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The design of incentive compensation system of the project team

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[Abstract] the project team is the hot topic of Management Science in the recent 20 years, because of some characteristics of the project team, has been widely used in many large companies.But most people know how to carry on the project team building very shallow.The design of incentive compensation is one of the key factors for successful team building.In this paper, from the view of project management, combined with the variable compensation principle, design includes the basic salary, immediate cash bonus, long-term incentive compensation three content suitable for project team incentive salary system.
[keyword] project team incentive compensation system of

Along with the internal organization run by the specialized division of labor to the team cooperation, fixed position and fixed duty does not exist, individual responsibilities become broad and diverse, closer cooperation between team members, individual performance change is difficult to measure accurately, the most important way as incentives -- incentive compensation, how to adapt this change of organization form to play an effective incentive compensation mechanism? Not appropriate, will not be "personal" into "the team cooperation".With the wide application of project team operation, reasonable design and perfect the project team compensation system can reinforce the team structure, support project development, has the vital significance to the implementation of the overall strategy of the enterprise.

1 basic salary system design of
Both to ensure stable to basic salary to employees at work in the design of compensation, but also effectively control the compensation risk.Enterprise project management unit, the basic salary of employees is the enterprise should bear the risk, the enterprise shall be responsible for expenses, but the basic salary of the whole system in proportion than the traditional salary system is properly reduced.From the characteristics of matrix management project team, I think the basic salary wage system is the most appropriate choice function.On the one hand, can retain the position limit and cannot be promoted because of the key employees, on the other hand can motivate workers participation of enterprises according to their different project, attach importance to the development of their own skill level.
The project team members to implement the basic salary system "salary" adjustment can play an important role.The so-called broadband salary is the enterprise of the original 10 or 20, thirty pay grades compressed into several levels, namely, to replace the original number with a small number of large span the salary ranges within the organization salary level span, but at the same time, the corresponding to each compensation level compensation range widening, thus forming a the new salary management system and operation process.Broadband in the "zone" is refers to the salary level, salary range broadband refers to relatively large.Between pay the low-end and high-end salary each pay grade of broadband pay model under the large gap, in a pay grade of different staff salary level may vary a lot, upper and lower adjustment range is enlarged, increasing the salary allocation flexibility.At the same time, between different salary grade salary level is not strict ladder rising, the existence of duplicate covered part of several levels, namely low salary employees likely with the higher level employees receive the same pay level, and get the same pay level of employees may appear in different levels of administrative level job or organization the structure of different.
Broadband salary from different functional departments of the employees in the same salary rank or salary range, the sense of fairness is conducive to enhance team cohesion.At the same time, some long duration of the project team, each level can also set up several wage "area", according to the project development qualifications, members of the skills and knowledge application in determining the upgrading method and standard.At the same time, pay attention to the salary grade salary level to overlap, this can reflect a just entering the higher levels of the novice, and one in the team played a key role, but due to various factors to maintain the value of the difference between the lower level.

2 immediate cash reward system design
Team bonuses is acceptance of the project, according to project performance evaluation results of the project team incentive.Each team member has access to the bonus eligibility.Bonus allocation way choice also has strong incentive effects, according to the different levels of staff can use the following two kinds of distribution method.
2.1 according to the job and the participation degree distribution
Distribution of team bonus according to this method is based on the assumption: with different knowledge, skills of staff, their contribution to the team performance is also different, and the contribution and personal skill is proportional to.Individual bonus amount according to their post grades, and their participation in the project to determine the initial.
2.2 according to individual performance appraisal results distribution of
Distribution of team bonus according to this method is based on the assessment of each team member, relatively fair.
In order to R & D personnel as an example, because of the special nature of the work of R & D personnel, for personal assessment is more complex, improper operation, may cause internal competition for R & D personnel, is not conducive to the team.The R & D personnel evaluation index is mainly "index", "attitude indicator" and "performance indicators", in the performance of the process and result of attention.For different levels of personnel of research and development, because the responsibility range, the weight index and the index of behavior is different.The project manager is in charge of the project, to directly to the investor, the directly responsible for the project schedule, the use of project funds, project members management, achievement quality, desired results bear responsibility for the project, working content is decision-making and management, need to be flexible and art, in the process to achieve results. The behavior is difficult to strictly regulate.Research and development personnel are often not directly on the results of responsibility, its influence on the results is manifested mainly through the process of task completion code of conduct and the ability to decide.
The above two kinds of distribution methods have their advantages and disadvantages, the first way to assess information easily accessible and convenient operation, but the incentive effect is relatively weak; the second way is "the specific application of relative performance evaluation" in practice, the incentive effect is strong, but the evaluation information acquisition difficulties, suggestions based on the actual situation of the project and the project team the reasonable choice of category.3 long-term incentive compensation plan to add the design of
The project team as the project and vergence, enterprises to retain key staff, must consider how to meet their pursuit of personal goals overall compensation system.Long-term incentive compensation system is designed mainly for enterprises to attract, retain and motivate employees of enterprise core value.

3.1 core employee stock ownership incentive
If the leadership of project manager project more, the better the performance, he in the enterprise is the key; if a staff participated in the project in the project more, more, the more he outstanding.For this type of core staff, enterprises have long-term employment expectation, incentive compensation should reflect the long-term.Based on the core employee stock ownership incentive, can better realize the enterprises optimize the allocation of financial capital and human capital.Stock share plan is in a specific period of time, give employee shares, stock share through enhanced traction on employee performance, improve employee organizational commitment and retain the core employees.A lot of famous enterprises of stock share plan covers a wide range, such as Microsoft has its fair share of plan in the face of the backbone of enterprise employees, to participate in the project team staff, outstanding individual performance, team project success, can through the enterprise's stock share the long-term prospects for the development of enterprises and their future return connection up.
3.2 generalization, cafeteria compensation and benefits system and
The generalization of the salary is in salary structure to promote diversity, diversity, not limited to money this form.The buffet is pay in full communication with employees to determine wages form, its main features are: diversity, pluralism, customization and dynamic.The method is based on the must adhere to the performance based concept, to achieve a reasonable balance between investment and reward, let employees to choose their own like welfare mix within specified limits, to satisfy the demands of employees of non-cash compensation component.
Many Multi-National Corporation have started to implement employee compensation scheme of customization that cafeteria compensation system, to arrange compensation according to the needs of different proportion of employees.For example, an employee does not need health insurance, and to improve the quality of life more care, it can be applied to the original medical insurance compensation is used to improve the quality of life.The employee will change in different period of the demand, so the compensation scheme should be adjusted customized with the passage of time made.

[1] Zhang Jianwei, Liu Yuxin.
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