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Discussion on the construction of the university research management team incentive mechanism

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[Abstract] this paper from the management of scientific research personnel own reason and the external environment analysis of the scientific research management team in universities, combining the incentive theory, approach to the construction of scientific research management team incentive mechanism is put forward from different angles, in order to ensure that the construction of scientific research management in Universities, scientific management to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, provide powerful security improvement and development for the overall strength of colleges and universities.

[construction of incentive mechanism of scientific research management team Keywords]

The management of scientific research is a numerous variables in relation to the dynamic management, is a set of planning, coordination and service in one of the activities.In this paper, combined with the current scientific research management team problems, combining the incentive theory, from the establishment of good team incentive, target assessment and self management incentive, material and spiritual incentive combination, the training incentive and so on several aspects to construct reasonable incentive mechanism, arouse the enthusiasm of the management of scientific research personnel, better services for the majority of researchers to promote the healthy development of colleges and universities, scientific research institutions.

1 scientific research management status quo and existing problems of
Thirty years of reform and opening up, the development of higher education in China has experienced a golden age, fruitful results achieved are all aspects of construction.With respect to the construction of teachers team, management team especially the construction of scientific research management team slightly behind, mainly has following several aspects.
1.1 the management of scientific research personnel of their own problems of
The enthusiasm and efficiency of 1.1.1 management of scientific research personnel working with low [1]

With the leadership and the vast majority of researchers attach importance to scientific research, scientific research management task has become the more important, also more and more high quality requirements, and the total number of school scientific research management has not increased accordingly, which many managers only mechanical, carry out management, the lack of enthusiasm.Many of the management of scientific research work, lack of standardized work flow, can not give full play to the individual subjective initiative, make work efficiency is not high.
The comprehensive quality management of scientific research is not strong 1.1.2 [2]

First, many managers in planning aspect ability, learning ability, scientific research and information absorption treatment capacity is not high.In addition as the management of scientific research personnel, but also external communication, organization and coordination ability, many managers because of the specialty and its character, ability, comprehensive ability in this aspect are not high.
There are 1.2 scientific research management personnel in the external environment of
1.2.1 welfare, the instability of [3]
Schools lack the incentive mechanism of strong, appraised or rewarded, welfare benefits, the management of scientific research personnel is not due to return.Especially there are many two sector research secretary is a part-time job, no full-time program, once encounter good working conditions, living treatment department or unit, will leave the Department of scientific research management, scientific research management team stability influence.
1.2.2 on the management of scientific research personnel heavy use, light culture of [4]
Many colleges and universities, heavy use, light culture is a common phenomenon in the management of scientific research personnel.Because the scientific research management positions too little, scientific research management work of the task.If you encounter many part-time leadership, regardless of culture on the management of scientific research personnel.If things go on like this, the consequences of management personnel's service quality is not timely to improve, it affects the quality of management, sustainable development and promote scientific research is very bad.

2 to establish the incentive mechanism of scientific management of the significance of [5] and
"Incentive" is to unmet needs as the basis, using a variety of goals inspire motivation, drive and induced behavior, the realization of target, improve the need to satisfy the continuous psychological and behavioral process degree.
2.1 to promote the personal development, strengthening the scientific management of the internal cohesion of
Through the overall target itself, objectives and tasks in the development of scientific research management and scientific research personnel management, usually work achievement and wage bonuses, the quality and evaluation of the objectives and tasks to complete the advanced assessment, linked to the title, inspire us to make every attempt to overcome difficulties, to achieve their respective goals responsibility.In the aspect of promotion, the appointment of professional titles, as they create a condition actively, so that they see a bright future in scientific research management.
2.2 to improve the management efficiency, promote the rapid development of
the school scientific research
Use of incentive mechanisms to stimulate the motivation to work, let the staff between people, and according to the comparison judgment to guide action, improve the quality of service.So in the process of scientific research management, can achieve the smooth exchange of information, improve the quality of service, with a positive work attitude for researchers to make logistics support work, to further promote the healthy and rapid development of school scientific research.
2.3 to enrich and improve the school operation mechanism and management system of
With system idea as guidance, the overall planning and the establishment of incentive mechanism, establish the relevant incentive policies and operation mechanism, the incentive to become the strong support of scientific research management in Colleges and universities long-term sustainable development, effectively mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of the management staff, the scientific research management behavior guidance to the healthy development of the school scientific research track.The full implementation of the integrated management system reform, comprehensively promote the reform of teaching, scientific research, management and use of each system, examination system and distribution system, the personnel system, change management functions, promote personnel reasonably, broken the equalitarianism in income distribution, the formation of the personnel management of incentive and competitive mechanism, establish and improve the incentive policy and the corresponding work responsibility evaluation measures, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the school work.3 construction of scientific research management in universities an effective incentive mechanism to the basic ideas of
The management of scientific research in Colleges and universities must update the concept in the new situation, to fully understand the status and function of management of scientific research work in the scientific research of college, aware of their work is the important guarantee to create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere for scientific research personnel in Colleges and universities.
The 3.1 team building good incentive
First of all, communication and coordination between, strengthen management and scientific research personnel management personnel and management personnel, so as to make everyone realize the maximization of personal work ability, so as to maximize the team performance.Secondly, the incentive mechanism to follow the principle of fairness, the incentive mechanism is the same for any person, establish a fair, reasonable evaluation system, rewards and punishments, follow a consistent incentive standards.Efforts to build a loose, high efficiency, convenient research environment for the school scientific research workers, to maximize the benefits of scientific research activities of the whole system, the minimum of cost.
3.2 the implementation of
incentive target assessment and self management
On the management of scientific research personnel should be determined according to different target in different positions, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each member, considering the different management of process objectives, and all the incentives have short-term, medium-term and long-term of the points, so that all staff have their work development goals and the pursuit of.Self management incentive mechanism, consciousness as the research staff at the school and School of scientific research development, embodies cognition to accomplish their job seriously and the realization of self value.
3.3 material and spiritual incentive combination of incentive mechanism of
To ensure the stability of the team of university scientific research management, it is important to care about them.In material incentive can be used, wages, bonuses, welfare, incentive and punishment, paid vacation.In the spirit of the incentives can adopt the occupation development incentive, promotion incentive, emotional incentive, honor incentive.
3.4 to carry out the training incentive
On the scientific research management staff training may through the following channels: (1) there are plans to organize the management of scientific research personnel knowledge education, improve education, guarantee the renewal of knowledge; (2) employ scientific management experience of outside experts, on-site guidance and training in the form of lectures; (3) through the corresponding school schools visits, go out of your way to exchange research advanced management experience, to come in; (4) regularly to the exchange of management experience, improve the management level as the theme of the symposium, to explore effective ways of scientific research and management rules; (5) a plan selection of outstanding management personnel, to foreign universities to learn advanced management experience.Thus, to fully guarantee the scientific research management team at a high level, in order to meet the needs of scientific research management.
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