((RAM) almost every three years, four years there is a new generation of products appear along with the amount of RAM memory development from 1K to 4K, 16K, 64K, 256K, 640K, ranking of the five largest chip company in the world almost every year changing is worth noting that determine the technical development process, demand-oriented plays a leading role, but the technology to guide the direction along the demand must have a certain technical basis in a variety of possible technological breakthroughs direction, it is one of the most close to the characteristics to meet the market demand.
market diffusion mechanism Classification of the.
From the perspective of economic geography, technology diffusion is the technology innovation space propagation or the process of transferring. Technological innovation is due to the market demand and technological development, both coupled to each other to form. A technological innovation because it can improve the system efficiency and create a higher value; or labor-saving and capital savings; improve the quality of system functions and creating new markets, so they technology innovator and its surrounding space produce two potential difference. "In order to eliminate this difference, a balanced force will promote innovation outward diffusion and dissemination, or the surrounding area to eliminate differences and learn to imitate and learn from, the proliferation of this technology through technology transfer, information exchange, and international trade can be achieved. well-known American economist Joseph Schumpeter ((i 'A' Schumpeter): the wave of technological innovation has resulted in the expansion of bank credit and demand for production materials , causing economic upsurge, when innovation has been more enterprises to adopt profit opportunities tend to disappear, this demand will be reduced, but technological innovation is not stopped. equilibrium will be new innovations constantly breaking, so to spur economic growth. technological innovation to promote the industry to the prosperity of the process can be divided into three layers sector. (1) in order to seek additional benefits, companies have to innovate; (2) other enterprises in order to share such an interest on new products, new technology to imitate ; (3) in order to survive, the original adaptive imitate Schumpeter from the concept of technological innovation with more staff to explain the process of economic cycles and economic growth in the main industrialized countries. market diffusion type structure at market spatial location in the diffusion process variation characteristics to examine three main types; (1) extended diffusion which is characterized by the spread of the point of the surrounding area around the origin of innovation, continuous diffusion in space this type is subject to the control of the distance factor , nearest neighbor effects. (2) hierarchical diffusion. follow certain level of technological innovation sequence order diffusion such as enterprise economies of scale, technical level, economic structure, social status and its determinants for the innovation potential of the recipient. (3) displacement spread. balanced displacement of technological innovation recipient of change over time, it is mainly because of the flow of talent or other forms of population movements caused by the diffusion of technology change the angle to the spatial location of the three types. worth to Italy, is the high-tech overall macro-diffusion, high-tech Industrial Development Zone as the spatial concentration of high-tech innovation, it revolves around the source of technological innovation and expand. exactly like the Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone layout at the geometric center of the high-density area of ??Xi'an intellectual resources, research and development as the origin of technological innovation, research institutions and universities with a high level of peripheral, and thus can be said that it is precisely because the intensity distribution of the law of value and technological achievements decision of its innovative area but in the actual process of industrialization, due to the law of value, wages, land policy and look for markets such as manufacturing part of the agency will be to other local diffusion, the formation of a new industrial zone bit distribution. should be pointed out the expansion of technological innovation in the market diffusion of hierarchical diffusion, the displacement diffusion theory mode in the actual diffusion process is not completely separated due to the large market and non-market factors affecting the diffusion of technology, the spread of high-tech may be two or a combination of three types of recent years, Boone (Boon), American economist, put forward in the process of hierarchical diffusion-based industrial growth, there is a certain level of system center, the size of its largest center for P, the center of the n scale Pn, technology diffusion bit sequence may be considered as: Pn = Pr 'n8 where n is the scale of progression, 8 index, the between various diffusion of sub-centers will inevitably produce the exchange of technical information if a proliferation of sub-centers amount of technical information received less than a limited interaction, the sub-centers unable to complete the proliferation of high-level diffusion center and other centers of re-diffusion process., high-tech the spread of market trends dynamic mechanism and transfer mode
Diffusion of technological innovation in addition to its spatial diffusion trend for integration but also in technological innovation in the market with analysis. The trend mechanisms for the diffusion of technological innovation can be summarized as follows: (1) the gravitational law. The problem of technological innovation is always transferred to the gravitational direction of the largest. When a technological innovation at the same time the face of gravity comes from several sources, he transferred to the gravitational direction of the largest. When the market efficiency. When both attraction and repulsion exists, only gravity greater than repulsion technology, technology transfer can be carried out smoothly. (2) gradients tend to be small law. As a knowledge-intensive technology, high-tech, you need to let the other party have the appropriate level of technology and the ability to accept, if not with, the trend of the market efficiency was tend to be small. (3) to adapt to changes to the law. The transferee shall transfer technological innovation aptamer diffusion tends to produce a solution should changes can play a role in the new market environment. (4) accelerate the transfer law. Technological innovation faster and faster in recent years, a number of technical innovations within a few months the completion of the transcontinental transfer. Some scholars believe that from the beginning of the 20th century to the present, the high-tech "two and a half transfer, the overall direction is" west to east ". The first transfer occurred in the shift from Western Europe to the U.S. Atlantic coast; second occurred in the United States, the transfer from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast; third has occurred, mainly by the United States transferred to the direction of Japan . Well-known economic location theory expert, Sweden ˹е (Hage-stFand) improvements and radio popularity phenomenon of biotechnology research found that high-tech innovation in the market have a certain statistical laws of diffusion at different time and space, Simply put, the recipients at the beginning stage less drastic increase in the intermediate stage, the latter also increasingly reduced, normal distribution curve, expressed in mathematical form: dyldt = (a-by) (a> 0.6> 0) , y represents the cumulative quantity of the high-tech receiving party, which means that the diffusion speed of the high-tech in time. He believes that the use of technology, technology diffusion process low-grade center is not likely to solve practical problems in the method technology breakthrough, feedback spread even to the senior center, especially in highly developed economic regions, the recipient of the technical level improve the center of the relationship between the scale and the potential weakening phenomenon is more pronounced. Thus, the specific mode of innovation and technology transfer do a summarized: First, the receive mode. The main objective is the introduction of technology to improve their own technological development capability. Introduction of the object is more mature high-tech development and the new process, the introduction to license trade, based on the technology and equipment in China to gradually replace imported strengthen their own advanced technology and systematic. Second, to promote mode. The main objective of the introduction of technology to enhance their innovation capabilities of the transferee, the introduction of the object is the transfer of the Fang Ganggang Get technological breakthrough results, the introduction method is to hire an expert to buy experimental techniques, and collaborative research. The introduction of hierarchy based on maintaining a leading position in the high-tech field, the aim is to develop products in the international market competitiveness.
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