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The advanced culture of human resources quality structure to promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade

Author: HuHanDong ZhangZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-01 01:42:50 Read:
[Abstract] contradiction of our human resources and cultural quality structure and industrial structure of demand is very prominent, advanced processing trade to conform to the quality structure of the transformation from human resources and culture, where the upgrading of processing trade.
[keyword] culture quality structure of processing trade human resource

Human resource is the first resource, the development of education to promote advanced quality structure of human resources of culture, improve the quality of human resources in China, to provide personnel and intellectual support for the processing trade type enterprise strategic transformation and enhance core competitiveness.At the same time, because China's industrial structure transformation and upgrading of processing trade is lagging behind, backward mode of human resources development, cultural quality structure and industrial demand more prominent structural contradictions, the shortage of migrant workers and college students' unemployment is a concentrated expression of the contradictions.Make full use of resources of cultural change quality structure of talents, optimize the allocation of human resources, accelerate industrial upgrading of processing trade and optimize the structure, change the development mode and profit mode, is the route one must take the core competitiveness of China's processing trade.

1 of our human resources and cultural quality of structural changes and supply and demand analysis of
In recent years, with the implementation of China's "leader in science and education" strategy, our various education has been developing rapidly, the quality structure of human resources culture rapidly improve.From 2001 to 2009, the employment population of China's per capita education consists of 7.68 years up to 9.5 years, the employment of labour to high school education mainly from average to junior middle school education level.From the human resources the incremental part of view, new labor force average years of schooling by 2000 10.1 years up to 12.4 years in 2009, the new labor rate is influenced by a high school education or above 67%.The ordinary high school graduates about about 6000000 people, college graduates accounted for about 1/3 of new labour.According to the "national medium and long-term educational reform and development plan" (2010-2020), to 2020, the "new labor education increased from 12.4 to 13.5 years", by which the high school stage and higher education the proportion reached 90%.
Changes in human resources and cultural quality of demand changes, a human resources to adapt to the market demand for otherwise, will cause the human resources market supply and demand imbalance in the structure.At present, the structural contradiction between supply and demand of human resources market of our country is very prominent.On the one hand, since 2004 since the labor shortage, from east to west, swept the country, has become worse from scale to range, shortage of staff become the bottleneck of the normal production and operation of enterprises.On the other hand, college students employment situation is still very serious, college graduates first employment rate has been hovering around 70% (see Table 1).In 2009, the total number of college graduates is 6310000, calculated in accordance with an employment rate of 70%, is estimated to be nearly 2000000 unemployment of college students, and the settling down of unemployed graduates, the employment situation is very grim.According to the analysis of the 102 city national employment market analysis report monitoring center of China's labor market information network, the third quarter of 2009, college graduates in the new growth unemployed young people accounted for 42.2%, junior high school education or below, high school, college, University, magnification for master and above the culture degree (i.e. labor demand / labor supply, more than 1 said the shortage of labor supply, less than 1 said the labor demand) are respectively 1.07, 0.96, 0.82, 0.78 and 0.76, highly educated workers oversupply contradictions are the most prominent early, and the culture level of labor supply, causing enormous social pressure and a waste of human resources.

2 hr culture quality and industrial structure contradiction between
Causes of the above phenomenon is very complex, but the most fundamental reason is that China's industrial structure adjustment and upgrading lag, the structure of human resources and industrial structure and lack of strategic interaction, insufficient for higher labor demand, on the lower level of labor excess demand, leading to imbalance of human resource and cultural quality of the supply structure and industrial structure of demand the.
Seen from the essence, the employment demand is a derived demand, the industrial structure determines the structure of employment, the adjustment of industrial structure will drive the human resource structure adjustment, industrial structure imbalance brought labor demand structure anomie, industrial upgrading in quality structure of human resources culture upgrade.Since the reform and opening up, the continuous optimization of our industrial structure, the primary industry accounted for the proportion of gross national product is declining, while the second industry and the tertiary industry proportion is rising continuously, leading to labor transfer from the first industry to the second industry and the tertiary industry.But the optimization of industrial structure in China mainly changes as the proportion between the industry, industry quality upgrading problems.Redistribution of adjustment of industrial structure only requires labor in different industries, and the human resources and cultural quality requirements is basically not changed.Most industry is still in the industrial chain of low-end position, still rely on cheap labor to survive and develop, not put forward higher requirements on the labor supply structure, a serious imbalance in human resources and cultural quality structure and industrial structure.In the tertiary industry interior, lower productivity, human resources and cultural quality requirements are not high social service industry developed rapidly, and the development of Finance and insurance, business services, computer and information services, consulting services, education and health services, communication services on behalf of the modern service industry.Modern service industry with high productivity, human resources, cultural quality requirement is high, a large amount of highly educated talents demand, lagging behind the development of modern service industry is the main reason of supply and demand of human resources in our country the quality structure of cultural contradictions.In the second industry, labor-intensive low-end manufacturing industry is still the subject of the second industry, high added value, knowledge intensive enterprise development speed is slow, the required human resources and market supply does not match.
The 3 adaptation of quality structure of human resource and culture, promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade and
More than the general trade accounted for a major position of processing trade in China's foreign trade, the development of processing trade to improve the international payments, promote the process of industrialization, the urbanization of our country, make China become the world manufacturing base, expanding the low level employment, plays a very important role.According to official estimates, China's processing trade professionals in the 30000000 to 40000000 people, accounting for about second of industrial employment in China 20%, employment of processing trade related industries is about 50000000 ~ 60000000.But because of China's processing trade is still low in the industrial chain, the transformation and upgrading of processing trade enterprises to absorb the lag, the jobholders culture quality is low.
We can put forward by Taiwan Acer Group Chairman Stan Shih's famous "Smiling Curve" theory to describe the processing trade status in the industrial chain.Any industry chain are roughly consist of seven aspects: manufacturing, product design and development, raw materials procurement, storage and transportation, marketing, brand management, after sale service, processing trade is in our country is still at the industrial chain of the most low-end value.At the same time, we found that the requirements of the seven links in the industrial chain structure of quality human resources culture and value chain curve is very similar (Figure 1).Processing trade not only profit level is low, on the large consumption of resources, backward technology, low level of profitability mainly depends on cheap labor to survive, the intensification of the contradiction between the supply and demand of human resources of our country culture quality structure, and China's current human resources and cultural quality of structure upgrade very uncoordinated, but also cause "shortage of migrant workers" and the difficult employment of college students.Therefore, to accelerate China's industrial structure upgrading of processing trade, and promote the processing trade to advanced, as well as industrial policy orientation of China's processing trade, processing trade industry development is the inner requirement.
The rational allocation of industrial upgrading of processing trade depends on supply factors.Human resource is the first resource and strategic industry factors, human resources of high-end configuration with lower-end incomparable price advantage, the quality structure of human resources of culture can improve the industry labor productivity, improve the rate of economic growth industry, create a good economic foundation for the upgrading of the industrial structure, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure and development mode.Research shows, industrial human resources education for every increase of 1 years, labor productivity rises 17%.Human resources and cultural quality of the smile curve flattening, will promote the industry value chain smile curve
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