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Study on the problems and Countermeasures of human resource integration in enterprise merger and acquisition

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The key words: M & A integration of human resources incentive
A, M & a destination
in today's world, the new economy to high-tech as the leading development change rapidly, the advent of knowledge economy and economic globalization, make the enterprise the shortage, the most important resource is not capital, but the high level talents.Enterprise merger and acquisition, how to integrate the acquisition of two people is the most important issue to be solved in merger and acquisition.Mergers and acquisitions expert bruce Wasserstein had pointed out that "the success of mergers and acquisitions depends on not only the target enterprise's ability to create value, but a greater extent depends on the integration after M & a".As Joseph c.kralling stated that "man is the foundation of an enterprise, is the successful acquisition of the" key "good guys, you manage transactions, the successful acquisition, nothing is more important than the people".
Problems and reasons of
two, enterprises in the integration of human resources.
(a) a "power vacuum" problem of
enterprise in mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions will encounter "power vacuum" and a series of organization structure.If the new leadership, reconstruction of organization structure of new functional departments have not been completed.Cause tissue cannot operate efficiently even unable to operate.Serious impact on Enterprise M & A integration and mergers and acquisitions to late.
(two) the senior management and the loss of key employees and
as early as 1981, management guru Drucker pointed out the M & A will face the danger of Party executives loss of mergers and acquisitions.Devoted to the study of the merged party executive turnover problem is that, after the merger the merged party managers a batch of departure, the Domino phenomenon will last for at least 9 years.
cultural conflict
different cultural enterprises in the implementation of M & A after a long period of time, there will be cultural exclusion and cultural conflict phenomenon to varying degrees, the specific performance of cultural conflict, cultural conflict image system, cultural conflict, cultural conflict.And these conflicts brings great pressure to the enterprise staff, some staff worried that it is difficult to adapt to the new environment, or on the fusion of the culture is difficult to identity, only to avoid the outward flow due to friction two corporate culture in the integration of.
the importance of neglect human resources integration in M & a process
in the enterprise merger and acquisition people tend to pay attention to and consider more is the target companies such as capital, inventory, machinery and equipment, such as factors of debt.In contrast, human resources factors needed for the success of enterprise M & A has often been conceal or ignore.If the core staff leave the target enterprises, then enterprises through mergers and acquisitions are just hard assets.Convergence of capital is mergers and acquisitions first step, eventually need coordination on human resources integration of complete.The integration of human resources strategy in
three, enterprise in mergers and acquisitions
1, before the acquisition.In the period before the merger talks, should deeply understand each other enterprises, determine the new enterprise after merger would appear, then the merger and acquisition of enterprises to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, in order to understand the organization chart, enterprise's salary welfare system.At the same time, should be a detailed understanding of the acquirer's senior management, and key personnel have an important influence on the company, informal communication with them, understand their attitude to mergers and acquisitions, and mergers and acquisitions of reason, and the new company of key personnel attitude and policy.Through communication, let the staff know merger motivation, purpose and effect, allowing employees to find herself in the new location for the Corporation of the future, in order to minimize the for M & a panic and personnel loss.
2, integration in mergers and acquisitions.First of all, a clear human resources attitude, reasonable arrangements for staff.Secondly, in the process of mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions of enterprises should consider strengthening communication and exchanges between two sides of M & a staff.Communication should run through the whole process of integration.Optimal communication strategy is the beginning of the establishment of a conventional communication channels, including formal and informal.Once again, as the goal realization of interests purchase, merger and acquisition of enterprises according to the need and the actual situation of the enterprises of both sides to send professional management ability, at the same time, honest and reliable as the integration director company goals, to ensure full conformity effect.Once again, because of mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions both employees will inevitably overlap or are insufficient, which requires enterprises to develop appropriate staffing principle, to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise after acquisition.Finally, in our country the everything have to consider the problem, engaged in merger and acquisition activity also is such.
3, after the merger.First of all, is the integration of culture, the so-called "cultural integration", referring to the different culture, after the merger, split, strengthening, weakening, the formation of a new culture.Mergers and acquisitions in the cultural integration should follow the "seek truth from facts, learn from each other, promoting management" principle.Secondly, the stable human resources integration of policy also needs to have the substantive incentives to match, from the personal interests of the employees for their sake, give it preferential terms of appointment.So that employees have a sense of security in the future, for the restructuring of the enterprises sense of identity and belonging, to stimulate their sense of responsibility and mission, to enable them to work hard in the new enterprise.
The end of four,

integration of human resources in M & A is the most important and difficult part of M & A, facing this new change, whether the merger or the acquirer should face by the positive point of view, both sides pay particular attention to strengthening communication, for the moment to solve ideological problems of employees, improve employee morale, it plays an important role in.
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