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Several aspects of the development of human resources in western region

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[Abstract] the western region widespread economic development lags behind, labor education level is not high, the low cultural quality of population status.In the process of creating a lifelong learning system, this article on how to seize opportunities, to promote sustainable economic development, accelerate talent strategy, discussed the problem of the concept of lifelong learning.
[keyword] human resource development in western region of
the lifelong learning system

Most of the western region region is located in the mountainous area, the economy is relatively backward compared with the national average level, production and living conditions in poor areas of poor people, low educational level, transportation and communication delay, slow development of labor market.First, two or three of the level of industrial development in rural areas lag, cannot absorb surplus labor, labor supply is greater than demand.The level of education backwardness of western region, to bring most of the labor force education level is not high, low level of culture, greatly restrict the improvement of labor quality, the development of labor market is extremely unfavorable, which restrict the development of economy and society in Western china.China proposes to establish lifelong learning system in 2010, the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period to become an important period of strategic opportunities to accelerate the development of the western region, but also a variety of difficulties and contradictions, is a critical period of transition of economic growth mode, the mode of innovation development..We believe that establishing the lifelong learning system, establish lifelong learning is the concept of measure and plan the construction of the western region is feasible.We believe that human resources development in the western region is mainly composed of the following:

1 creative thinking development of citizens
Innovation is the core of innovative thinking, creative people all originate from the innovative thinking.To improve the ability of innovation mainly lies in the cultivation of innovative thinking ability, also is the ability of creative thinking, the creative thinking permeates the work, learning, life and all social affairs.Around the theme of establishing lifelong learning system, to cultivate the minors, farmers, urban population, labor leaders and civil servants as the focus, the establishment of working bodies, perfecting the organization network, to increase capital investment, improve the citizen's scientific quality and innovative consciousness.
In the establishment of science and technology education and campus network technology counselors in secondary and primary schools, and actively carry out the innovation education in Colleges and universities.To stimulate students' innovation consciousness, cultivate the innovation ability of students, to develop policies to encourage students to participate in social investigation, visits and other social practice, fixed practice bases.To realize the combination of teaching and scientific research, encourage students to participate in scientific research activity.Through the development of innovative education, is not only the students awareness of innovation, the spirit of unity and cooperation has been training.
The establishment of rural professional technique association in the township, the construction of rural information network, established the internal LAN, set up the distance education site in the township, street, village, establish science demonstration base, in the construction of community neighborhood committee science window or popular science propaganda column.Mobilize to participate in science and technology activities in the whole society, science and technology competition, skills competitions and other activities.Actively carry out all kinds of skills training, job competition, vigorously develop the hotshots, monopoly, to play a leading role model.

The reform and development of higher education and
The final purpose of the reform is to cultivate the quality of all aspects of talent, especially with a pioneering, innovative talents.Higher education in the western region general backwardness and the national level, the per capita rate far lower than the national level of College students.The level of teaching management, teaching means and methods should be promoted.To change the educational ideas and training mode, to cultivate students' active learning, independent thinking ability, ability to use knowledge to solve problems, to cultivate students creative spirit, creative ability and the sense of social responsibility, and lay the foundation for the emergence of creative talents.And training, to improve learning and learning ability, establish the concept of lifelong learning.University personnel training is not only the succession of knowledge, should also emphasize the cultivation of scientific research, scientific and technological innovation of students' creativity.To realize the combination of teaching and scientific research, encourage students to participate in scientific research activity.Through the development of innovative education, is not only the students awareness of innovation, the spirit of unity and cooperation has been training.In recent years to carry out the "Challenge Cup" student research training plan competition, "Challenge Cup" business plan competition, SRTP activity, mathematical modeling and holiday social practice greatly promoted the students innovation consciousness and ability of scientific research.At the same time, organize students to participate in science and technology studies, writing, speech and technology knowledge contest and a series of popular science activities.

3 develop the occupation education
Occupation training is an important part of the national occupation education, is to promote economic and social development, the expansion of employment, an important way to improve the quality of workers.Speed up the occupation training and technical education system construction, is the urgent requirement of the implementation of the western development, science and technology and talent province strategy, to take a new road to industrialization, an important measure to improve the quality of employment and social stability, improve the quality of workers, promoting employment, the.Through the active implementation of the "unemployed personnel again obtain employment project implementation skills", "rural migrant workers skills employment plan", give full play to the role of industry, corporate citizenship education and training institutions, and vigorously promote the function of school reform and development measures, improve the cultural quality of workers and professional skills, extensive skills training and identification of in-service citizens, improve skills to promote the improvement of the quality of workers.Encourage and support the various types of occupation education, occupation skill training institutions and employers to carry out pre-service training, in-service training, retraining and entrepreneurship training; to encourage workers to participate in various forms of training.4 training minority cadres
The western region is the most provinces of China's ethnic minority categories, cadres of ethnic minorities is an important bridge and link between the party and the state of minority people, is the backbone of national work, to accelerate the development of ethnic regions.Full consideration of minority cadres in ethnic minority people of cohesion, appeal, in the implementation of national policies, treatment of special effects of ethnic affairs, safeguard national unity and stability and development of the national economy etc..In the new situation, to further speed up and improve the working mechanism of training minority cadres, training of minority nationality cadres with high quality, reasonable allocation of local talent, and promote sound and rapid economic and social development.First, enhancing cadres education.Through all levels of Party school, School of administration by instalments of minority cadres training.Secondly, conscious of the outstanding young cadres to the economic construction of the main battlefield, a sense of Organization Department cadres of ethnic minorities to key positions, key sectors or urgent work training, let them in practice, tempered, enhance ability, as long as soon as possible.Third, strengthen minority cadres in rotation, by hanging, the lack of basic experience of non-Party cadres of ethnic minorities have plans to send to the grass-roots front-line duty to take exercise, rich practical experience; outstanding young cadres of ethnic minorities has the development potential of the selected to the attachment organ at a higher level and the developed areas of learning, strengthening of minority cadres in reserve team building.Fourth, increase the intensity of the selection and appointment of cadres of ethnic minorities, and actively expand the ethnic minority cadre use sources, to fully trust, let go, promoting boldly.

5 the cultivation of new farmers
The farmer is the main body of the construction of new countryside, the modernization of agriculture and countryside, need to train new farmers training thousands on thousands of high quality, cultivating new farmers is an important way to increase income of farmers.Extensive training, practical agricultural technology in various forms of occupation skill training, the training of labor force, is an important way to increase the income of peasants.The cultivation of new farmers is the inevitable requirement of the urban and rural economic and social development.To improve the cultural quality of the peasants and the quality of science and technology, promote the transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, solve "3 farming" problem fundamentally, is to speed up the transfer of rural surplus labor force, promote industrialization and urbanization, an important way to the pressure of population into the advantage of human resources, also is an important measure to promote the coordinated development of the rural economy society.The construction of new countryside, we must comprehensively improve the quality of the peasants, including cultural quality, science and technology quality, humane quality.First of all, to strengthen the legal consciousness of the peasants and the concept of legal system, the implementation of legal education, and set up the consciousness of environmental protection; secondly, to carry out economic knowledge training, to enable farmers to master marketing knowledge, market awareness, negotiation, learning communication skills; third training courses of practical agricultural technologies, professional training of farmers, village class instruction, on-site guidance and carry out technical services and other measures, culture, science and technology leaders grow hotshot.According to the western region reality through the characteristics of agricultural breeding and promotion, to cultivate a large number of new farmers.
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