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Welfare management of human resource strategy in the

Author: LiXiaoMin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-01 04:39:28 Read:
In the increasingly fierce competition, competition means more humanity today, knowledge and diverse, the company introduction, use, retention mechanism is also in constant innovation and development.The welfare of the staff as an important part of modern comprehensive salary system, is an important factor that can not be ignored the company's human resources strategy.In the management of the welfare, in reducing the human cost, motivate employees can play a very good role.
Before carrying out the management of welfare, it is necessary to distinguish the difference between welfare and other remuneration.As a part of total remuneration, welfare has its unique, manifested in: (1) in the form of welfare, is part of the state provisions, such as endowment insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance.(2) since the qualitative and flexibility.Has the flexibility to formulate the welfare, according to the company's needs and preferences, to develop a variety of benefits, fully reflect the personalized color company.Because of the flexibility of welfare, can effectively attract and retain employees; due to the combined company can freely determine wages and benefits, also make compensation scheme provided more flexibility.(3) is more complicated than other forms of compensation.Understanding of pay in currency value is easy, but to understand the welfare combination value is more complex.Many times, people do not realize that they can get a lot of benefits, when the company spent a lot of money on benefits, and employees are on welfare do not understand or think of little value, welfare investment income will be generated is very poor, so it should improve staff awareness of these benefits.
Decision making and management of welfare, there are many factors need to be paid attention to, such as employee preferences, many employees consider myself in the company does not get welfare benefits, even think that the company does not care about their own benefits, which will result in the failure of welfare; and many companies no welfare objectives and corporate strategy, no strictly control the cost, or no decision evaluation, resulting in reduced welfare benefit of investment.Specifically, the management should pay attention to the following factors:

The formulation of the 1 welfare policy should be consistent with the company's overall strategic
In the formulation of corporate welfare policies, it is necessary to analyze and think from the strategic level, the design of the welfare policy to adapt to the development of the company, it is necessary to consider the short-term and long-term development targets, but also consider the development stage, different.When a company is to create growth should adopt high performance, low welfare policy, so as to make the company grow combined with employee benefits, reduce the risk of the company.For the growth type of company should increase the proportion of welfare, improve the efficiency of management.
I think, an organic part of the welfare policy should be the company's overall competitive strategy.To attract talents, encourage talents, provides a good environment for self development, self realization for the employees, is the company's welfare."Throughout our welfare framework, training is the priority among priorities, we can spare no effort."Where I am the Wuling group has formed a complete set of training system, new employees must undergo induction training for a period of one month. Followed months of training.The company also according to different needs, on-the-job training for staff.The company encourages employees to receive continuing education, such as MBA, and learn the cost of staff burden, which greatly improved the staff's job satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

The formulation of the 2 welfare policy should pay attention to employee preferences and requirements of
A very important type of staff gender, occupation, age differences on welfare.Older workers may be more interested in the welfare pension, medical insurance, married people are more interested in the welfare of the family and leave, but young people may want more training opportunities.So welfare needs survey of employees, using different types of different staff welfare.In addition, constitute a welfare combination of staff will also have an important impact, such as an attractive pension plans may be attracted to an important way in the long-term work of the company staff.
Because of different preferences for different employee welfare, so many companies began to implement welfare plan that allows the number of elastic, welfare and welfare of employees according to the needs of the individual to participate in selection.Some companies allow employees to participate in the design of welfare, such as housing and car buying special loan amount accumulated $-, employees are free to choose is to purchase a car or house; in terms of transportation, they are free to choose to receive a benefit, solve the problem on their own work, also can not receive subsidies, by the company to arrange the vehicle.3 the welfare cost control
In the development of welfare policy, should fully consider the cost, cost control will be in a reasonable range.For example, medical insurance, the medical costs increase, so the employee concerned the company's health insurance benefits, the attractive medical insurance plan, which will help to attract and retain talent.In order to control the cost, the company can take a series of measures, such as health education for employees, reduce the incidence of the disease; some large companies began to implement the purchase of medical insurance to lower rates (supplementary insurance), because it can be fixed cost distributed to more employees, thereby reducing the cost borne by each person.At the same time, employees must pay different rates depending on the health status and different risk factors, not all employees according to the same standard fee.In health care, there is a so-called "Pareto group", this group in the total number of employees in a small percentage of (such as 20%), but in general medical care but majority share wood expenditure (usually 60% - 80%), if can carry on the effective management of the group, will effective control of medical expenses.

4 effective communication with staff welfare management is an indispensable link
"Very fruitful company welfare needs and employees to achieve effective communication."To win the hearts of the staff, the company must first understand their thinking, understand their needs.If the lack of communication welfare, staff welfare policy of ambiguity, also won't have a policy in place take to one's bosom.In general, the staff has to the company to provide welfare values tend to underestimate the tendency, so for effective communication with employees is very important.Through various forms of communication, such as issuing welfare Handbook, talk with employees, Internet transmission means, make employees aware of the company to provide welfare value, enhance the loyalty to the company.Through communication, all the employee feedback, can make the company to be effectively improved welfare management.

5 the welfare and job performance.
Traditionally, welfare payments to labor as a basis but not directly related to personal labor, basic wages and labor capacity are closely related, but most forms of welfare is only related to the number of work, but has nothing to do with the labor time.Because of this, the lack of incentive and welfare.In fact, the scientific and reasonable welfare policy and employee performance is closely related to the.In addition to the statutory benefits, benefits for companies themselves are associated with performance, have incentive effect.I think, in fairness under the premise, benefits to employees contribute to the main basis, try to open class, the staff should be part of.But some employees to strive for, everything depends on their contribution to the company, welfare policy should also follow this rule.
In a word, in welfare administration, if the company to better deal with the problems mentioned above, it can be said to be a set of good welfare system.
Welfare management in modern society, has changed the old mode of traditional management, the welfare management into enterprise development goal and the enterprise human resources, and form a organic compensation management system and salary management staff.
Good welfare system not only effective control of the company welfare costs and meet with the requirement of welfare projects, allows the company to improve the employee satisfaction too much without increasing the cost, it can be said that this is a "win-win" management mode, which is the most companies are willing to do.For each company, the key is to proceed from reality, to find innovative design suitable, we need to suit one's measures to local conditions, because the company is different and welfare management measures to make full use of, need to serve our human resources management, to serve for the company and employees of common development.Used properly, it will become the company's human resources management magic!
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