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The incentive mechanism of human resources in Higher Vocational Colleges demonstration research

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[Abstract] the reform of personnel distribution system is the key and difficulty of the reform of the management system model school construction, according to the work principle, the investigation on the part of demonstration construction college, and for how to fully arouse the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of staff put forward direction and ideas.
[keyword] personnel distribution system model school construction in

The reform of personnel distribution system is an important subsystem of the reform of university management system, is also the key and difficult reform demonstration school building management system.As early as 1994, the Ministry of health minister Chen Minzhang put forward in the national health work conference report: "to implement the priority of efficiency, taking into account the principle of fairness in the distribution system,......To establish a stable team, effectively mobilize the distribution system "health technical personnel's enthusiasm and creative spirit of [1].In recent years, many domestic hospitals and some other universities have carried out the reform of the distribution system, especially the construction of demonstration which binding conditions and their own situation, explores the reforms in personnel distribution system, learning from their reforms and experience, for the construction of demonstration school my school to further deepen the reform, optimization reform program is very useful.

Research background of
In 2008 July, the school of national demonstrative higher occupation colleges construction projects in the national Ministry of education and the Ministry of finance project, school work center of gravity has been around the construction of demonstration schools, departments workload and responsibilities will also change, which requires the reform of the current management system and distribution system to support the construction of demonstration college.Therefore, we from the system and management mode to promote, support model school construction smoothly, to ensure that the construction project passed the acceptance, visited a number of domestic model school construction project unit, such as to Guangzhou much home, Shenzhen Institute of technology Career Academy *, Qujing * vocational school, Tianjin and many other occupation colleges to carry out research.

The 2 survey of
These schools have formed their unique about the personnel incentive system practices and characteristics, such as fully quantified, in order to promote the development of school work.Tianjin University of teaching workload, the number of scientific research to quantify, respectively formulate "* school research workload calculation method" and "* school teachers teaching workload calculation method" and other documents.In these documents, all in all kinds of professional and technical personnel of have to be based on the scoring standard score, total score of each item of income, namely individual research or teaching workload workload score.They through the combination of various methods, find a suitable method of scientific, reasonable, specific quantitative evaluation, mainly aims at the teaching curriculum, class, student number, paper number, winning level, research funding, political thought, working ability, the level of business, teaching, scientific research and other specific data with different treatment.
Research found that, these colleges put great emphasis on strengthening the cultivation of young teachers' teaching, scientific research ability.Some schools by the Deputy headmaster, also personally check teacher skills and basic skills competition, for young teachers teaching activities every Wednesday at noon 1:30-3:00 participate in the whole school, invited the national excellent course of person in charge and relevant professional teacher.For every young teacher for more than 10 units, randomly selected, evaluation score.Persevere, effect.
In some schools, the management of people-oriented, the person, break the barrel theory.School leaders think people are not the same, a research type teachers, they have high theoretical level; practice teachers, they have good equipment design; teaching teachers, their classes with excellent results.If the person, let the right people, in which direction the teachers engaged in what part, thus people do their material.

Investigation and analysis of
3.1 quantitative assessment can be clear and examination of
the school teachers work
Help to eliminate the different departments, the Department of the Ministry of personnel due to the nature of the work, discipline and differences, the greatest degree overcome unfair distribution, truly reflect the more pay for more work, less pay for less work, no pain no gain, play the guiding role of reward policy, arouse teachers' teaching, scientific research work.At the same time, quantitative assessment to avoid a large number of human conflict, reduce the cost of management.
3.2 encourage young teachers to be imperative,
As the saying goes, to give students "a bowl of water", the teacher will be "equipped with a bucket of water", the water bucket is not derived from the teachers during the study acquired knowledge, more in the learning ability of continuous learning and knowledge based on update.Young teachers, especially young teachers new supplement, they just go to work, from school to school, from students to teachers and to by their own learning to teach in the role of education and teaching experience lack of depth of knowledge transformation.Therefore, a good basic skill training first, makes new teachers to accept the good occupation education and skills training, mastering the rules and procedures of the higher vocational education, better for college education and teaching work, * * * * university such competition teaching training is undoubtedly played a positive role in promoting.On the other hand, I think the teaching ability, not only in classroom teaching effect.Because the formulation of university teaching includes the teaching plan and syllabus, curriculum and course arrangement, and the preparation of teaching materials selection, the reform and adjustment of teaching contents and teaching methods and teaching organization, the entire teaching activity.Therefore, in addition to participate in the competition of young teachers in teaching activities, also should practice and actively participate in the entire teaching activity, careful study, constantly sum up experience, teaching ability can be fully improve.
3.3 to encourage the heart, stimulate the potential of
The teacher has a very strong self-esteem, a sense of dignity, not only need a good working and living environment, but also hope to fully realize the value of your life at work.Therefore, independence and autonomy, they have high, has a great achievement desire.Perhaps, pay attention to humanistic care, and form a harmonious personnel mechanism and environment, can let the teacher's sense of dignity in work truly satisfied, really experience to realize their own value, and stimulate their sense of responsibility, to maximize their potential.4 discussion
Summarize the research situation and his school experience, we think, at present our incentive mechanism in human resources system planning, pay attention to the following questions:
The 4.1 leadership, unified thought
Incentive schools and the reform of the distribution system covers a wide range, high work intensity, high sensitivity, is an involved employee economic operation, thinking and understanding of many aspects such as system engineering.School leaders at all levels must unify their thinking and understanding, solidarity, form resultant force, in order to ensure the reform smoothly.
4.2 to strengthen the publicity, to mobilize the masses to
The reform will involve personnel adjustment of interests, will certainly be the beginning of the difficulties encountered; do not understand or criticism.In this regard, the leaders at all levels should strengthen education, deepening the staff awareness of reform, patience to listen to all the employee to reflect, to solve all kinds of problems in reform and timely.Only when most people are aware of the importance and necessity of the reform, support reform, reform will have strong motivation, to push forward constantly.
4.3 give priority to efficiency with due consideration to fairness,
Establish the enthusiasm of an effective incentive mechanism, arouse the staff within the school.Report of the Seventeenth Party Congress put forward: "the initial distribution and redistribution should handle the relationship between efficiency and equity, with particular emphasis on equity" [2].Break "mess" to be opened grades, but not "bonus gap bigger is better, the annual salary of more is better", not sensationalism; otherwise, the reform will deviate from the target, the positive impact of the majority, giving priority to efficiency is not equal to the economic benefit of priority, the dominant position in the formulation of policy must highlight the quality [3], improve the efficiency of utilization of health resources on the basis of quality assurance.
4.4, seek truth from facts, flexible
Because the school many departments. Personnel complex, in the formulation of distribution and incentive system, not to make it rigidly uniform and simple to implement, should consider the actual situation of different departments, different sections of the distribution plan, various practical, truly achieve the mobilization of all the departments of all staff enthusiasm to.
Human resources incentive mechanism of higher vocational colleges is successful or not, whether the teaching staff enthusiasm aroused, the relationship between the school's development, some important responsibilities, the current education of medical students, the school is in the early stages of model school building, also in the school of new history
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