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Analysis of the human resource demand and supply of community health

Author: ChenQin XiaoJunHui LiuRuiMing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-01 04:17:05 Read:
[Abstract] this paper analyses the demand of community health human resources objectives including general practitioners, public health physicians, nurse practitioners and the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, in the face of the overall community health human resources deficiency and problem of low quality, puts forward the way of security of community health personnel supply to strengthen medical colleges of general medicine, community nursing education; perfect job training for community health service personnel; graduate employment guidance to the community health institutions medical; encourage other medical personnel in community health institutions.
[keyword] of human resources in community health service demand and supply

Community health service in foreign countries for more than half a century, the development of mature and more quickly.China began to develop community health service from the nineteen eighties, maturity is not high.In recent years, the development of community health service has become one of the important content of China's health reform, but the community health human resources in the talent team construction is lagging behind, inadequate quantity, quality is not high, the team is not stable, become the bottleneck of the community health institutions in the further development of the "".This paper will analyze the community health human resources demand and how to ensure the supply of the main target.

The main demand of target
1 community health human resources
1.1 GP
Community health service is in the government leadership, community involvement, under the guidance of the health institutions, to grass-roots health institutions as the main body, general practitioners as the backbone, community resources rational use and appropriate technology, to the health of the people as the center, the family as a unit, community as scope, demand as the guidance, to women, children, the elderly chronic patient, the disabled, so as the focus, in order to solve the major health problems, the community to meet the needs of basic health services for the purpose of prevention, health care, finance, medical, rehabilitation, health education, family planning technical service functions of an integrated service.It is not the specialist nature of the community health services, community health service need most is to satisfy the service demand of enough gps.GPS is a medical professional training, clinical skills, medical ethics noble quality primary health care personnel, and ability to work independently, to individual, family and community to provide convenient, cheap, treatment, and prevention, health and all-round quality service.General practitioners should become the main body of community health human resources, bear most of the health services.

1.2 public health physicians
Community health service is provided by the health center, persistent preventive health services, the importance of visible, health education and public health services therefore, apart from the general practitioner, you also need a certain number of public health physicians, for infectious diseases, chronic non-communicable diseases, endemic diseases and parasitic diseases health education, behavior intervention and screening; carry out control of immunization and prevention of infectious diseases in the community; family planning services and carry out health education and health services, focus groups.These need public health physicians to bear, because of the public health physician demand is another focus of community health manpower demand.
1.3 of the nurses
Compared with the nursing work in hospital, community nursing in addition to injections and medicine, but also need to provide door-to-door service, spatial scope of nursing is not only the community health services, including family, community and the relevant organizations.The nursing of the content is not limited to the hospital nursing school of nursing, but.Therefore, the modernization of the community health service actually put forward higher requirements for community nurses, community nursing should adapt to the changes of bio-psycho-social medical model, in the provision of nursing process, pay attention to the psychological, social factors influence on health.Community nurses must be evaluated in terms of their physiological, psychological, social and environment on individuals and their families, to help individuals to seek community resources, so that it can reach the final goal of self care, this is the basic duty of community nurses.

1.4 doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine
Chinese medicine as a Chinese medicine, is a treasure of our national culture, it plays an important role in protecting the health of the masses of the people.And don't say Chinese are "Jane, will, effective, cheap", Chinese medicine in the prevention and health care, hand care of chronic disease is western medicine can not be replaced, traditional Chinese medicine has a strong foundation for the masses.Moreover, some people prefer traditional Chinese medicine treatment, don't like or even rejection of Western medicine treatment.Can not be ignored in traditional Chinese medicine in the construction of city community health service, in the prevention, medical, rehabilitation, health education, should make full use of the resources of traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine, give full play to traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine characteristics and advantages.The implementation of such a policy that, for human resources in this aspect, Chinese medicine practitioners in community health service institutions has become a requirement of target.

2 of the community health personnel supply analysis of
The community is not high in medical education and technical personnel, medical technology level is low, especially to meet the requirements of the general medical staff shortages, inadequate basic medical services; public health personnel, public health comprehensive skills, prevention and health care was the weak, the public health service is still in the initial stage of the community; the number of nursing staff, busy with acupuncture and medicine, door-to-door service to carry out [1].Not the status of community human resources to ensure the high quality of community health service, to achieve the overall goal of reform minor illness into the community, how to ensure that the community health personnel supply becomes the key problem, the author thinks that from the following aspects, as far as possible to provide all kinds of talents of high quality and sufficient for the community.2.1 to strengthen the medical colleges and universities, the general medical community nursing education
Medical colleges and universities should actively develop general medicine, community nursing education, the training of general practitioners, nurses for community.[2] medical colleges and universities should according to actual demand of health reform, to understand the demand of community health personnel training, so that the amount of agreement with the practical needs of target, training with the various types of community health service personnel needs of the community.In discipline construction, culture play a positive role, teaching material construction scheme.And organize the medical students to the community health service center (station) on probation or training.The local government or the administrative department of health can even take commissioned training mode, and the local medical colleges and universities joint school, there are plans to develop a certain number of, meet certain standards of the community health service personnel.In the process of training, students practice point selection may go to future community, through this model, in the near future, the construction of community health personnel of high quality can be achieved.
2.2 to improve community health service personnel training and
To solve the present community of high-quality medical personnel lack of long-term considerations, in addition to strengthen medical colleges and universities, the general medical community nursing education, on the other hand, is engaged in the city community health service personnel and related professionals from other medical institutions into the community health services to take full-time or part-time way to community health service requirements of the post training for continuing education and training, through the training of existing personnel, improve the skills and qualities, as far as possible to meet the current community health service demand.This work has been carried out in many city, mainly organized by the Provincial Health Department of traditional Chinese medicine, properties, and make a detailed training plan and content, the end of the training take the examination way to hire mount guard.In Guangdong Province as an example, general practitioner training for a period of l0 months, the training content includes both inside and outside the gynecology and pediatrics, infectious diseases, traditional Chinese medicine, mental health diseases, Department of dermatology.
The 2.3 guide for medical students to community health institutions employment
Guide the graduates to change idea, change the view of talent, [3] encourages graduates of medical colleges and universities to community health service institutions employment.In the background of college students employment situation is not good, medical students should change must go to large hospital employment concept, establish the grassroots service, learn in order to practise the idea.Of course, this needs the school professional guidance, but also supporting the needs of personnel policy to ensure.
2.4 to encourage other medical personnel to community health agencies
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