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And then to construct the mode of cultivating culture of Shanxi merchants Shanxi tour guide personnel based on

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[Abstract] this paper to Shanxi culture as the breakthrough point, thinking of Shanxi tour guide personnel training to the path of innovation from the angle of culture, and try to Shanxi culture as the basis, to explore the mode of Shanxi tour guide personnel training mode method, then constructed and its significance.
[to construct
training mode key words] culture of Shanxi merchants Shanxi tour guide personnel

Culture, history and human coexistence and mutual promotion, to define its connotation, involves many aspects of cultural content, cultural heritage, cultural value, cultural differences, it is universally acknowledged that, culture is not only one of the superstructure, which includes the "normative, cognitive, art, for the all aspects of".[1] with the broadest definition in terms of culture or civilization, "......All is a complex junction.This complex node groups, including knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, customs and habits, and other persons of any of the."[2] from the functional perspective, cultural functions, need for cognition function, standard function, regulation function, condensation function, and the main function is the function of educating people.Therefore, it has realistic value and significance in the higher vocational education and training local tour guide local culture fusion.

1 Shanxi culture characteristics and significance of
As a regional features in the development history of Chinese business groups, the meaning and value of Shanxi, has been far beyond the scope of business.The rise in the Ming Dynasty the development to the middle of Qing Dynasty, has formed its own unique characteristics in the "trade route stage, commercial wealth, business ethics, business organization, management, management system, business technology, art, business education, urban and rural construction, the temple worship, social custom and commercial spirit of the whole commercial civilization system.".With the development of Shanxi merchants and brilliant, a clear, unique cultural system -- culture of Shanxi merchants gradually formed.Basic features are as follows:
1.1 with
the humanities education connotation rich
Shanxi Merchants culture to Chinese traditional culture as the foundation, the Chinese traditional "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, the letter" to inherit and carry forward, in the ideological and moral (Lutheran ideas), business career, life creed and formed its own unique and rich connotation.The rich cultural connotation can be summarized as follows:
-- honesty, justice system in order to benefit.In Shanxi merchants, businessmen are for the purpose of profit, but always and everywhere "meaning" word at the head, take advantage of righteousness, pay attention to the "good faith" for this, with genuine goods at a fair price, the supremacy of credibility, the user is supreme, honest.The relationship between justice and benefit is a pair of important categories in the Pre-Qin Confucianism, "meaning" in the Confucian mainly interpreted as moral norms, and the "profit" is interpreted as "interest, efficacy".Value judgment in Confucianism, the human social activities should pay special attention to "see".Shanxi Merchants is practicing the meaning than good Confucian rule.
-- carve, humility and diligence.After the carve has maintained a diligent, modest as attitudes.Hardworking and prudent become an important spirit of Shanxi merchants.So the father and son to successive generations, broke the Chinese "the rich but three generations" saying.
-- innovation, homeopathy and seek, adaptability and.Shanxi merchants after with tea, salt started, with the first meaning of its establishment.In the decline of national power, the Qing government need partners to save the economic crisis, the homeopathy and seek, reach and Qing government cooperation, and has achieved greater development as an opportunity.
As a kind of cultural system has been formed, the honesty of life philosophy, with justice profit outlook, rigorous diligent spirit of practice is the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese thought, these excellent traditional quality also has an important reference significance for modern talents training.In today's rapid economic development, tourism has become an important choice of people's life.For Shanxi, the "culture of Shanxi Merchants" -- it is the development of the tourism industry a trump card to the largest, highlight the rich connotation of the Shanxi Merchants culture is an important resource of tourism education.
1.2 Shanxi culture and modern culture of
The cultural elements of the education content, education is the way to transfer the culture, is the education with the help of traditional culture and modern culture, the outstanding culture can continue and develop.Culture of Shanxi merchants to create a brilliant cause lies in the fact that it is not only concerned about the inheritance, more attention to innovation, to integrate into the modern consciousness in Chinese traditional culture.Therefore Shanxi culture as full of rich local characteristics and cultural resources, to produce a combination of a lot of traditional culture and modern culture phenomenon; in the employment mechanism, take "the preferred recommendation" measures; in the incentive mechanism, the use "the labor-sharing system" incentive system."The labor-sharing system is on the firm performance of outstanding staff award, all hard work, talented person, have equal opportunity top body shares."[3] these ideas, measures and systems to effectively improve enterprise management level and competitiveness, but also has important significance in the Chinese history of the development of enterprise management.Shanxi Merchants culture innovation elements and modern culture of mutual integration, from the content of education provides numerous mining point of breakthrough choice, Shanxi culture as a tour guide personnel training mode to construct and develop, is a heritage of culture of Shanxi merchants, and guide students through study and Research on the culture of Shanxi merchants, ability makes the students gradually form critical thinking ability and innovation culture.
1.3 culture of Shanxi merchants has materialized carrier
support connotation
Traditional culture is the sum of all things of a nation that accumulated in long-term relationships with nature and the accumulation of the material and spiritual.Shanxi Merchants culture is based on the cultural system based on the history of the development, not only has a rich ideological content, and condensation in the banks, courtyard, city sculptures carved statues, murals, the old building on the traditional culture with the culture of Shanxi Merchants "famous school" has become increasingly prominent status, and flashing a bright light, culture difference has become the starting point of training students' innovation ability, provides the stage for students' individuality.Of course, due to the characteristics of regional professional tour guide, business culture is the important content of human occupation training.

2 based on the constructed
cultivation mode of culture of Shanxi merchants Shanxi tour guide personnel
The mode of
2.1 ideas of constructing the cultivation of talents
Talent cultivation mode is an organic combination of multi-level education, training objectives, training and training mode, professional setting, curriculum design, teaching management and quality control as a process, the basic problem is to "cultivate what, and how to cultivate people".From this concept can be seen, the training model has supported the training target and complete the training objective function, its connotation to the all-round development of students.Construction employment, not only take the market demand as the guidance tour guide personnel training mode, should be more comprehensive development adhere to the people; not only to the cultivation of application ability as the core, it is more important to cultivate students' individuality and insist on innovation ability; not only to the integration of enterprise, society and the hardware resources, should also be integrated environment cultural resources.Cultivate the talents is not only skilled personnel in general sense, but should be adaptive skills and innovative talents to adjust the economic structure of modern tourism.
Therefore, constructing and training mode of business culture of Shanxi Shanxi tour guide personnel concept should be based on: to the all-round development of man, with the modern tourism talent demand as the guidance, the ethics of Shanxi merchants, Shanxi Merchants spirit as the foundation of quality education; to the management system, business technology, urban and rural construction, the temple worship, social customs as the professional learning starting point; to the regional tourism resources for teaching and training base, with discontinuous program, alternation, reciprocating integration of teaching teaching mode, training mode of work-study combination form, open talent.

2.2 talent cultivation mode
Take the training program year four paragraphs of type:
The first year: basic knowledge, professional knowledge learning -- the cultural research -- City, compound professional experience -- professional practice
The second year: the professional skills of learning and training -- the ancient city, compound professional experience -- guide qualification examination -- professional practice
The third year: occupation ability training -- the specialty of learning -- guide qualification examination -- internship
The "professional experience", "occupation ability training" is the school concentrated arrangement in a period, the tourist season and holidays (not including cold summer vacation), in the province within the region with the characteristics of the scenic spots and travel agencies, according to different levels of students in the teaching goal, from a professional basic literacy (as to enterprise, learning enterprise culture) to the special skills (such as explanation) to occupation ability requirements (such as tour
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