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Analysis and Countermeasures of key point system training

Author: FanChunMei From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-31 22:16:44 Read:
[Abstract] with the rapid development of enterprises, more high requirements for human resources development and training and training, the existing management mode cannot meet the requirements of cultivating talents, needs to establish scientific training management system.This paper analyzes the key points of the construction of training system, and puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions of
[keyword] training system analysis and Countermeasures
With the rapid development of the business, the shortage of talents, personnel training and development requirements are also getting higher and higher, and the talent training is a systems engineering, it needs a systematic, scientific planning.Training system is the organic combination of a corporate training resources, is a platform for enterprises to implement the training of employees, training continued strong guarantee to realize the strategic talents.For the construction of training system, can improve the enterprise in order to training and training phenomenon, can avoid the blindness and temporary training, improve training management level, enhance the training effect, shorten the period of training, increase reserve personnel, provide the talent guarantee for the sustained and healthy development of enterprises.In order to ensure the construction of training system smoothly, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the construction of the training system, and put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.

1 training system construction companies need to multi-party support
Strategic objectives and organizational training only close contact, in order to promote and improve the performance of the lasting effect, in order to cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises.The construction of training system should assist the enterprise to realize its development strategy, should not only focus on the necessary knowledge and skills, but also to focus on the development of enterprises in the future.Therefore, the construction of training system can be determined by the human resources department alone, it requires the corporate strategy research team's guidance, also need to support the company's business sector, to ensure that the design of training system in accordance with the company's development strategy.
(1) the establishment of training system construction leading group, indicates the direction for the training system construction, the construction of audit training system in compliance with the company development strategy, existing problems in the system construction.
(2) the establishment of training system working group, specifically responsible for the implementation of the training system construction work.
(3) the training system is not the same, it must be a dynamic, open system, and the need for timely adjustment according to the company's development strategy and goal.Therefore, the leading group and the working group settings are not short-term, but long-term existence.

2 training system to other modules to combine
management and human resources
Each module, human resources management is complement each other, mutual restriction.The training system construction cannot be isolated from other modules of human resource management, and should combine with the other modules, that is to say, the related management system training, performance, talents construction, need each other, each other, and jointly promote the coordinated development of human resources management.
(1) the purpose of performance appraisal is to improve staff performance, help the staff performance and the reason analysis, and put forward the suggestions and measures to improve the training, put forward solutions, therefore, the performance appraisal management system and training management system appropriate docking, can improve the performance and the effect of training.
(2) training is one of the effective approaches to the development and cultivation of the talents, and post exercise and cultivation of talent development, the effect is more obvious, that is to say, the business sector also plays a key role in the development and training of talents.Therefore, in some job duties, will be clearly talented person.This is the job description and training management system link.
(3) design training curriculum system, needs a lot of training needs analysis, in the research process, refer to the qualification, talents construction; on the contrary, the design of curriculum system, also can ask reaction qualifications and the talent team construction of knowledge structure and ability quality.

3 how to make the training system construction and occupation career development of the combination of
The final purpose of training work is served for the enterprise development strategy, but also with a combination of personal occupation career development, to achieve the matching quality of employees and business strategy.This system will be personal development into the track of development, let the staff in the service business, to promote the strategic goal of the enterprise at the same time, also in accordance with the clear occupation development goals, by participating in the corresponding levels of training, achieve personal development, access to personal achievement.
Countermeasures and suggestions:
(1) to build a family of talent echelon a job as a staff occupation career planning for vocational group pilot, each echelon talent has a qualification requirements, according to the qualification requirements, training curriculum system.
(2) recommended the introduction of talent quality assessment tool, through the analysis of measurement tools to staff quality and ability, to let the organization understand their existing capability and qualification requirements gap, suggest training employees face from the tissue layer; also can through expert assessment of staff training, put forward suggestions.
(3) training needs full participation, in order to improve the participation enthusiasm, the occupation career planning work, gradually extended to all staff and post.The construction of 4 internal trainer team, is the construction of training system of the key and difficulty of
Companies develop their own internal trainers, the development of targeted training courses, the training work gradually internalized, pertinence and validity can improve the training, to create the overall atmosphere of learning, but also can save training costs, improve the economic benefits of training.But the trainer in curriculum development, courseware, teaching and counseling to students in peacetime, are spending a lot of time and energy, which is bound to affect the internal trainers work.Therefore, how to through the system to coordinate the contradiction between the teaching of internal trainers, how through the system in order to stimulate the internal trainer teaching enthusiasm, is a key building training system.
(1) in some key positions and qualifications, clear the position must act as internal trainer.According to the characteristics of employees, not all people can bear Trainer "series, guide," the three major work, therefore, internal trainers work can be represented as a classroom teaching, teaching material development, work experience, professional exchanges the share and so on the many kinds of forms, but need to have corresponding evaluation standard.
(2) the mentor support and assistance to help grow enough, the internal trainer.Mainly in the internal trainers to improve the overall quality.The mentor's teaching skills, in addition to the "internal training division", more is needed to give opportunity and platform.The establishment of internal trainer team in first, proposed the establishment of a mentor selection committee, the committee's main task is to give the mentor "series, guide, play" aspects of the guidance, the overall level of assessment and trainer, the trainer selection committee assessment of qualified people, to formally appointed as the trainer.
(3) incentive trainer in the system.The main incentive for the material incentive and spirit incentive, material incentive in, can appear as attractive remuneration, training course provides together with family members leave opportunities for training, etc.; in the spirit incentive, may through the trainer level evaluation, brand training division of the election and so on, to to enhance the sense of achievement of internal trainers.
(4) to develop related systems trainer management, to guide and standardize the internal trainer team construction.
In short, the construction of training system should focus on enterprise development strategy, closely related with the human resources management system, consider the long-term development of the company and the employee's personal development, and achieve dynamic construction and management and training system, training system can satisfy the actual need of enterprises, to promote effective and operation, and give full play to the function and role of the training system.
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