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On the innovation of university teachers salary management from the perspective of human capital

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[Abstract] university teachers play a decisive role in the higher education in our country, but in terms of remuneration of university teachers has not been a corresponding return.This paper first analyzes the present situation of college salary management, point out some defects, the characteristics of human capital and combining the teachers in Colleges and universities, the innovation of the traditional college salary management system.
[keyword]   salary management model of University's human capital;

Development and construction of outstanding teachers is the key to the realization of the core competitiveness of colleges and the cultivation of university development strategy, construction of one of the core is the effective salary management system.However, at present our country college income distribution system has a great defect.Therefore, the salary management system innovation of university teachers is particularly important and urgent.

1 the connotation of human capital and human capital of university teachers of the characteristics of
< practical education dictionary > human capital is defined as: human capital refers to the ability to agglutinate the workers on the knowledge, skills and the.Human capital is the precious wealth through education and development can create monetary capital, in the era of knowledge economy, human capital as a factor of production, investors now and in the future to gain a certain amount of income flow.
Teachers College as a special human capital, the first is the privacy, duality, change, value creation impulse of human capital in common, but because the occupation characteristics of College Teachers in specific tissues, and personal development in the long form, which has its distinctive characteristics.
(1) intelligence.The university human capital embodied in the understanding of objective things and the ability to use knowledge, problem-solving skills, including memory ability, observation ability, abstract thinking ability, creative ability.The body of knowledge dissemination of university human capital is not only, also is the main body of knowledge innovation.The human capital of the knowledge and skills of their master to teach the educated, and further enhance their ability in the process of creating economic and cultural value, and then push forward the development of culture, science and technology.
(2) the subjective initiative.The university human capital can purposefully, consciously recognize and transform the world.The human capital is not only the object and the organization or unit development and object, or the development and utilization of material capital power and body.The university human capital through teaching and learning, expand their knowledge, skills, experience and other aspects, creatively engaged in education, research and management activities.
(3) heterogeneity.Because the human capital investment and the degree of the different ways, between individual human capital stock of human capital also has the difference, the difference is caused by the difference of the stock of the human capital of individual ability.According to the different human capital stock of human capital is divided into: human capital, human capital, management skills and intelligent type of the human capital and the general human capital four types.Different decisions of the stock of human capital and its value is different, i.e. different labor remuneration different.
(4), the proliferation of hedge.The university human capital can not only weaken or eliminate other elements of capital input state of diminishing returns, but also to the economic growth presents the characteristics of increasing returns.With the increase of human capital stock, labor skills continue to improve, through the improvement of labor conditions, will the university human capital have a multiplier effect, bring a higher return on investment.

Analysis of 2 of China's university teachers salary management status of
2.1 salary structure unreasonable
At present, our teachers' salary is composed of basic wages and allowances fixed variable.Low proportion of teachers in Colleges and universities in the basic wage income, is not dominant in the entire wage structure; based on performance of variable allowance proportion is too large, guide teachers to put main energy in the pursuit of short-term, utilitarian things, and greatly reduces the quality of teaching.
2.2 external competitive
Compared with the same or lower stock of human capital of civil servants or employees, University Teachers' salary is low, the status of college salary is obviously difficult to fully meet the demand for teachers.Contradiction when the status and demand expand to a certain degree, the university not only difficult to introduce and retain high level of talent, but also cause the loss of good teachers, core ability to reduce the.
2.3 the lack of fairness and
Lack of fair mainly displays in: on the one hand, the system level difference is very small, the same position, the same performance salary is not the same, different position, different teacher performance salary gap, gap between rich and poor; on the other hand, welfare benefits are based on seniority rather than performance, outstanding young teachers often variable allowance much lower than that of the ordinary teacher qualifications.
2.4 incentives single
The pure material incentives are often unable to meet the needs of multi-level group senior intellectuals.To some extent, the interpersonal relationship is good academic atmosphere and excellent working environment, more learning opportunities, relatively simple and full of humane care management system in Colleges and universities "academic" incentive than short-term stimulus money are better able to attract and retain talent.

3 the human capital theory of college salary management based on
Play the role of incentives the maximum for the college salary management system, the innovation of the traditional salary system, has established the university salary management model based on human capital (Figure 1), the 5 links are connected end to end, forming a complete cycle, to ensure high school foreign competitive in the salary management system, guarantee equity inside.
(1) the salary survey
Object of college salary survey is related to the labor market, the competition of other organizations such as employees of similar colleges and universities, enterprises or government agencies and universities in the same geographical area.Survey content should include: basic information survey job, position, salary survey position salary structure and salary level, at the same time, colleges and universities should often do the salary survey, so as to ensure the system's adjustment to keep up with the market value of the human capital of the pace of change.
(2) the measurement of human capital value
The value of human capital is the foundation of the salary structure and salary design, so the scientific measurement of human capital value based on the core of human capital compensation management system.Measurement method of human capital value: V={[Rt/ (1 r) t]}*W.Among them, V is the value of human capital, human capital of N, Rt is expected annual net profit of the enterprise T, R for the discount rate, W is the human capital investment and enterprise total investment ratio.
(3) job analysis and salary structure determination of
Colleges and universities should carry out the job evaluation, the relative importance of each position the internal comparison of colleges and universities, obtains the position rank, and for every job grade wage range of reasonable to ensure internal fairness salary.At the same time, the salary range established according to each pay grade had determined the market wage.
(4) the broadband salary design of
Broadband salary design is the hierarchical structure of several adjacent position in traditional grades into a level, so that the salary range for each grade is even more.Broadband salary structure is guided by the market, it makes the staff from focusing on internal equity into paying more attention to individual development and its value in the external labor market.On the University, broadband salary design means, decided to income is not only a job level, still have the factor of human capital.
(5) the implementation of multiple distribution
Salary distribution of human capital must be diversified including distribution factors, distribution methods and distribution form of diversification based on.The teacher assigned elements can be divided into two categories, one is determined by education, age, past performance factors such as the title of teachers, is the deciding factor income stock, on the other hand is the job performance, the performance is the controlling factor income increment; second, distribution mode adopts deferred and gradually increase the salary distribution mode; finally diversification of distribution, form, namely the salary distribution in material interests distribution as the main form, in order to further education and training as the auxiliary form, the promotion for the supplementary form.

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