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Application of EAP in the management of civil servants

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[Abstract] civil servants' mental health problems for the Chinese government to concern, effective attempt to plan EAP as the enterprise solution of psychological problems of employees, are applied in the public sector in the west.In this paper, combined with the Chinese government the public sector with Chinese characteristics, from the enterprise's success experience of EAP, the EAP scheme applied to the human resource management of Public Department of government to put forward, for model EAP China civil service management, service range and service process, do a preliminary exploration on the methods to solve the psychological health problems of civil servants.
[keyword] civil servant EAP
psychological problems

In recent years, the Chinese government official Dutch act when the incident occurred, according to incomplete statistics, in 2009 13 cases of official unnatural deaths, mostly Dutch act.According to the release of "2009 China Medical Association, Chinese officials health white paper" shows, public officials surveyed generally believe that the work "a year tired", often forced to give up weekends and statutory holidays.In the psychological aspect, nearly half the people often feel tired, 46% people have insipid feeling, 38% people often feel upset.These negative emotions than meet, enrich and positive emotions such as happiness.Mental health problems of government staff can not be ignored.
Employee assistance program (Employee Asisstance Programs, referred to as EAP), is by the organization as a system of staff set, long-term service project; diagnosis and advice on tissue by professionals, and professional consulting, to provide staff and their immediate family members of the guidance and training, to help improve the organization's environment and atmosphere, solve all kinds of psychological and behavioral problems of employees and their family members, and improve staff in the organization's job performance.EAP is an effective method for health care staff psychological organization, has been adopted by many countries in the world, to help enterprises solve the psychological problems of employees, improve organizational performance, and enhance organizational cohesion.Now, this method has been Chinese enterprises understand and use.However, the public sector as the main body of the government on the EAP application also rarely.The Chinese government the first cases of EAP plan is Shanghai Xuhui District government to pay civil servants plan EAP.As a government department staff, the mental health directly affect the government work smoothly and administrative efficiency, is a test of the ability of administration of the party.Aiming at the psychological problems of common civil servants, this paper attempts to introduce EAP to government departments, psychological health problems of civil servants concerned.

1 civil servants management plan EAP model
The first choice EAP model implementation of EAP plan in the government sector.Enterprise organization's experience with EAP has four modes, the internal mode, external mode, combination mode and mixed mode.These four modes have their own advantages and disadvantages, applicable to different situation.According to the characteristics of the public sector, the author thinks that we should choose the mixed mode.On the one hand, the mixed mode is jointly managed by professional organization human resource management department and the internal and external public sector, it has both the advantages of the internal model and the external model, make up for each other's deficiencies.EAP conveyed to employees is the organization of care, the organization management, familiar with the organization, found in time, pay attention to the crisis, in the invisible, to form a good atmosphere.Disadvantage is the trust problem employees.Because EAP pay attention to the mental health, personal privacy.The formation of Chinese introverted character of Chinese traditional culture, depressed and not expression of emotion, is to keep from talking about psychological problems.In an organization, the people familiar with each other as a psychological expert, once the secret is not conservative, privacy will make the staff very awkward.External professional institutions involved, not only can enjoy the psychological consultation service professional, also can avoid privacy embarrassment, and can save the cost of the internal organization of human resource management.As a service organization of the third party, can make the consultant to relax their vigilance, fully exposed psychological anxiety, restlessness, make the problem fully exposed, to solve.Because of the public and the particularity of the public sector, highly concerned by the society, privacy possible consequences not just their own, so the secret is more important.The mixed mode combination is the ideal.

2 civil servants management plan EAP covering
The western developed countries plan EAP originated from the employee alcohol, now mainly against the prevailing western social drinking, drug use, sexual harassment, AIDS and other personal problems to carry out psychological services.China's social situation is different with the west, common problems of Western society has not become the main factors that influence the employees' psychological health in china.And the public sector is in the hands of public power sector, the nature of the work of special and traditional culture, the government plans to apply EAP in china.According to the survey, the factors influencing the mental health of staff of Chinese government departments are mainly the following three aspects:
(1) occupation pressure leads to the psychological problems of
The government is different from the enterprise, holding the public power, officials as the exercise of public power, attracted widespread attention of citizens.Especially in the period of social transformation, the original model of leadership, way of thinking needs to be updated, from all parties work pressure, and performance assessment, promotion and other problems, to increase official psychological pressure.Psychological pressure can not be long to be released, will make the unhealthy psychological to physiological transformation.An old Chinese saying that there are "suppressed into the illness".Medicine has proved, long-term psychological stress can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke, death and mental illness.Government officials from the Dutch act within the last year. We also can be seen, the government civil servants occupation pressure, psychological problems can not be timely help, take the Dutch act this extreme way gradually to increase.(2) the interpersonal relationship and communication disorders lead to psychological problems of
Chinese officialdom culture is very distinctive, in which people can experience.Most of the staff in addition to do a good job outside, also took out most of the time, dealing with the things outside of work, such as leadership, friends, relatives, sometimes this unique officialdom and social relations processing not good or not, affect the normal work of officers, caused great psychological pressure.Especially with the progress of society, people's democratic awareness, strengthen the ability of citizen supervision, great convenience and people network to provide real treatment on human flesh search, the balance between officialdom, follow the unspoken rule is more difficult, it is bound to bring greater psychological pressure to the work of civil servants.
(3) the psychological pressure
bring personal and family problems
The social competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the government had to spend most of their time and energy on work, often ignored the family and loved ones, lead to family conflicts, affect feeling of husband and wife, children's education and growth, and even the threat of family stability.Backyard fire will affect the work.2009 on a government officials because of family problems did not handle, resulting in emotional control and Dutch act tragedy.There are psychological intervention after the typical is the crisis not caused many government workers psychological stress, depression and Dutch act can not resolve the situation.For example, after the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, the earthquake some government staff, is because of heart trauma did not receive timely treatment, to suppress their pain, negative emotions can not release and the choice of Dutch act.Thus, psychological intervention after the crisis is very necessary in government departments, is also our starting from the scientific outlook on development, psychological care and concern for civil servants.
Through the above analysis, I believe that our government departments of civil servants EAP plan main content covers the work pressure leads to the release of negative emotions, interpersonal relationship and communication barriers arising from mental depression and anxiety, and because of the personal and family problems caused by emotional distress and psychological problems.Darwin's famous saying "to be able to survive, not the most robust, nor the most intelligent, but the most able to adapt to changes in species".In today's society for the fast changes we must make rapid adjustment, otherwise there may be eliminated.The civil servants in government departments as the exercise of public power, the more resilient, in order not to affect the administrative efficiency, better service to the people.To help civil servants to relieve the psychological pressure, systemic heart into work is very necessary.The introduction of EAP program, a civil service job, covering life, occupation pressure and psychological crisis, is the official work, government performance guarantee.
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