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Discussion on hospital performance salary system

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[Abstract] public hospitals to implement performance pay system, how the hospital income at the present stage, should pay attention to those problems in the process of implementation, to take countermeasures, this paper discusses the problem of.
[keyword] hospital performance salary issues and measures of

With the development of medical and health system reform gradually thorough, the introduction of new medical reform program, the medical and health system will be perfected.In accordance with the requirements of the State Council, the establishment of a new type of pay for performance appraisal system, strengthen performance management, is a new task faced by the hospital.Therefore, in the implementation of performance pay system should pay attention to what the problem, how to pay for performance and performance management of organic combination, is the management of every hospital must consider and resolve the problem.

The meaning of
1 performance salary
According to the State Council in 2006 about the provisions of the reform of the distribution system of income for institutions of staff.Institutions of post performance salary consists of four parts, post salary, grade salary, performance pay and allowances and subsidies.Among them, the wage and salary pay for the basic wage, implement policies and standards of national unity; performance salary is the income distribution in the "live" part, in accordance with the size performance and contribution of staff, opened the gap of income distribution.
Public hospital performance salary to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, motivate staff to do their job, to provide quality health services for the majority of patients, the majority of patients can get more benefits in health reform.Performance pay hospital and medical service income are closely linked, this requires the hospital according to the professional and technical, management, work with different characteristics and requirements of part-time positions, the implementation of the classification assessment, establish a sound performance management system, really reflect the "performance" principle, the effective implementation of performance pay system, is conducive to fully tap the staff potential, sustainable development and to realize the hospital management objectives.

The 2 Hospital of the income distribution situation of
At present, the staff of public hospital wage income is divided into the basic wage, bonus of two parts, wherein, the basic wage is in accordance with state regulations, according to the position and rank the different staff, implement policies and standards of national unity.The bonus is as the hospital internal distribution of compensation, the appraisal and distribution plan shall be formulated by the hospital, although advocate open class work in bonus distribution scheme, but in fact most hospital bonus distribution basically is "big pot", the Department because the benefit is not the same bonuses are not the same, but the same department personnel, many according to the head of the average distribution, key positions and outstanding staff may be tilted in the distribution of bonus, but insufficient, not to the incentive effect.In addition, the economic benefit of hospital and medical service income are closely related, because each hospital benefit is different, resulting in the wage gap between hospital staff is larger, and the lack of a scientific incentive mechanism and improve the distribution system, therefore, some hospitals in technical backbone not ease, working enthusiasm is not high, the service efficiency is low, low utilization rate of resources, patient satisfaction decline and a series of problems, therefore, the implementation of the scientific performance management and performance wage system, is the management of every hospital is an urgent need to solve the problem.

There are 3 hospital performance salary allocation problems of
3.1 of the performance management lack of understanding of
Insufficient hospital leaders understanding of performance management, performance management is considered for individual employees performance management, lack of hospitals, Department, department performance management plan, evaluation, analysis and improvement.Performance management is simply considered distribution scheme, bonus so, resulting in performance management becomes a mere formality, so that the loss of the incentive staff of continuous improvement and finally realize the strategic target of the utility of the hospital.
3.2 performance index quantification difficult
The hospital is different from the enterprise, has the strict technical standard and sample product quality, expression is accurate, easy to grasp.The hospital is a special service industry, the medical quality, service quality, patient satisfaction, contribution, the department benefit and other related factors is difficult to quantify, there is no uniform standard, evaluation indicators need the participation of many patients.Therefore, the hospital in the performance index decomposition exists quantization is often difficult, indicators developed in detail, is difficult to implement.
3.3 assessment scale is difficult to grasp the
The hospital has complex structure, job performance management widely, index quantification is so difficult.In addition to the model of hospital management is based on the general administrative departments, in clinical department, auxiliary examination department, logistics department division, the nature of the work, the income difference between channels, benefit.Such as the development of performance appraisal index of improper accounting methods, improper, will cause the performance of the wage distribution is not reasonable.Performance appraisal is an important link of performance management, but also the main basis of Performance Wages Distribution, directly involving the immediate interests of the staff.How to balance the relationship between each department, motivate staff morale, is a serious study need hospital management issues.The performance salary system to implement the 4 hospital measures
4.1 to improve the understanding of performance management and
Performance management is very important for the hospital development, performance management and evaluation is conducive to the evaluation of scientific, reasonable, fair to the various departments and all staff; conducive to human resource decisions and salary distribution; is conducive to encouraging the staff's work enthusiasm; is conducive to the realization of hospital strategic goal, all the work personnel especially hospital managers should be paid more attention.The performance salary distribution is related to the immediate interests of the staff, develop performance evaluation scheme to be based on the actual situation of each department, each post, not only challenging, but also scientific.Plan too strict not only affects the working efficiency, enthusiasm and easy bruising staff, plan too loose or no incentive effect, also lost the meaning of performance appraisal.Performance evaluation and rewards and punishments, promotion, salary, training and education, human resources, linked to performance appraisal, to really play to promote and inspire.
4.2 performance index to scientific and rational
Implementation of hospital strategic objectives, through the joint efforts of various departments and all staff, the development of performance indicators should be scientific and reasonable and convenient operation, it should be difficult to shock people struggle.Performance indicators through the layers of decomposition, the implementation of various, mutual supervision, regular check, the whole performance management system and hospital, performance management objectives in each department and each post organic combination, enhance the quality of service staff awareness, improve the level of medical technology and patient satisfaction, so that the overall strength of the hospital has been strengthened, and ultimately the hospital strategy target.
Performance indicators and decomposition according to the various departments, various posts, justice, objective, seek truth from facts, as far as possible quantization is convenient for examination.The relevant functional departments should do a good job of investigation and study, to ensure that the performance indicators of scientific and reasonable operation of.
4.3 assigned to highlight the balance of
Each department, each post because professional different, different, different, different service requirements focus, different capacity, therefore, return also each are not identical, and differ greatly, but they are for the total target hospitals contributed.The performance of the wage distribution should take the actual contribution, technical content, risk degree, working load strength, management responsibility weight for the wizard, in the performance appraisal process, the implementation of assessment in accordance with the various departments, various posts performance management objectives.In the performance of the wage distribution should be according to the assessment results and the actual work, inclined to the key departments, key posts, and at the same time, the performance of the wage distribution played a real sales stimulating effect.The staff are recognised in the performance management appraisal, to realize their own value.
Performance appraisal is confirmed, will remain relatively stable.In the implementation process, along with the change of evaluation index and content condition, the environment will change, the relevant functional departments should evaluate the performance appraisal of the situation, timely supplement, revise, perfect the appraisal index and content, the performance management appraisal more scientific and standardized.
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