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Discussion about the institution salary incentive mechanism

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[Abstract] institutions salary management style to attract talent, improve competitiveness, has an irreplaceable role.Institutions of traditional management system already can not adapt to the market economy requirements, restricted the development of institution reform, realize the compensation management system of institutions be imperative.This paper focuses on the analysis of the existing compensation management system of institutions of the problems and causes, and puts forward some suggestions for the compensation incentive mechanism.
[keyword] institution salary incentive mechanism of

Compensation incentive is to improve their work enthusiasm by affecting the implementation of employee needs, and guide them in the unit operation behavior."Incentive" function is a core function of salary management, salary management is the main target.Construction of incentive salary system is the purpose of enthusiasm and initiative of staff incentive, in the face of complexity, institutions of the diversity and sensitivity, construction must comprehensively and systematically on the salary system, actively and steadily push forward.

Salary system of 1 institutions of the problem in
Income of China's institutions of the current distribution system from the reform of wage system 93 years institutions as the main body and the formation of.Along with our country socialist market economic system gradually established and perfected, the current management system of institutions which appear more and more problems, these problems seriously affect the income distribution system in institution, for the introduction of talent and to improve the competitiveness to hinder.The problem is mainly reflected in:
The lack of power of 1.1
Wage growth and the adjustment of China's institutions by the state according to the development of Finance and national economy and decision.Distribution patterns of the compensation, the institution staff wages and personal skills, ability and performance to the touch, and touch with social service quality, social reputation and economic effect.If there is no interest, the power factor, active workers will decline, will make the lack of competition ability.
The 1.2 institutions is lack of independent distribution of power
The national finance and the national economy determines the institutions of the wages, wage system, wage, salary policy of unified cause equalitarianism in income distribution, intervention institutions permission.As the institution of independent subject, not assigned full autonomy, not the formulation and implementation of internal distribution system.
1.3 the lack of ability to regulate
allocation of talent resources effectively
Under the condition of market economy, the human resources to obtain the effective configuration must respect the laws of supply and demand law of value and talent.Institutions to attract and retain the talent must distribution system to make compensation in accordance with the talent value, because the pay is not only the labor remuneration, evaluation is also the value of their own.Only the optimization of the incentive pay system, realize the effective allocation of talent resources to.
1.4 the lack of macro-control and binding
Management of the total wage institutions lack of regulation, salary plan and fund management is the basic form.In addition to the lack of supervision and restraint mechanism, the necessary financial and auditing, tax, did not do a good job, these will disturb the normal order of the wage distribution.
1.5 personnel management and wage management from
On the talent employment system and post management system will replace the institutions of the administrative level, which makes by position level to determine the current wage system of wage level will change greatly, employing mechanism need new salary incentive mechanism and a new management mechanism.
1.6 of the wage management and budget management supporting
The national approved budget, quota or directed subsidies to institutions, overspend do not fill, balance of retained budget management pattern, makes the institutions funding allowance proportion lose support.They must face the market, adapt to the market development, access to social and economic effects in the market competition, obtain the labor remuneration of.

Analysis of the causes of the current salary system of 2 units of
The 2.1 institutions wage is by the State Department to make
Government departments and personnel departments formulate unified distribution mode and must be approved by the audit level, workers have "in the unit in a secure job", enthusiasm not to play, because they have no interest drive, dry do bad, affect their compensation more or less will not.
Salary structure design 2.2 unreasonable incentive level difference of
Broadband salary overlapping forms of lead compensation structure serious egalitarianism, currently used by most institutions in China is the broadband salary structure and vertical difference overlapping forms, changes in the average level between the structure of adjacent salary grade is smaller, it means the average color, more concentrated, and does not reflect the staff's personal values in wages, wages and personal skills, ability and performance will be disjoint.In addition, the proportion of total compensation design is not reasonable, stable salary for compensation proportion is too large, and the ratio of horizontal unit wage project in accordance with the administrative mode and the continuation of history to determine the.
2.3 the current broadband salary standard single cause of salary incentive effect decreased
In the business unit, post-rank salary system in the aspects of personal value is out of balance, the staff's level of performance and skills and wages can't hook, lead to lack of staff's initiative and creativity, unable to motivate staff to improve their own quality.Another cause of your management and overall performance are not relevant, talent is not favorable to play.The 3 institutions pay incentive mechanism reform countermeasures
3.1 to establish diversified distribution system, improve the distribution system
Single wage system can not meet the characteristics and requirements, all posts in various institutions position therefore, should according to the particularity of the post, to establish a diversified distribution mechanism, working enthusiasm inspire all kinds of staff.The post performance salary, salary and skills to ensure the hook of professional and technical personnel; emphasis on staff, through appropriate higher wages to attract and retain talents; for unit management personnel, to implement the annual salary system, salary incentive and binding through, to play the subjective initiative management personnel; professional and technical personnel can be part-time and paid.The labour enthusiasm allocation mechanism this diversification can motivate workers, improve the distribution system in china.
3.2 with the establishment of the market on the basis of the compensation system of
In the environment of market economy, the key external compensation policy for the fairness of each post to determine compensation standards for the institution of a line with the market, to achieve convergence with the market, will carry on the survey of the market salary survey, the comprehensive and accurate analysis of the pay trend, position, salary level, welfare, long-term incentive information through the salary survey, determine the salary competition strategy or follow strategy.
3.3 the establishment of various development paths of both technology and management of the compensation system of
As long as the improving technology, ability of employees, we can obtain the corresponding reward.In the compensation design, establishing reasonable professional post promotion channel according to the practical ability of staff.Delivery performance and ability oriented enterprise culture to the staff, encourage staff to learning, studying business, continuous improvement.
3.4 establish a standardized performance appraisal system of
Based on the capability and performance oriented, scientific and reasonable performance evaluation system, management by objectives, responsibilities, to quantify the approved work tasks, to determine a reasonable appraisal target, to ensure consistency, so that income and contributions of hook employee, incentive and guide effect, achieve the performance appraisal result and the employee's salary income the real hook up.First do the performance management cycle, to ensure the objectivity and accuracy of performance appraisal; secondly, establishing scientific performance evaluation mechanism, gradually institutionalized, scientific, practical, to adapt to the characteristics of the unit performance appraisal mechanism.

4 Summary of
Incentive pay system can improve employee morale, guarantee institutions have competition, can attract good, accord with the institutions needed talents, create more value for the unit.The compensation incentive, the unit, in short, long-term economic benefits of combining, promote the institutions of the interests and the interests of workers, consistent development targets and staff units, thereby promoting institutions and professional
Industry and form a community of interests relationship, and eventually achieve a win-win.

Wang Yong [1]. Journal of institutions, reform of salary management system [J]. Tianjin Institute of financial and commercial management (2006, 1).
[2] []John.E.Tropman. compensation scheme -- [M]. how to develop the employee incentive mechanism Hu zero, Liu Zhi, and so on, translation. Shanghai: Shanghai Jiao Tong University press, 2002
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