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Study on the selection mechanism of student cadres

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[Abstract] the establishment of a high-quality student cadres to student work in Colleges and universities play a decisive role, in the construction of student cadres, selection of student cadre is the most basic part.This paper starts from the university student cadre selection system present situation, carries on the analysis to its existence question, the formation of a new science student cadre selection mechanism.
[keyword] university student cadre selection mechanism of

1 study on the basic idea of
Investigation on the background of
Guangdong Lingnan Institute of Technology was founded in 2001 May, the existing full-time students and more than 12000 people.But the counselor team has 62 people only, that is to say every coach responsible for almost 200 students, they are not only the students "life guidance", also is the students "Ideological and Political Committee", but also students "psychological consultant", these three heavy duty makes their workload, heavy duty.Faced with this situation, we must actively selecting student cadres, talent, talent training among students and rational use of personnel, use of student cadre in expanding and extending management "tentacles", compensate for the negative effects caused by the shortage of teachers.At the same time, in the new situation, to increase the difficulty and complexity of student work.
Objective to study the
The selection of the college student cadres is a competitive process, requirement student cadre are better than the competition's quality, traditional college student cadre selection mechanism has some defects in the selection process.Therefore, we carry out this research purpose lies in the basic situation, general understanding of student cadres in our selection mechanism, and some problems in existing and shortage, put forward the corresponding improvement measures, and initially completed the new student cadres selection mechanism exploration.As a guiding ideology to select highly qualified team of student cadres in the range.
The contents of 1.3 research methods,
According to the research objective, self-compiled questionnaire and interview outline.The survey questionnaire method, interview method, through the relevant data for the student cadres and ordinary students in two different groups of questionnaires and interviews to obtain the current student cadres selection mechanism research and realistic state, in order to explore the basis of theory analysis and practice, and constantly improve the student cadre selection mechanism.The questionnaire consists of 3 multiple choice and 1 multiple choice, the investigation mainly relates to the construction of student cadre team selection mechanism.The survey asked respondents to indicate the two school, grade, gender, and whether the student cadre.
1.4 investigation object
The survey in the face of all the students, a total of 150 questionnaires were issued, the real 150 valid questionnaires were recovered, the recovery rate was 100%.The student cadre questionnaire 50, effective questionnaire 33.3% accounted for, the ordinary students questionnaire 100, effective questionnaire 66.7% accounted for.Student cadres and ordinary students surveyed for 1:2.

Analysis of current status of 2 student cadres selection system of
The current "2.1 student cadres" appeal, the pursuit of motivation and satisfaction does not match the selection mechanism of
2.1.1 "the student cadres" very attractive, healthy and rational pursuit of motivation of
As to why the "student cadres" as your goal? 92.7% of the students chose to join the "student cadres" as the goal to strive for is the reason "to hone their own, improve various aspects ability" (Table 1.1), this shows that the vast majority of students still will join the "student cadres the team" as its main way to hone their own, improve various aspects ability, also shows that the "student cadres" for students to have great influence on the ability of.77.1% of the students choose the "eager to participate in more activities of University, the growth experience"; 62.4% of the students choose the teacher "to know more, make more friends".Even if 26.6% of the students chose "to gain political capital, to facilitate future job", in the employment situation is becoming increasingly grim today, by adding "student cadres" and for your resume to add gold high weight, also can yet be regarded as a wise choice.
Generally speaking, "the student cadres" in the student is very attractive, the students to join the "cadres of college students" motivation is also quite good, but the higher the attractive and healthy motivations and selection mechanism of high degree of satisfaction with the match to make "the student cadres" play its good to students show ego stage role, serving students, while in the latter point is not ideal at present situation.2.1.2 selection mechanism satisfaction satisfactory
Through the student satisfaction on the "student cadres" selection mechanism of scoring, the overall degree of satisfaction with the focus on 5-6, accounting for 33.3% of the total number; 6 points below is accounted for 71.3% (table 1.4).
Table 1.4 shows whether the student cadre has a great influence on the selection mechanism of satisfaction.The student cadre satisfaction levels of 10 - 9 and 8 - 7 of the total 42% students, the two accounted for only 22%; student satisfaction 4 - 3 and 2 - 1 of the total 20%, while the ordinary students this two up to 47%.The data suggest otherwise, select 10 to 9 students in 66.7% is a student cadre, choose 92.3% 2 - 1 of the students in ordinary students.The student cadres have a high degree of recognition for the selection mechanism, and will join the "conversion of student cadres" for the pursuit of power, in order to enter a virtuous cycle.Therefore, in the establishment of selection mechanism, to consider the full range, multiple value.
In general, the students are satisfied with "the student cadres" selection mechanism is still relatively low.For the "student cadres" selection mechanism of satisfaction 10 - 9 and 8 - 7 for only 28.7%, while the remaining accounted for 71.3%, only less than 1/3 of the students in the "student cadres" selection mechanism is satisfied.
Satisfaction that led directly to the part of the students to "not interested student cadres".27.3% of the students did not join the "student cadres" as the university stage goal, the main reason is: 92.7% of the students think "the 'Student Cadres' selection system is not reasonable" (Table 1.2).82.9% of the students think "that join in without any help" on their own, because the selection system unreasonable students joining "the student cadres" cannot objectively reflect the overall quality of their own, can not provide a good stage to show themselves, improve self, severely weakened the "student cadres" attraction the students.The other is not interested in joining the "student cadres" students, 29.3% of the students think that "not interested, there are more important things to do", 26.8% of the students think that "no expertise, xinweitu inadequate", 36.6% of the students think that "don't know" the team of student cadres, but interest, ability and understand the obstacles is not the mainstream, the problem still is in the selection mechanism itself.
Then the "student cadres" selection mechanism itself not just as one wishes what factors? 64% of the students think that the team of student cadres in the selection of reserve cadres "according to the relationship between friends to choose", 60% of the students think that it is "according to the area (home) emotion to choose"; this is far greater than 38.7% "seek truth from facts, who, Yongzhe" (table 1.3).

3 new model of student cadre contingent selection mechanism of
The establishment and perfection of the student cadres selection mechanism, the good "entrance", will continue to excellent students to select student cadre ranks, is a prerequisite for establishing a high level of high-quality team of college student cadres.To the three part focus on the student cadres of propaganda and mobilization, selection criteria and selection procedures in the selection mechanism.
First, extensive propaganda and mobilization.To make the process of application for the post as students understand and recognize their own process of.In public elections, will at the appropriate time, the appropriate channels, image propaganda team of students at all levels of cadres at all levels, announced the team of student cadres post, timely conditions, procedure of students; for no threshold, each student can be independent expression of the will, to choose their own jobs, introductory class, Department, school students at all levels of cadres of the campaign, make everybody participation, equality of opportunity, fully
Expression of open, fair, just principle.
Second, strict selection criteria.Strictly according to the standard of "student cadres of students' ideal of a strong sense of responsibility, organization and leadership ability outstanding, morality, psychological quality hard, study result is excellent" requirement to select.
Third, strict selection procedures.To establish scientific and strict selection process, is the key to excellent students selecting student cadres.Student cadres are generally divided into several levels, two levels of school, the school class.The selection of the process should be divided into: the post - Registration - Qualification - Training - public campaign - the former publicity - organizational appointment.In each step of the selection, make sure that the information disclosure and communication in place, to make every student fully enjoy the right to know and right views, suggestions.A public campaign, the former publicity and organizational appointment is to participate in the team of student cadres election and elected student provide identity sense of honor and the effective way.
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