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The new employment university student employee training strategy

Author: YiXunHua From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-01 10:55:20 Read:
[Abstract] the high new university-graduate staff turnover rate, will increase the cost and effect of its sustainable development.How to reduce the turnover rate, is those who accept a number of college students employment, hi-tech enterprise in the stage of rapid development of the urgent need to address the problem.In this paper, through the analysis of population characteristics of new employment of college students and vocational training for employees to amend its turnover motive, improve their job performance, cultivate their positive emotion, and improve the job satisfaction and organizational commitment, and other aspects of the role, design a targeted vocational training mode and strategy.
[keyword] induction training and general training in occupation training on-the-job training in

The new employee is the employment of university students with higher stock of human capital of labor resources, is an important reserve force and improve the innovation ability of enterprises.Enterprises in the recruitment of qualified university graduates, if can maintain long-term, make full use of the talent, not only can reduce the cost caused by brain drain, but also can improve labor productivity, innovation and competitiveness of the enterprise.However, a great number of statistics show that, in recent years, new employment university graduates high turnover rate, brought great trouble to the enterprise, the reason, I think, with the enterprise on a new recruit to the college staff induction training there is attention degree is not enough, not thorough on the group features analysis and understanding, to the training aims, training content, training methods no specific rigid, training time arrangement unreasonable, training evaluation feedback mechanism is not sound and other factors.

1 group characteristics of new university-graduate staff
The new employment university staff has its own unique characteristics, causes them to enterprise's organizational commitment and loyalty to establish relatively difficult, enterprises need to design suitable human resource management system of to be overcome, the induction training mode design is needed to be the first to bear the brunt of in-depth analysis of the characteristics of their basis.
Strange feeling.College students entering the job market, understanding the enterprise is almost blank, enterprise system, history, culture, business environment so that they feel strange; the preference of enterprises, superiors and colleagues work style, will also make them feel uncomfortable.Before the students into the old staff group, the strangeness omnipresent.
The tension.New university-graduate staff often worry that their work is correct, whether they get colleagues.If they will not firm enough, lack of self-confidence, it is very easy to evolve into doing things shilly-shally, low work efficiency.
High expectations.For the vast majority of students staff, university stage is a simple and secure life, learning, life, communication, entertainment is regular, in such an environment, easy germination of romance and ideal, and therefore are relatively high on the enterprise, expectations about the future, for enterprises to provide development adequate space for the.
Like does not like.New university-graduate staff easy to accept fresh things, like in the variable work environment for the development of new often, for their career pursuit is far more than for a steady pursuit.And because of the occupation career early, due to their occupation choice of anchor or change often shilly-shally.
Stand on one's own, realize self value.College students are mostly only children, used to express their opinions, self consciousness is relatively prominent; advocating freedom, usually choose to do the things you like.Because of abundant knowledge reserve, in the work and pay more attention to the realization of self-worth, higher than the sense of belonging to the company on the occupation preference, willing to put the interests, as a business to do; do not fear authority, dare to express their views and innovation.
High emotional low, "compression" degree.Uninhibited personality makes university graduates with high emotional features easily influenced by outside factors, psychological volatile, when the reality and ideal not balanced, easily lead to a sense of failure.
For fair competition, is [1].Fair competition is almost "standards of students after 80", they have received higher education, but also has a very strong self-esteem and self-confidence, so the emphasis on all things by their ability to create a fair environment, committed to the pursuit of personal ability, always put the lifting and career development as the goal.Once encounter "unfair", it is easy to cause extreme unsatisfaction.

2 new university-graduate staff induction training effect of
Vocational training is provided to new staff adaptability training enterprises, effect and enterprise the staff to improve work efficiency for the purpose of training has different characteristics, for new employment university staff of this special group, effect of vocational training is mainly manifested in the following aspects.
The employment of university students to improve new employee's job performance.Due to the enterprise, the content of the post and responsibility of internal and external cooperation with the staff, students staff in enterprises are facing a period of low work efficiency, work quality worse predicament.Therefore, vocational training for their work needs, to help them familiar with the enterprise environment, organizational environment, job responsibilities and authority, the work method of operation as soon as possible, improve their work ability and work efficiency, reduce the pressure brought by the low work efficiency to them and panic.To improve the performance will increase the chance of promotion, cultivate their positive emotion, and improve the job satisfaction and organizational commitment, make it into a virtuous cycle of occupation development.
College Students' employment training new employee corporate identity.Induction training stage is the staff really stand in the master's point of view to think about a business prospects, its companies jointly with the key to the future period, between employees and enterprises start to establish the organizational commitment of the start of.Induction training can help trainees aware of yourself in the development of enterprises in the future, the recognition and identification of corporate culture and history, will determine whether the new employment university employees are willing to pay for the enterprise their loyalty, and ways of improving their organizational commitment.
To assist the new employment university staff to build relationships within the enterprise harmonious.According to psychologists, people in the unfamiliar environment and easy to show excitement and anxiety, not adapt to the unfamiliar environment and for their own future uncertainty will let people have strong interpersonal communication motivation.The new employment staff of college students just entering the business, a stranger, work environment, so that they feel intense anxiety, and vocational training should be a platform for them to build your network, convenient for them to communicate and interact with the old staff, relationship and cooperative work staff Jian Lirong consistent, in order to improve their work enthusiasm and a sense of belonging.Interpersonal satisfaction, also will bring increased social support, establish positive emotion, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and corporate loyalty.
On the expression of new university-graduate staff attention.Induction training takes the material cost and opportunity cost.The enterprise conduct orientation for new employees that enterprise employment of university students, to their personal abilities, they choose to join the admiration of the enterprise, their prospects for the future development of promise.To make them feel that business leaders of their own importance, their value to the company and their respected.Respect to meet demand can effectively reduce their turnover intention, improve their work enthusiasm and organizational commitment.
To help the new students' employment employees to achieve personal development.Induction training should raise students' employment competence of staff, work experience and other abilities, so as to improve their value, to achieve the work contents and permission changes, enhance its chances of the replacement of the new work, improve their job involvement, job expectations and promotion may reduce repetitive and monotonous work, sex, improve the job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

3 new university-graduate staff induction training mode and strategy of
Induction training for new employment university graduates, improve the satisfaction of employee organizational commitment and loyalty, has a positive effect on reducing the turnover rate and so on, if the company can design reasonable orientation training courses, improve the mechanism to explore and evaluate staff's ability and quality, to guide its turnover behavior, will be able to retain staff excellent college students the enterprise needs.
3.1 clear vocational training objective
The new employment of college students will be according to their own feelings and the evaluation of enterprise performance, decided to choose how to seek development in the enterprise is the enterprise as a springboard or join in the transition period, and the enterprise culture, management behavior will affect their work attitude, performance and interpersonal relationships.So, the vocational training objective is: to help them know themselves, the correct understanding of the enterprise, the difference between ideal and reality, in order to reduce complaints, eliminate the psychological pressure
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