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Research on the performance evaluation of logistics distribution center

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[Abstract] in twenty-first Century, logistics has got more and more attention of domestic manufacturing enterprises, and efficient logistics system is one of the key factors for the manufacturing enterprise logistics management.Based on the performance of domestic distribution center stage evaluation of the status quo and the concept of modern logistics, analysis of performance evaluation of distribution center and the existing, and illustrates how to choose the evaluation method and solve the problems in the implementation of the performance evaluation of distribution center has reached the level of
[keyword] logistics distribution center performance evaluation of

With China's rapid economic development, constantly raise the level of industry and agriculture, increase of logistics in China needs, also to improve our logistics requirements.The analysis and evaluation of modern logistics enterprise, combined with the establishment of a scientific, reasonable physical distribution enterprise performance evaluation index system of logistics enterprises of their own characteristics, forming a kind of incentive and restraint mechanisms, has been put in an important subject in front of us.In this paper, combined with the current on the distribution performance and distribution comprehensive domestic logistics distribution center of research results, the majority is a process of logistics, logistics functions, and the research of logistics distribution center performance actually not much.In foreign countries, especially Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions, study on the performance evaluation has been paid attention to by people, only for the performance evaluation and analysis of the logistics activities, to correctly judge the actual operating level, so as to improve the enterprise management ability, efficiency optimization of logistics distribution center, improve the interest.

Selection factors
Tools 1 performance evaluation
Laurence S Kleiman in "Human Resource Management: that a tool for competitive advantage" in one book, the human resources professionals to make appropriate choices in many performance evaluation tool, should consider the cost, practicality, the nature of the work of these three important factors.Now we focus on the nature of the work of this factor analysis.
1.1 the degree of structure
Highly structured work refers to work content, procedure, method of completion are determined, the staff only in accordance with the procedures of the action required to achieve the desired effect; conversely, structured degree low, its working methods and content independent space, there is uncertainty.The program with high degree of departments such as the installation of the workshop, financial department, etc.; the program with high degree of Posts such as pipeline operator, customer service telephone call, supermarket cashier etc..
The 1.2 goal can quantify the degree of
Due to the nature of work is different, can quantify the degree of the target is different.Can quantify the degree of high departments such as business department, development department, marketing department and so on; quantifiable levels of high post as director of sales, personnel of research and development, promotion etc..
1.3 the working environment of the stability of
The work environment is not stable working environment changes, management is difficult to directly monitor.Changes in the work environment of departments such as the purchasing department, sales department and so on; the work environment changes jobs such as sales representative, sales personnel, procurement personnel.

Methods the selection principle of
2 performance evaluation
2.1 participation principle
Enterprises emphasize on the collective ownership of employees and obedience, this concept is reflected in the performance evaluation, performance for the chief will service to the individual does not pay attention to the phenomenon and evaluation.Therefore, participate in the evaluation method to emphasize the evaluation subject and object of assessment, respect for the views of both sides, the enthusiasm and initiative to mobilize staff work.
The objectivity principle and
Long-term since, the enterprise in Confucianism and traditional culture, between people and people with special emphasis on relationship orientation, so by both relationships and hierarchical relationship influence on performance evaluation, subjective bias influence.So the evaluation method should be pursued as far as possible, the principle of objectivity.
2.3 easy operation principle of
For the convenience of management, should try to choose the evaluation method is simple and easy to operate.Of course, those who wish to enhance management performance evaluation standard, also have a certain management of enterprises can take the evaluation method of complex.
More than 2.4 assessment of the main principles of
The enterprise executive consciousness seriously, evaluation is typically leadership, prone to assess the unfair.Therefore, evaluation method to choose the evaluation of multiple evaluation subjects, so as to ensure the objectivity and accuracy of assessment.
2.5 the results easy to distinguish between the principle of
Enterprises serious egalitarianism, often leads to the evaluation results, so we should choose can make the assessment evaluation results discrimination.

Problems in the process of implementing
3 performance evaluation
3.1 performance goals are not clear
As everyone knows, the distribution center is the goal of the circulation of goods, is the performance target compass.Performance goals to keep highly consistent with the distribution center target.Therefore, performance objectives should be defined as the accurate assessment of employee performance and urge employees to improve individual performance, so as to achieve the company target.However, distribution center performance management system does not accurately reflect the performance of employees.Target location of distribution center is not clear, too casual, general and vague, can not hit the mark.Don't gild a problem.
3.2 assessment relationship is not clear
First, performance assessment and examination should be the direct relationship between superior and subordinate, which not only has a relatively accurate and fairness for performance appraisal, to carry out more conducive to work under a assessment period.But the distribution center if the "boss" too much, even to the life of their own, but in the daily work, especially in service staff, still cannot avoid long command, so that in the process of assessment, assessment of the assessment results is not clear lead to distortion.For example, many families are small and medium enterprises.
3.3 examination organization is not properly
Assessment organization should have the personnel department to complete, the personnel department work should focus on the investigation, research, analysis of the actual situation of each department in the company, establish evaluation scheme effective, and collecting the feedback information, the appraisal program and make appropriate adjustments.However, if the distribution center personnel department no specific assessment work, but by the business affiliated departments for examination.It will appear problem secondly, performance information channel is not scientific, the case company to take the democratic appraisal way in performance evaluation, democratic appraisal approach is not appropriate, the subjectivity is very big, must have too many stereotypes and prejudices and false.
3.4 the appraisal content is not reasonable
Assessment content too uniform.For a distribution center, there is a big difference between different departments, the requirements of different positions, the nature of the work, work mode, so the requirements of various departments of the assessment should have different emphasis, according to the characteristics of each sector jobs, determine the corresponding assessment methods, assessment index selection of appropriate.However, the case company with unified standard, unified standard, unified assessment indicators, assessment of the company in the same sector staff.
3.5 assessment criteria is not accurate
For the same assessment index, different departments, different positions to set up different evaluation criteria.However, the implementation of a unified evaluation standard case, description is also speak generally, the results cannot be accomplished according to the characteristics of different departments as accurate and detailed description of.
The 3.6 period of assessment is not scientific
Reasonable appraisal cycle is one of the key factors of performance evaluation of success, too long cycle assessment examination is very difficult to remember the long-term performance of employees, resulting in evaluation errors, and the cycle is too short to make assessment of distribution center and in many examination affairs, more important is the performance objectives could take months to a, if the results have not yet concrete implementation of performance appraisal, and do not produce the real incentive effect, hasty action but breed for instant success, is not conducive to the performance achieved.

4 to solve the logistics distribution center evaluation problems in the implementation of the measures of
in performance
4.1 performance training
One of the prerequisites of the success of the performance appraisal is the distribution center staff must have a comprehensive understanding of the correct evaluation of performance.The distribution center only a few employees understand the performance appraisal, and most of the staff performance appraisal have a superficial knowledge of.For example, CP railway company general provisions in assessment before and after every employee's birthday of this year work.Most evaluators received by the people
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